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2005-11-01 Teridian's Fast Ethernet PHY housed in 5-by-5mm QFN package
Teridian announced its MicroPHY transceivers that are touted to be the world's smallest Fast Ethernet PHY, the new MicroPHY transceivers are housed in a 5-by-5mm QFN package.
2006-01-10 Socket designed for 0.4mm pitch QFN ICs
Ironwood expanded its high-performance socket line with the addition of an 11.5GHz socket for 12-pin, 0.4mm pitch QFN ICs. The devices allow users to socket QFN ICs without compromising performance in high-bandwidth applications.
2006-03-01 Serdes packaged in 5-by-5mm QFN
Texas Instruments has started to package its low-voltage differential signaling serializer/deserializer (Serdes) devices in a space-saving 5-by-5-mm QFN.
2012-07-24 RDA rolls QFN front end modules for GSM handsets
Touted as industry's first, the RDA6641 and RDA6651 use the company's IPD technology and integrate quad-band power amplifiers and antenna switches.
2013-09-05 QFN-type packages to boost flatpack/chip carrier category
IC Insights noted that with its low cost, small size and excellent thermal performance characteristics, QFN quickly became the mainstream package of choice for many low-to-medium I/O count ICs.
2006-05-16 QFN socket targets 0.4mm pitch ICs
Ironwood Electronics introduced a high-performance QFN socket for 0.4mm pitch devices.
2008-10-02 QFN socket built for bandwidths up to 40GHz
Ironwood Electronics has introduced a high-performance QFN socket for 0.5mm pitch QFN 24-pin ICs.
2007-01-16 QFN packaging guidelines for RF designers
It seems such an irrelevant detail, but the component package is a strong determinant factor over layout flexibility.
2012-09-17 QFN package design kit for ADS launched by STATS ChipPAC
The QFN package design kit enhances package modeling and simulation accuracy with Agilent's ADS electronic design automation software for radio frequency.
2009-06-16 Power QFN technology inspection application note
This application note contains guidance applicable to Power QFN package.
2005-11-23 New QFN/DFN package from AIT
Advanced Interconnect Technologies announced the availability of a new ultra-thin QFN/DFN package, which features a thickness of 0.60mm.
2005-12-09 Maxim releases voltage monitors in thin QFN packages
Maxim Integrated Products introduced new 1.5 percent accurate, quad, window voltage monitors in a thin QFN (4-by-4mm) package.
2002-05-15 Logic offered in no-lead QFN packaging
Texas Instruments, Integrated Device Technology, and Hitachi Semiconductor are launching 20-, 16- and 14-pin QFN packaging for gate- and octal-bit-width logic devices for PDAs, cell phones, and other handheld consumer electronics.
2002-08-28 Linear Tech smart card interface fits 5-by-5mm QFN package
The LTC1955 dual smart card interface provides all of the necessary supervisory, level shifting, and power control functions for two smart cards in a single, 5-by-5mm QFN package.
2003-12-05 Inphi logic ICs come in QFN plastic packages
Inphi Corp. has released a low-cost QFN plastic package version of its 13GHz high-speed digital logic devices with a 3mm? small form factor package.
2006-02-10 Emulators target MLF/QFN ICs
Providing a reliable and small QFN/MLF adapter, Ironwood Electronics has developed a surface-mount emulator foot for 7mm body, 0.8mm pitch MLF/QFN ICs.
2004-10-11 DSP controller now in 6-by-6mm, 28-pin, QFN package
Microchip Technology released the first of its digital signal controllers in a 6-by-6mm, 28-pin, QFN package.
2006-04-04 Clock management devices get QFN packaging
ON Semiconductor announced that several of its clock management products are available in a new lead-free, 32-pin QFN package.
2004-12-20 CAN MCUs housed in 28-pin, 6x6 mm QFN packages
Microchip joined the growing number of vendors now offering new microcontroller chips with CAN functionality.
2005-06-21 Board mounting notes for quad flat-pack no-lead package (QFN)
This app note discusses various components packaged in an advanced quad flat-pack no-lead package (QFN).
2005-06-22 Board mounting notes for NIS6111 leadless package (QFN)
This app note discusses various ON Semiconductor components that are packaged in an advanced QFN or commonly referred to as a leadless package.
2014-10-23 Attaching HotRod QFN package to PCB
HotRod QFN is a packaging type that improves electrical and thermal performance over traditional leaded packages. This application note presents information about attaching HotRod QFN devices to PCBs.
2005-10-31 Atmel 4x power supply PMU offered in QFN 3-by-3mm package
The AT73C239 Power Management standard product from Atmel is touted to be the smallest 4x power supply Power Management Unit available on the market with a QFN 3-by-3mm package.
2008-10-22 Assembly and PCB layout guidelines for QFN packages
The design of dual-row and multi-row QFN packages allows for flexibility and enhances electrical performance to very high-speed operating frequencies.
2003-02-27 AKM ships integrated audio CODEC in 28-pin QFN
Asahi Kasei Microsystems' AK4536 16-bit mono codec integrates an ALC, microphone, and speaker amps into a single 28-pin QFN package.
2003-01-09 What's next on power management?
Asia has increasingly become the key center for the design of portable equipment, including PDAs, notebook computers, cellphones, and digital cameras.
2003-11-16 Trends in power management use
Thinking early about your design can save money, time, and improve performance.
2014-05-14 Sensor chipsets mfg costs same across various vendors
ST, Bosch Sensortec and InvenSense are taking very different routes yet spending roughly the same amount to produce nine-axis inertial measurement units, according to System Plus Consulting.
2015-01-28 Preventing embedded PCB design defects
Printed circuit board defects can remain unnoticed until failure occurs, so it is important to implement disciplined practices even at the early stages of design.
2009-06-15 Power quad flat pack no-leads (PQFN) board mounting application note
This application note contains guidance applicable to Power QFN package. There are device outlines, substrate layouts and stencil designs for Power QFN MCM.
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