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2006-09-13 Power-One, Micrel offer Z-One-compatible linear regulators
Power-One and Micrel jointly announced a Z-One-compatible solution for low-current applications.
2004-07-27 Power-One, Artesyn report mixed earnings results
Power supply companies Power-One Inc. and Artesyn Technologies Inc. reported second-quarter sales gains as the power suppliers continued to benefit from the industry recovery.
2005-11-02 Power-One's new quarter-brick touts high-temperature advantage
Power-One's 40A QME48 Series of quarter-brick DC/DC converters touts industry-leading thermal performance.
2003-07-29 Power-One supply modules provide to 12 outputs
The company has expanded its ESP family of modular ac-dc power supplies with the release of the ESP6 series.
2003-10-07 Power-One supply module features remote control
Power-One Inc. has introduced the MPB125-4350R, a 125W ac-dc power supply that provides remote on and off functionality.
2003-12-15 Power-One releases maXyz IBA-compatible POLs
Power-One Inc. has announced the 5A YNM, 10A YNL, and 16A YNS series of POL converters as the initial products in its Nex Family. The maXyz Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA) compatible products are designed and manufactured by di/dt, a Power-One Company.
2004-02-04 Power-One POL converters output to 3.3Vdc
Power-One Inc. has announced the second series of products in their Nex family of POL converters.
2005-12-01 Power-One IBA controller manages both analog and digital POLs
Power-One disclosed that its ZM7300 series of Z-One Digital IBA controllers are the first that can manage analog based systems as well as digital POLs, for a total of up to 32 devices simultaneously.
2003-05-15 Power-One dc/dc converter eyes point-of-load apps
Power-One Inc. has jumped into the multichip-module arena with its maXyz family of non-isolated dc/dc converters aimed specifically at POL systems.
2003-12-03 Power-One dc-dc converter features high flexibility
The company has introduced the HNT42YEDB 100W dc-dc half-brick, which converts an 18-to-36Vdc input into three 14A outputs that adjust from 0.75V to 5.15Vdc.
2003-04-14 Power-One dc supply meets IEC60950 requirements
The company's PDC500-1024D 500W dc/dc voltage converter meets the reinforced insulation requirements of IEC60950.
2003-12-05 Power-One converter provides 5Vdc outputs
Power-One Inc. has introduced a dual-output RND02ZGG-M6 dc-dc converter that provides 5Vdc output from a 38Vdc to 75Vdc input.
2003-06-04 Power-One ac/dc source targets power-over-LAN apps
Power-One Inc. has introduced the 400W PALS400 that is claimed by the company to be the industry's most powerful ac/dc power supply.
2004-08-18 Power One ac-dc supply has two high-current outputs
Power One's NET2-4350 is a 400W ac-dc supply featuring a special dual-converter topology that provides two tightly regulated high-current outputs.
2007-02-28 Z-Alliance welcomes Micrel as newest member
Micrel announced that joined the Z-Alliance of power supply and semiconductor manufacturers offering products and components for the Z-One digital power architecture.
2006-03-27 Ultrawide-input quarter-bricks cut the need to inventory
Power-One's QMS quarter-brick DC/DC converters eliminate the need to inventory multiple brick part numbers for 70W to 82W wireless base station applications.
2004-05-13 Triple-output quarter-brick simplifies distributed power
Power-One's QNT36ZEDB is a triple-output quarter-brick that delivers 80W (for 200lfm air flow) from a nominal 36Vdc to 75Vdc input.
2004-09-27 Telecom supply demonstrates high reliability
Power-One's MPU200-1048 is an ac-dc supply providing 200W at 48V for telecom, datacom, medical and industrial apps.
2005-02-02 Power supplies deliver full-rated power with 10cfm cooling
The new 55W single-output ac-dc power supplies from Power-One utilize 'superior thermal-management techniques' to deliver full-rated power with only 10cfm cooling.
2005-09-12 No-bus digital POLs cut designers a break
Power-One bills its three new No-Bus point-of-load (POL) converters as cost-effective digital alternatives to analog POLs.
2005-03-18 Half-brick delivers tight, high-efficiency bus power
Power-One's HKS48T30120 half-brick delivers a tightly-regulated as well as high-efficiency output for powering the intermediate bus as well as computer, networking and wireless communications equipment.
2005-06-10 Front-ends hit new density highs
Power-One claims a new power-density benchmark for AC/DC front-ends18.3W/in3with their new FNP1500-48 and FNP1800-48 hot-swap modules
2006-09-12 Front-end rectifier has adaptive capability without derating
Power-One's Aspiro 48V XR08.48 front-end rectifier, providing 800W, uses digitally controlled rectifiers that can adapt, without derating, to a wide range of line, load and temperature conditions.
2004-11-24 Front-end extends power density, I?C flexibility
Power-One bills its FNP850-12 as the first in a series of hot-swap front-ends featuring industry-leading power densities and I?C monitoring and control capabilities.
2006-02-16 EMC-rugged AC/DC meets industrial test
Power-One's PLP75-1012G AC/DC supply provides the front-end power for point-of load converters and the auxiliary functions of telecom/datacom and industrial equipment.
2006-04-25 Eighth-brick provides full output to 70C
Power-One's new eighth-brick DC/DC converters in the company's EMS series deliver full power at 70C with only 200lfm cooling.
2004-10-04 Eighth-brick maximizes IBA performance
Power-One's SQT48T20120 bus converter delivers up to 240W at 96 percent efficiency, providing among the highest power and power-density offered by an eighth-brick.
2005-05-02 Eighth-brick claims best thermal performance
Power-One's 30A SQE series of eighth-brick dc-dc converters emphasizes its superior thermal performance. Better, says the company, than traditional 30A quarter-bricks, which the new converters are designed to replace.
2006-05-19 DIN-rail converters serve 24V railway applications
Power-One's EWR1601-6 and EWN2660-6 DIN-rail DC/DC converters deliver up to 125W and 250W, respectively, at 24Vdc.
2003-07-21 di/dt converter features 5.7W/cm? power density
di/dt Inc. has released its 24V input SemiQ Eighth-Brick Family of dc-dc converters.
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