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2009-02-03 Will Qimonda break up
The time line is tight for DRAM manufacturer Qimonda AG as the insolvency administrator reports first contacts with potential suitors.
2009-02-24 Qimonda U.S. files for bankruptcy, too
Qimonda AG couldn't seem to find a break as the troubled DRAM maker's U.S. subsidiary has now filed for bankruptcy
2009-01-28 Qimonda still in production amidst turmoil
As a preliminary insolvency manager begins sorting through Qimonda's books, the DRAM maker is attempting to continue production.
2009-02-05 EC: No financial aid for Qimonda
European Commission Industry Commissioner Guenter Verheugen has declined to spend EU money to rescue insolvent DRAM manufacturer Qimonda
2009-02-11 China firm to lend Qimonda a hand
A Chinese semiconductor vendor might be interested in insolvent DRAM manufacturer Qimonda while Infineon Technologies AG is heading for difficult times, admitted Max Kley, Infineon's supervisory board chairman
2009-01-27 Analysis: Qimonda folds, who's next
Although Qimonda AG's Jan. 23 filing of insolvency does not come as a surprise to the industry, it should serve as a caution that the company may not be the only victim of the ongoing shakeout in the DRAM market.
2006-11-20 Without Qimonda, Infineon reports loss
Charges connected to the Qimonda carve-out as well as the BenQ insolvency caused Infineon's earnings figures to appear in deep red.
2009-03-17 Will Qimonda stay in operation
Talks with potential investors regarding a solution to keep Qimonda in operation will continue beyond the end of March
2009-01-27 Restructuring: Will it resurrect Qimonda
Qimonda has applied for bankruptcy protection while it makes one more attempt to restructure its business. But analysts reckon that this time Qimonda may not come back from the dead
2011-05-12 Infineon buys Qimonda assets, expands fab capacity
Infineon acquires Qimonda's assets in a bid to expand its production capacity to include 300mm power semiconductors
2008-11-10 DRAM vendors struggle to overcome 'insolvency
A DRAM shakeout continues amid the ongoing economic downturn and potential technology setbacks in the sector.
2009-06-01 Buzz: Qimonda loses potential China investor
Qimonda AG's chances to continue an entity sunk to almost zero after the last remaining potential investor has dismissed its interest
2008-09-30 Analyst: Micron plays waiting game in Qimonda takeover
Micron Technology Inc. is playing the waiting game before it buys Qimonda AG, or at least pieces of the troubled DRAM maker, according to an analyst
2009-06-16 MagnaChip files for insolvency
South Korea's MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltdthe logic spin-off of Hynix Semiconductor Inc.on June 12 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States.
2009-05-05 What should Taiwan DRAM makers do to survive?
Taiwan's DRAM makers have been losing money for a long while. And there is no end in sight. According to Mark LaPedus, it's time for Taiwan's DRAM makers to merge, consolidateor give up.
2009-02-06 SemiBuzz: Micron mulls Spansion takeover
Rumors are running rampant that Micron Technology Inc. is looking at buying Spansion. Micron is a major player in NAND flash, DRAM and CMOS image sensors, but it has no presence in NOR.
2009-02-11 Samsung shaken by DRAM doldrums
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, the dominant market leader in the DRAM industry, is no longer immune to the downturn, as the South Korean giant completely misses its shipment growth guidance in Q4 08, suffering a decline in market share and losing money for the first time in a year.
2009-03-30 PSC chair warns of DRAM shortage
World Semiconductor Council chairman Frank Huang has warned that the aggressive capacity cuts in DRAMs over the past few months are likely to lead to significant shortage by the end of the year.
2009-03-04 Fabless firms inch up top IC vendor list
Qualcomm Inc. climbed five spots to No. 8 in the world in semiconductor revenue while rival fabless chip vendor Broadcom Corp. leapt six positions to rank 17, according to a list of the top 20 chip vendors by IC Insights.
2009-03-02 Bleak week for memory chipmakers
Memory chipmakers, the hardest-hit of the silicon suppliers, faced bankruptcy, layoffs, and bleak prospects.
2008-12-18 Bleak forecast for Infineon
After cutting its estimates for Infineon Technologies for next year and beyond, a Nomura International IC specialist has advised investors to switch to chipmaker STMicroelectronics NV.
2008-12-05 Analysis: Infineon faces stormy weather
Once again, struggling chipmaker Infineon Technologies had to postpone the break-even. Indeed, the company is heading for a stormy weather even worse than most other semiconductor vendors.
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