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2004-11-22 Motorola, Qualcomm bring LBS solution to operators
Motorola Inc. has signed an agreement with Qualcomm Inc. to offer its Viamoto location-based service (LBS) solution via the Brew distribution system, part of the Brew solution.
2008-01-25 Motorola to design UMTS 3G phones with Qualcomm chips
Motorola announced a UMTS 3G handset alliance with Qualcomm just minutes after the company unveiled a grim Q4 '07 report, including an unexpected prediction that its handset sales will continue to decline.
2014-11-10 More trouble ahead for Qualcomm?
Qualcomm reported earnings and revenues slightly below Wall Street expectations for its fourth quarter this week, and it gave cheery guidance for its next quarter and next fiscal year. So why did the chip maker's share price fall by 6 per cent immediately after the announcement?
2006-05-08 Microsoft to port Windows Mobile OS to Qualcomm's MSM chipsets
Qualcomm and Microsoft announced a collaboration to enable the porting of the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system to Qualcomm's Mobile Station Modem chipsets.
2003-02-14 Metatron licenses Qualcomm WCDMA serial interface
Metatron Technologies has obtained a license for Qualcomm's WCDMA (UMTS) serial interface.
2002-12-17 Metatron inks test equipment license with Qualcomm
Metatron Technologies Inc. has signed a test equipment license agreement with Qualcomm, providing Metatron with Qualcomm's WCDMA Interface Control Document.
2013-12-27 Mediatek trails 2nd-place Qualcomm in mobile SoC race
Mediatek revealed that it will offer LTE and SoCs with 64-ARM cores using ARM's big.LITTLE architecture in 2014.
2015-09-23 MediaTek takes Amazon Fire TV territory from Qualcomm
The latest version of the Amazon Fire TV is powered by MediaTek's MT8173, a 64bit quad-core processor and the world's first multimedia SoC with ARM's Cortex-A72 cores.
2014-11-10 MediaTek aims to cut Qualcomm's lead in China's 4G market
MediaTek plans to move to the 4G market more quickly than expected in order to keep up with the smartphone trends. Its octa-core processor aims at Chinese smartphone brands.
2006-02-20 MagnaChip MDDI product to feature Qualcomm solution
MagnaChip disclosed that they have selected an MDDI solution from Qualcomm Inc. for its LCD and display applications.
2015-02-24 Looking beyond Qualcomm's extensive mobile SoC line-up
Qualcomm becomes the first ARM partner to roll out products using the 64bit ARM Cortex-A72 core, flaunting what it says are specifications of the highest-end mobile SoC on the market.
2003-09-12 LG 3G handsets backed by Qualcomm chip
LG Electronics Inc. has selected Qualcomm Inc.'s MSM6250 Mobile Station Modem chipset and system software for its multimode 3G handsets.
2014-09-23 Less phones, more IoT on Qualcomm's horizon
Developers are preparing for the coming wave of inescapable computing with tools that will make it easy to add capabilities such as communication, computer vision and wireless charging to common household items.
2014-09-05 Latest patent war: Nvidia bitter with Qualcomm, Samsung?
Nvidia is suing the two companies over chips that allegedly copy Nvidia's graphic patents. This comes at a time when the chipmaker is reviving Tegra, the line of MPUs that failed to dent Qualcomm's lead and get into Samsung devices.
2009-07-28 Korea Fair Trade fines Qualcomm $200M
The Korea Fair Trade Commission has fined Qualcomm Inc. $200 million, stating that certain discounts and rebates that the chip supplier provides are in violation of Korean competition law.
2007-01-31 Jury favors Broadcom in patent case against Qualcomm
Broadcom Corp. announced that a federal jury in San Diego found that the company had not infringed two patents for digital video compression owned by Qualcomm Inc.
2007-05-31 Jury concludes Qualcomm infringed Broadcom patents
A federal jury ruled on Tuesday (May 29) that Qualcomm Inc.'s baseband chips and software violated three patents of Broadcom Corp.
2007-08-17 Judge orders Qualcomm to pay Broadcom $39.3M
A U.S. District Court judge in Santa Ana, California, has ordered Qualcomm Inc. to pay $39.3 million of damages and legal fees over its infringement case with Broadcom Corp.
2008-01-10 Judge charges six Qualcomm lawyers of 'exceptional misconduct'
Magistrate Judge Barbara Major accused six of Qualcomm lawyers handling a patent litigation versus Broadcom of "exceptional misconduct," and has asked the California State Bar Association to investigate their actions.
2006-11-13 Japan FTC to investigate Qualcomm's practices
Qualcomm said that the Japan Fair Trade Commission has notified its Japanese subsidiary that the JFTC may investigate the company's licensing and chip business practices in the country.
2007-06-11 ITC enforces ban on some phones with Qualcomm chips
The U.S. trade agency has imposed a partial ban on shipments of mobile phones that contain Qualcomm chips, an order that will have an impact on major wireless carriers.
2008-02-29 ITC denies Qualcomm request to review ruling on Nokia
The U.S. ITC has declined Qualcomm's request for a review of Administrative Law Judge Paul J. Luckern's initial determination that Nokia's GSM/GPRS/Edge-only handsets do not infringe three Qualcomm patents.
2007-06-26 ITC denies Qualcomm request for ban order stay
The U.S. ITC has rejected a request by Qualcomm to suspend the ITC ruling imposing an importation ban on some Qualcomm chips, and mobile phones containing those chips, that infringe a Broadcom patent.
2008-01-04 It's business as usual for Qualcomm despite injunction
Despite the ruling ordering Qualcomm to stop producing and selling 3G chipsets that infringe Broadcom patents, the company launched new UMTS devices that it says comply with the decision.
2007-10-30 iSuppli: Qualcomm, TI outran wireless chip market in Q2
Qualcomm and TI had outpaced the wireless semiconductor market in Q2, according to market researcher iSuppli Corp.
2014-07-07 Is SMIC-Qualcomm 28nm deal one-sided?
The deal is clearly a win for SMIC whose 28nm process will be accelerated, and while the same will be used to fabricate Snapdragon processors, Qualcomm may only be cooperating under the Chinese government's suggestions.
2008-05-23 ip.access bags Qualcomm funding
Femtocell and picocell solutions developer ip.access has gained another investor.
2014-03-04 Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung named top R&D spending leaders
The listed companies' spending on R&D programmes grew at a varied rate, except for Samsung, whose spending had remained relatively flat at $2.8 billion since 2011.
2013-05-07 Intel, Qualcomm push for MEMS integration standard
Intel, Qualcomm, MIG co-author the Standardised Sensor Performance Parameter Definitions to assist designers in integrating MEMS devices from different manufacturers.
2009-03-03 Intel vs. Qualcomm
For a long time, Intel counted Advanced Micro Devices as its chief rival. These days, it's looking more like Intel and Qualcomm will be going mano-a-mano.
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