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What is RAM?
Random access memory or RAM is a group of memory chips, which serve as the computer's primary workspace. RAM also denotes a read/write memory.
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2012-11-06 Imec, Nantero to develop carbon nanotube NVM
Imec backs Nantero in research project aimed at producing carbon nanotube non-volatile memories smaller than 20nm as possible DRAM replacement.
2013-12-27 IEC 60730 safety routines for DSC
Learn about safety routines developed to help manufacturers of automatic control systems in the large appliance and industrial control market meet the IEC 60730 standard class B.
2002-05-06 IDT rolls 200MHZ SRAMs
Integrated Device Technology Inc. has expanded its bank-switchable dual-port SRAMs with the addition of speed enhancements of up to 200MHz and 9Mb of data storage in a single-die configuration.
2002-09-13 IDT 200MHz SRAMs draw 230mA
Integrated Device Technology Inc. has announced the availability of its synchronous FourPort SRAM devices that operates up to 200MHz and consumes as low as 230mA.
2002-09-13 ICSI rolls out 250MHz SSRAMs
ICSI has released its series of 8Mb, 250MHz SSRAMs - claimed by the company to be the fastest SSRAM in the market.
2002-08-28 ICSI offers ASRAMs in BGA, STSOP-1 packages
Integrated Circuit Solution Inc. has announced it has added the BGA and STSOP-1 package types to its 1Mb ASRAM products designed for use in wireless LAN applications.
2002-10-25 ICSI combines NOR Flash, SRAM in MCP
Integrated Circuit Solution's MCP is able to stacks a NOR Flash and SRAM and is targeted for portable devices apps.
2002-01-28 ICSI 4Mb SRAMs consume 25A standby current
The IC62VV25616L, IC62VV25616LL and IC62VV5128LL 4Mb low-power SRAMs are fabricated on a 0.155m CMOS process technology, and are housed in 44-pin TSOP II, 32-pin TSOP or 48-pin TFBGA package.
2006-11-01 IBM plots storage tech roadmap
IBM Corp. has partnered with Infineon spin-off Qimonda AG and Taiwan's Macronix International Co. Ltd on phase-change RAM.
2015-03-04 HyperRAM from Spansion touts up to 333MB/s read throughput
The HyperBus devices claims to offer fast boot, graphics display and real-time XIP applications, targeting SoCs and MCUs where both the flash and RAM are connected on the same 12-pin HyperBus interface.
2002-09-03 Hynix x32 DDR-SDRAM eyes graphics apps
Hynix Semiconductor Inc. is sampling a 256MB (8Mx32) DDR-SDRAM suited at high-end desktop PCs, laptops, and workstation graphics applications.
2002-06-05 Hynix SDRAM targets digital still cameras
Hynix Semiconductor Inc. has developed a 256MB, 8Mword-by-32 SDR SDRAM targeted for use as a buffer memory in digital still cameras with a picture quality >5 megapixels.
2002-12-16 Hynix debuts fastest DDR-I SDRAM
Hynix Semiconductor has developed a 500MHz, 128Mb DDR-I SDRAM that is touted for graphics chipsets in desktops and workstations.
2002-07-12 Hynix cool on merger talks
Pinning hopes on a second half recovery in chip demand, Hynix Semiconductor Inc. is downplaying the possibility of rekindling talks with Micron Technology Inc.
2003-03-11 Hynix commercializes FeRAM for mobile apps
Hynix Semiconductor has announced that it is sampling 4Mb and 8Mb Ferroelectric RAMs for use in next-gen mobile and SoC systems.
2002-01-04 Hynix 128Mb DDR SDRAM boasts 375MHz clock speed
2010-09-02 HP, Hynix push memristor commercialization
HP and Hynix have forged a joint development agreement to develop materials and process integration technology to shift memristors from R&D to commercial resistive RAM (ReRAM).
2000-02-12 How to Instantiate LSS Memory for Synopsys Design Compiler
This application note contains information on how to use the LSS memory to synthesize designs with Synopsys Design Compiler. It also describes memory type, configuration, and naming convention.
2004-02-02 How to build a multimedia files system
Many consumer products need to record and play digital video and audio data. If you need to do something similar, here are some design guidelines for implementing the file system.
2005-03-16 Hope floats for new DRAM
A potentially revolutionary 90nm DRAM technology, claiming gains in speed, size and power consumption, has been developed by a Swiss startup.
2005-06-07 Honeywell posts 1Mb rad-hard MRAM data sheet
Honeywell International Inc. has posted a data sheet for a 1Mb radiation-hard magnetic RAM to its website in the form of a "pdf" file
2002-10-07 Holtek SRAM has 70ns access time
Holtek's HT62L256 SRAM chip features an access time of 70ns while operating from a 2.7V to 3.3V supply.
2002-11-13 Fujitsu stacked memory MCP targets new cellphone apps
The MB84VY6A4A1 MCP from Fujitsu Ltd stacks three Flash, one SRAM, and two FCRAM devices in a single 15-by-11-by-1.4mm case.
2003-06-10 Fujitsu MCP features burst-mode functionality
Fujitsu Ltd announced the development of the MB84SR6H5K5K1 MCP that combines Mobile FCRAM and burst-mode flash memory for next-gen mobile phones apps.
2003-08-27 Fujitsu launches 128Mb burst-mode mobile FCRAM
Fujitsu Ltd has began marketing its 128Mb burst-mode mobile FCRAM which complies with COSMORAM.
2006-12-06 Fujitsu intros 256Mbit FCRAM for mobile apps
Fujitsu Microelectronics America has announced a new 256Mbit FCRAM designed for mobile applications such as cellular handsets.
2003-05-16 Fujitsu FCRAMs feature burst mode functionality
Fujitsu Ltd has released a pair of mobile FCRAMs that feature burst mode R/W functionality.
2002-12-23 Fujitsu FCRAMs eye next-gen mobile phones
Fujitsu Ltd has introduced a pair of ASMs into its portfolio of low-power Mobile FCRAMs and are designed for use in next-gen mobile phones.
2001-05-01 Frontier tool gets C support
This technical news article describes the Frontier Version 2.3 tool that promises innovative FPGA-oriented optimizations.
2008-02-28 Freescale MRAM lifts off to space
MRAM products from Freescale Semiconductor have been selected for use in a magnetometer subsystem from Angstrom Aerospace, which will be launched into space on board the Japanese research satellite SpriteSat.
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