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2003-08-12 Tower to manufacture QuickLogic FPGA products
Tower Semiconductor Ltd has announced that QuickLogic Corp. has placed its first production order for its 0.18?m ESP and FPGA products.
2004-03-25 System General, QuickLogic launch QL9600 device programmer
System General and QuickLogic have announced the availability of the QL9600 device programmer, which enables reduced programming time.
2003-10-15 Sony names QuickLogic as "Green" Partner
Sony Corp. has granted QuickLogic Corp. a certificate indicating QuickLogic's compliance with the Sony Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval Program.
2004-10-25 QuickLogic, Renesas to partner on Wi-Fi solutions
QuickLogic Corp. has announced a partnership with Renesas Technology Corp. to enable low-power solutions for the expanding Wi-Fi market.
2005-01-26 QuickLogic, Renesas collaborate on 802.11 IP phone reference
Programmable logic developer QuickLogic has inked a development pact with Renesas Technology, under which the companies will develop an IP reference design for 802.11b/g wireless LAN (WLAN) networks.
2002-09-30 QuickLogic, PACT XPP sign deal for wireless solutions
QuickLogic Corp. and PACT XPP Technologies have signed an MOU to develop a next-generation programmable SoC platform that combines a DSP co-processor with a CPU.
2004-01-07 QuickLogic, Oasis form strategic alliance
QuickLogic Corp. and Oasis SiliconSystems AG have entered into a partnership.
2008-05-30 QuickLogic's platform offers compact mobile packaging
To meet the needs of the mobile device market, QuickLogic Corp. has brought its customer specific standard product platform in a tiny WLCSP, which helps reduce design size to support processor interface and functionality.
2014-06-10 QuickLogic wearables sensor hub operates under 250?W
QuickLogic's wearables sensor hub platform supports a variety of popular contexts and gestures, and integrates an architecture that offloads the always-on computation for reduced overall system power.
2004-04-13 QuickLogic touts 'power aware' tool
QuickLogic has revealed a "power aware" placement tool for its QuickWorks V9.6 development system.
2002-11-13 QuickLogic SoC compatible with Green Hills environment
QuickLogic Corp. has announced that its QuickMIPS programmable SoC has been certified to support Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY RTOS and MULTI 2000 IDE.
2015-08-03 QuickLogic sensor hub slashes power use of app processors
The Eos S3 SoC packs a half-dozen hardware accelerators to target wearables, and promises to significantly off-load the app processor of any smartphone using the device.
2005-05-04 QuickLogic rolls programmable controller for Intel PXA2XX line
QuickLogic introduced a programmable controller optimized for the Intel PXA2XX processor line based on Intel Corp.'s XScale technology.
2005-04-11 QuickLogic ramps up production using Tower 0.18?m tech
Tower Semiconductor Ltd and QuickLogic Corp. announced that newly updated performance data on the QuickLogic Eclipse II family of uWatt FPGA products clearly establishes a new industry benchmark in low power performance.
2003-12-03 QuickLogic purchases IP cores from Quest Innovations
QuickLogic Corp. has acquired a number of IP modules from Netherlands-based Quest Innovations B.V.
2002-04-22 QuickLogic presents IP Web solution at IIC-China
QuickLogic Inc. proposed a new WebESP solution, at the 7th annual International IC ? IC Conference and Exhibition (IIC-China), to provide users with major IPs.
2008-10-20 QuickLogic PolarPro RAM and embedded FIFO controller
This document outlines QuickLogic PolarPro RAM and FIFO controller features and modes.
2009-04-01 QuickLogic platform supports Qualcomm mobile processors
QuickLogic Corp. is developing new platforms tailored for Qualcomm Inc.'s latest Mobile Station Modem MSM7xxx-series and MSM8xxx-series mobile processors, including the Snapdragon family.
2002-11-11 QuickLogic PCI bridge integrates 200,000 FPGA gates
The QL5632 PCI bridge IC integrates hard-wired, 32-bit, 33MHz master and target PCI controllers with a configurable DMA controller and FIFOs.
2005-02-25 QuickLogic joins Intel communications alliance
QuickLogic Corp. has joined the Intel Communications Alliance (ICA), a community of communications and embedded developers and solutions providers developing modular, standards-based solutions based on Intel technologies.
2002-10-30 QuickLogic integrates hard cores into its FPGAs
The next big fight in the programmable-logic world will involve on-chip IP cores for an FPGA and interconnect needed to make them work, according to Tom Hart, president and CEO of QuickLogic Corp.
2004-05-17 QuickLogic FPGAs supported by Magma synthesis tool
QuickLogic has announced that Palace, the Magma physical synthesis tool for programmable logic devices, now supports its mWatt Eclipse II and Eclipse FPGA products.
2003-02-26 QuickLogic FPGA family draws 250?A during standby
The company's Eclipse-II FPGA family addresses the need of CPLD and ASIC designers while drawing 250?A of standby current.
2006-10-13 QuickLogic expands low-power PolarPro FPGA line
QuickLogic Europe is supplying in full production 300,000 and 200,000-gate versions of its PolarPro FPGAs that draw less than 5?A of power during standby mode.
2007-08-31 QuickLogic exits mainstream FPGA market
Planning to focus on customer specific standard products, QuickLogic Corp. announced it is exiting the FPGA market.
2001-08-28 QuickLogic Eclipse devices support high-speed LVPECL transmission
This application note concentrates on discussing the implementation of LVPECL (low-voltage positive/pseudo ECL) high-speed data transmission by applying the DC coupling method using QuickLogic devices.
2004-06-01 QuickLogic delivers encryption IP core
QuickLogic announced the availability of the AES 128 IP core for higher security of sensitive data streams running over wireless and public networks.
2005-08-19 QuickLogic continues focus on low-power portable apps
QuickLogic disclosed they have joined both the SD Card Association and the CE-ATA Organization.
2006-05-31 QuickLogic announces 'lowest power family of FPGAs'
QuickLogic announced production shipments of the QL1P075 and the QL1P100 members of its PolarPro family.
2002-09-20 QuickLogic adopts Virage embedded memory IP
QuickLogic has licensed Virage Logic Corp.'s Area, Speed and Power High-Speed embedded SRAM memory on Tower Semiconductor's 0.185m logic process, for its Embedded Standard Products.
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