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2014-09-15 Vision sensor kit offers high-speed part inspection, QA
The Inspector I20 kit from RS Components is able to check parts in any orientation or position and reliably determine in real-time if objects pass or fail.
2011-08-17 Testing solution automates QA processes
Micro Focus' testing and management solutions will be used by iPass to automate regression testing and support QA processes.
2007-10-01 Overcome obstacles in QA-process
Testing organizations can overcome the communication obstacles common in the QA process; the key is to standardize communication practices. This article further provides proven methods in standardizing communication practices for an effective QA process.
2015-06-25 Software development: Automated vs manual testing
Should we manually test applications or automate this process? Companies can get into a real dilemma trying to answer this question, but is there really a rivalry between these two testing techniques?
1999-11-06 LabVIEW-based quality feedback systems monitors production on factory floor.
This application note describes the labVIEW solution to develop quality feedback systems (QFS) for monitoring the manufacture of telecommunications components for quality assurance.
2012-11-06 Embedded software devt: The disciplined way (Part 3)
This installment looks into the significance of the postmortem process.
2014-05-16 Coverity completes Kalistick acquisition
By expanding the Coverity Development Testing Platform with the Kalistick solution, Coverity will help build tighter collaboration between development and QA teams
2006-10-16 Customers raise new concerns in digital power
Digital power management involves different customers: design engineers, project leaders, purchasing group, QA personnel, test engineers, manufacturing/CM/OEM and customer service staff.
2007-08-02 Wind River updates to Lab Diagnostics solution
Wind River Systems is now shipping the Wind River Lab Diagnostics 2.1, an updated release of its enterprise-wide software diagnostics solution designed for cross-functional development teams.
2007-02-06 WiMAX channel emulator predicts real-world MIMO performance
The ACE 400WB WiMAX channel emulator from Azimuth delivers the real-world environment to a lab, offering unprecedented RF control to enable efficient and repeatable results, while replacing time consuming wireless field tests that lack repeatability.
2002-11-18 VRM: Using a virtual sample to diagnose defects
This technical article details how an advanced acoustic technique makes it possible to create a "virtual package" that preserves the full 3D detail of an IC package as a matrix file.
2002-10-15 VJ Electronix inspector provides 5000x magnification
The VJ-2000 LS automated x-ray inspection system is capable of inspecting boards up to 609.6-by-914.4mm and provides up to 5000x magnification for BGAs.
2003-11-03 Visualize a better debugging tool
Programmers often use visualization tools to investigate bugs they already know exist. But when used in novel, almost casual ways, these tools can be more powerful. Is there a new tool here for finding elusive bugs?
2004-12-21 Video test gear gets HDMI v1.1 support
Quantum Data will soon be rolling out an upgrade to its 802-series of HDMI generators and analyzers.
2003-06-29 Video analyzer UAF as IEC 625 (IEEE 488)-bus controller
This application note shows how to use the UAF video analyzer as IEC/IEEE-bus controller for setting SGPF functions and controlling external equipment.
2004-10-28 Veriwave automates 802.11 conformance tests
VeriWave is rolling out what it says is the industry's first automated conformance tests for IEEE-802.11 APs and clients.
2003-09-19 Using TestStand to test diverse products
This application note describes how to use the TestStand test management software to set-up diversity testing.
1999-12-01 Using in-line inspection to improve PCB assembly yields
Identifying defects in your process and improving product quality calls for a suitable pre-flow in-line component inspection system. While choosing a system, keep in mind your specific process needs, inspection accuracy and repeatibility requirements, and last but not the least, its robustness vis--vis actual operating conditions.
2003-09-19 Using Apple Events and the PPC Toolbox to communicate with LabVIEW Applications on the Macintosh
This application note describes how to use Apple Events and the PPC Toolbox to communicate with LabVIEW applications on the Macintosh
2013-12-05 Updating automotive ECUs over-the-air
Find out how to get the growing amount of software in vehicles under control, reduce the costs and raise customer satisfaction at the same time.
2003-01-16 Universal serial bus debug tips
You can simplify and speed up the development and troubleshooting of USB devices with the tools and techniques you choose and the design decisions you make.
2002-07-01 Universal controller ties fate to emulation
SoC design service providers are tapping the flexibility of emulation techniques to enhance chip verification and test.
2007-09-21 UMC taps Synopsys memory IP design tool
UMC has selected Synopsys Inc.'s memory IP development automation environment for its advanced design processes.
2002-01-18 UL releases instructional video on flammability testing for plastic manufacturers
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has released the Flammability Testing: A Training Guide video to train manufacturers to conduct flammability tests on plastics used in their products and components.
2002-05-09 Turnkey solutions for retrofitting excitation systems
This application note provides turnkey solutions for retrofitting excitation systems.
2004-06-16 Troubleshooting digital video to ensure signal quality
The eye and jitter displays of the waveform monitor are the tools of choice for measuring the performance of a digitally transmitted signal.
2003-05-02 Traffic management emerging as key differentiator in network processor tech arena
One of the most integral and differentiating technologies in the network processor arena is traffic management, which is key to communications network equipment efficiency and QoS.
2007-11-29 Toolset simplifies testing process
Ixia has expanded its test automation toolset with the introduction of Test Conductor1.1 that is designed to simplify device-under-test configuration, offers vendor-agnostic execution, integrates with Mercury Quality Center and enhances trend reporting.
2007-10-18 Tool quickens complex network device analysis
Fanfare latest test-automation software, the iTest Team, enables network-equipment makers and service providers to perform complex system testing by executing simultaneous commands to a multitude of different devices in their network to simulate real-life network testing.
2003-06-29 Time delay measurement in the digital studio
This application note provides steps on how to measure the delay equalization between the various video signals in digital studios.
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