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2002-04-08 Stateful versus stateless traffic analysis
This article defines the difference between
2005-12-01 Solutions drive new VoIP apps
Find out how advanced chipsets and SoC devices enable the design of feature-rich, highly integrated VoIP-enabled systems.
2010-07-29 SoC infrastructure IP has all bases covered
Based on proven technology acquired from NXP last year, Virage Logic introduces the Integra portfolio of SoC infrastructure IP as a complete solution to provide the central back-bone of any SoC.
2003-07-01 Service level agreements breed traffic management schemes
Implementing differentiated services requires sophisticated traffic management schemes, which can only be implemented by a combination of hardware and software.
2001-10-16 Reinventing the switch fabric architecture
This article features the functions of the new switch fabrics designed to solve bottlenecks and minimize QoS concerns in edge access switching systems.
2005-03-01 Real-time publish-subscribe now a standard
The DDS standard may be key in addressing issues in real-time and embedded systems.
2001-05-01 Packets devour time-domain nets
The fixed nature of TDM is its biggest drawback for data transmission. That paves way for packet technologies as such IP and ATM.
2001-09-14 Optimizing mobile radio networks with the MA-10A
This application note discusses how to maximize the performance of mobile networks, such as improving QoS, optimizing capacity and increasing efficiency, by utilizing the MA-10A signaling protocol analyzer.
2006-03-16 NoC: Evolution toward the MPSoC era
Learn more about a low-cost on-chip interconnect that works to enable multiprocessor SoCs.
2001-08-09 Next generation router design for wire-speed packet processing
This conference technical paper discusses the process of accelerated packet processing that will make future routing devices robust enough to deliver wire-speed transmission.
2002-04-19 NetEnforcer Version 3 installation and initial setup
This application note discusses the initial installation and setup of the NetEnforcer network system.
2004-05-17 Multimedia needs multiprocessor SoCs
Cellphones are becoming handheld entertainment centers that simultaneously operate as sophisticated wide-pipe wireless telephones.
2002-08-01 Moving classification and forwarding to OC-768
This technical paper discusses how innovative solutions are required to operate with the innovative OC-768 system.
2001-09-14 Modern test solutions make your DWDM system crystal clear
This application note describes how to perform QoS measurements on DWDM systems by using the OSA-155 Spectral Analyzer test solution.
2003-06-10 LVL7 software suite support Broadcom Ethernet switches
Level 7 Systems Inc. has released its Fastpath v3.1 networking software for Broadcom's StrataXGS and StrataSwitch II product families.
2000-06-01 Integrated access device to boost broadband Internet
A new router dynamo combines the best of DSL and ATM technologies to support multimedia applications over the existing copper-wire pairs in telephone network. The paper outlines basic design and implementation issues to realize a new class of telecom routers.
2004-05-17 Infineon processor bridges ATM, Ethernet traffic
Infineon has created the specialized processor ConverGate-C, designed to aggregate ATM-based xDSLs and convert the traffic to Internet Protocol on the line card.
1999-06-01 High-speed isochronous bus for next-generation PCs
This paper describes system buses and performance bottleneck issues, and provides a migration path to high speed isochronous system buses.
2002-05-01 Hi-fidelity wireless for home networks
This article discusses how current home networking apps and services require a wireless protocol that supports both multimedia and communications capabilities.
2003-08-01 Getting max packet processing throughput per app flow
Next-generation IP service edge switch uses high-speed ASICs in combination with programmable network processors to yield maximum packet processing performance and flexibility.
2008-07-16 Freescale, Arada tie up to hasten 802.11n production
Freescale Semiconductor and Arada Systems have collaborated to create a production-ready reference design to speed up and simplify the development of concurrent 802.11n access point devices.
2004-01-16 Flow-based routing boosts MPLS service
This article introduces an original flow-based routing approach that represents a marriage of the best of both circuit and packet technologies, applicable to both IP and MPLS networks.
2004-09-16 Embedded VoIP implementations using SIP
Broadband adoption has laid the pavement for mass-market VoIP implementation. Find out the advances that have made 2004 the year of VoIP.
2004-02-20 Cadence rolls synthesis tool, new metric
Cadence Design Systems will announce that its Encounter RTL Compiler Ultra synthesis tool supports the VHDL language.
2001-03-01 Cable modems tap high-speed data
In the drive to market broadband cable to everyone, a key challenge for the industry was to develop a standard method of implementing high-speed data services.
2001-08-09 Burst-mode transmitters & receivers for APON applications
This conference technical paper presents FTTCab and FTTH architectures based on an ATM-PON and a newly proposed extended split PON network with insight into the design concept.
2005-10-17 Build optimum next-generation residential gateways
WLAN residential gateways help providers retain and support customers as they adopt new service models
2002-10-01 Analyze GPRS problems using protocol tester
The protocol testers have emerged as an indispensible tool for the identifiction and soltuion of GPRS issues.
2003-01-06 Agilent wireless test solutions to reduce 3G deployment
Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced four wireless network solutions designed to improve productivity by reducing 2.5G/3G deployment.
2007-02-28 Agilent unrolls monitoring solutions for SIGTRAN
Agilent has announced comprehensive solutions for monitoring and troubleshooting complex SIGTRAN networks.
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