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What is RAM?
Random access memory or RAM is a group of memory chips, which serve as the computer's primary workspace. RAM also denotes a read/write memory.
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2005-09-02 RAD-HARD 8051 MCU mates with Honeywell MRAM
Silicon Laude launched what's claimed to be the first radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant MCS8051 instruction-compatible MCUs that can directly interface with Honeywell's new HXNV-0100 64k x 16 radiation-hardened MRAM.
2007-01-18 Qimonda, Ovonyx ink memory device license agreement
Qimonda AG and Ovonyx Inc. signed an agreement to mutually license their patents and intellectual property for non-volatile memory devices in PC-RAM technology.
2006-06-14 Qimonda to supply Xbox 360 graphics memory
Infineon spin-off Qimonda said it was selected as a preferred supplier of graphics RAM memory chips for Microsoft's Xbox 360.
2008-01-21 Qimonda ships 512Mb XDR DRAM samples
Samples of 512Mb XDR DRAM products are now being shipped by Qimonda AG.
2014-12-08 Prototyping boards support latest FPGAs from Xilinx
The S2C Virtex UltraScale logic modules promise to offer twice the capacity, higher performance, and increased flexibility and expandability compared to previous versions.
2003-06-26 PRAM poised to re-enter memory race
Phase-change RAM, also known as ovonic or chalcogenide memory, appears to have gotten a new lease on life.
2014-05-07 Porting TCP/IP stack to embedded IoT devices
It is a common misconception that since a communication protocol stack is called a TCP/IP stack, porting it to an embedded target provides the device with all TCP/IP functionalities and performance.
2004-07-16 Platform ASICs deliver reduced cost for many applications
To save time and cost, platform ASICs come with predefined and prediffused layers to which customers can add differentiations.
2004-08-02 Physical design flow taps partition layout
This article describes a new hierarchical design flow and its usage on a 3 million-gate chip.
2000-05-16 Performance differences between the MPC8240 and the MPC106
This paper discusses some of the major performance differences between the MPC8240s memory and PCI interfaces and those of the MPC106.
2010-12-03 PCM die found in mobile phone
UBM TechInsights reports it has found a phase-change memory die inside a Samsung handset.
2006-12-01 Pack your pocket gadget with PoP
In applications requiring a small form factor and high performance, the PoP provides a way for the components to follow an independent development path. Additionally, the two elements can be separated, giving flexibility greater than that achieved by an SiP or SoC solution.
2001-12-16 Overcoming in-circuit testability problems
This technical article describes the common testability problems encountered with in-circuit designs and the basic requirements needed to solve them.
2002-06-01 On the move with Real-Time Linux
A brief discussion on how the latest developments in Real-Time Linux for user-space processes provide a good choice for embedded applications.
2009-06-05 NVRAM system achieves up to 200MBps peak transfer
AgigA Tech Inc. has unveiled what it claims is the first high-speed, high-density non-volatile RAM system dubbed AGIGARAM.
2002-11-26 NV SRAM Frequently Asked Questions
This application note list down the frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers for NV SRAMs.
2009-07-31 NV FRAM promises 10-year data retention
Ramtron has developed the FM23MLD16 8Mbit, 3volt ferroelectric RAM memory in a streamlined 48-pin FBGA package that features fast access, virtually unlimited read/write cycles and low power consumption.
2003-04-30 NOVRAM AUTOSTORE Considerations
This application note lists considerations when using the AUTOSTORE function of the NOVRAM devices.
2005-12-07 NOR flash supports 133MHz speed
STMicroelectronics disclosed that they have started to manufacture 1.8V, 256Mb and 512Mb NOR flash memory devices using 90nm multi-level cell process technology.
2011-03-31 Nintendo 3DS uses Fujitsu FCRAMs
Two FCRAMs from Fujitsu Semiconductor gives Nintendo's 3DS 128MB of RAM while matching the performance of DDR3 memory at a lower operating frequency.
2004-08-23 Next-gen memory market to reach $66B
By 2011, the market for next-generation, nonvolatile memories will be worth $65.7 billion, according to a new report from research firm NanoMarkets LC on August 18, 2004.
2007-03-16 New flash contender emerges
Startup Grandis will work to develop embedded and standalone devices based on STT-RAM's method for data writes in a bold attempt to commercialize the technology.
2005-08-19 New 16Mb SRAM module from 3D Plus is radiation hardened
The new commercial-off-the-shelf high capacity SRAM from 3D Plus is organized as 512k x 32, and is made of four memories (512k x 8 each) accessed with independent write enable.
2015-04-15 Netlist unveils additional NVDIMM modules
The EXPRESSvault EV3 PCI Express 3.0 non-volatile RAM is a storage-class memory tier intended for server-side caching, scale-out storage, database and distributed file systems and all-flash arrays.
2011-06-15 NEC, Tohoku University promote CAM-on-MRAM use
The use of magnetic RAM non-volatility with content addressable memories will enable the development of electronics that start instantly and consume zero electricity while in standby mode.
2002-04-26 NEC ships QDR II, DDR II SRAMs for high-speed systems
NEC Corp. has shipped its QDR II and DDR II family of SRAM products for use in network switches and routers in high-speed networks such as OC-192 and OC-768.
2003-02-17 NEC develops 512KB MRAM
NEC Corp. has announced the development of a 512KB MRAM comprised of a simple CP-type cell structure that enables high-density data storage.
2006-07-18 NEC announces new MRAM cell tech
NEC claims to have succeeded in developing new magnetoresistive RAM cell technology suitable for high-speed memory macro embedded in next-generation system LSIs.
2002-07-10 NanoAmp rolls 16Mb PSRAMs
NanoAmp Solutions Inc. has released its family of asynchronous single-transistor PSRAMs targeted at 2.5G and 3G mobile phones.
2006-03-02 NAND flash MCP designed for multimedia cellphones
STMicroelectronics announced a new multi-chip package memory portfolio that aims to meet the needs of multimedia applications in 3G and CDMA cellphones.
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