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What is RAM?
Random access memory or RAM is a group of memory chips, which serve as the computer's primary workspace. RAM also denotes a read/write memory.
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2007-07-12 Freescale expands MRAM product line
Freescale Semiconductor has expanded its magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) family with a 3V, 4Mbit, extended-temperature-range, non-volatile RAM (nvRAM).
2009-05-21 FRAM state savers tailored for automotive apps
Ramtron International Corp. announced the FM1105-GA and FM1106-GA non-volatile state savers, based on ferroelectric RAM technology, have been qualified over the full automotive temperature range.
2009-06-18 FRAM provides up to 45 years data retention
Ramtron International Corp. has released the FM24CL32 serial non-volatile RAM that offers high-speed read/write performance, low voltage operation and superior data retention.
2005-03-01 FPGA accelerates real-time app performance
Designers are eyeing new FPGAs with faster and better performance in DSPs and real-time applications. Rodger Hosking and Richard Kuenzler of Pentek say why.
2004-10-01 FCRAM 101: Understanding the basics
Analyze the basic architecture and operation of FCRAM and compare it with other emerging DRAM solutions.
2012-10-17 Exploring split-gate thin-film storage
Based on nanocrystals, SG-TFS is touted to provide fast, efficient read/write operation in a reliable, economical and scalable technology.
2002-04-09 Excel Cell DIMM sockets have transparent latch
The ESR series DIMM sockets feature an audible click to ensure that the memory module has been properly placed, as well as a transparent latch for LED emissions.
2003-03-05 Etron PSRAM draws 45?A during standby
Etron Technology Inc. has introduced a 16Mb Pseudo SRAM that draws a standby current of 45?A and exhibits a cycle time of 50ns.
2007-01-30 Epson, Fujitsu complete project on FRAM solution
Seiko Epson and Fujitsu have completed their joint project on the development of next-generation secure memory solution ferroelectric RAM technology.
2006-11-13 Epson makes FeRAM based on new material
Seiko Epson has developed ferroelectric RAM technology based on a new material called PZTN.
2002-08-20 EMS ESRAM improves soft-error performance
Enhanced Memory Systems Inc.'s 72Mb NoBL Burst ESRAM is claimed by the company to be the highest-density SRAM replacement product available.
2003-06-02 Emerging storage trends for residential gateways
The paper offers new insights into the technical and financial benefits of incorporating enhanced flash storage solutions into residential gateway products.
2001-03-01 Embedded test complicates SoC realm
SoC devices today implement a variety of specialized microelectronic functions. Those functions, sometimes with embedded systems, typically comprise of hardware or software design objects.
2003-01-20 Embedded FPGA market to weather current economic downturn
While current economic conditions will affect all aspects of the chip industry, the impact on the embedded FPGA market should be minimal, said In-Stat/MDR.
2002-05-10 Embedded DRAM market to reach $250M in 2006
The worldwide merchant market dollar shipments of cell-based designs containing at least one or more blocks of embedded DRAM will grow from $95 million last year to $250 million by 2006.
2010-09-07 Elpida, Spansion cooperation moves closer to market
The companies claim that they have devised the industry's first charge-trapping 1.8V 4Gb single-level cell NAND flash memory.
2003-05-28 Elpida to roll low-power DDRs
Elpida Memory is rolling out its latest 256Mb DDR offering developed for mobile phones, PDAs, and digital cameras.
2003-02-24 Elpida SDRAMs, DIMMs support Intel memory specs
Elpida Memory Inc. has announced the availability of its 256MB DDR400 SDRAMs and PC3200 DIMMs, which are compliant with Intel's memory specifications.
2002-09-12 Elpida releases 1GB DDR SDRAM DIMMs
The company is offering 1GB unbuffered DDR DRAM DIMM for high-performance PC and workstation applications.
2003-01-30 Elpida RDRAM operates to 1.066GHz
Elpida Memory has announced the availability of its 288Mb Rambus DRAM devices that operate at speeds of up to 1.066GHz.
2003-03-17 Elpida DDR SDRAMs halve power consumption
Elpida Memory has announced the availability of its 128Mb DDR SDRAMs that incorporate GDDR2-M technology to reduce power consumption.
2002-11-22 DVD licensing group adds audio player patents
The seven companies that comprise the DVD6C Licensing Agency will add patents related to DVD-Audio players and DVD recorders to the organization's licensing portfolio beginning the 1st of January 2003.
2005-05-16 Dual-port RAMs offer lower standby currents
Cypress is sampling dual-port RAMs that it claims offer 80 percent lower amperage than previous generation devices.
2005-04-13 Dual-port RAMs enable high-speed interprocessor comms
Targeted at mobile phone and PDA applications, the family of five high-performance More Battery Life (MoBL) dual-port RAMs from Cypress Semiconductor Corp. are used to enable high-speed interprocessor communication in next-generation phones that use multiple processors to handle video, games, e-mail or music.
2002-07-17 Dspfactory adopts Virage's memory IP
Virage Logic has entered into an agreement to license its non-volatile electrically alterable NOVeA RAM embedded memory IP to Dspfactory.
2001-04-15 DSP/CPU core steers video/audio formats
Television will take on a completely new design direction thanks to very long instruction word (VLIW) technology.
2011-01-24 Driver/controller lowers cost of FSLCD displays
RAiO Technology says its LCD driver and controller makes FSLCD applications cheaper
2002-10-18 DRAM makers begin march toward DDR-2
Prepping for the high-end systems that should appear in 2004, chip vendors are laying the groundwork for next-generation DDR DRAM.
2001-06-01 DRAM inventories begin to fall, but price recovery is still uncertain
There is evidence that DRAM supply is starting to ease somewhat; but it is still too early to call it a turnaround.
2007-08-01 DRAM advancements fuel higher performance
Advancements in DRAM technology have been accompanied by the emergence of multicore processors, new operating systems, and increasingly divergent requirements across many different computing platforms and applications. With each transition from one generation of memory to the next, memory considerations have become more complex.
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