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2008-10-27 REC taps M+W Zander to construct solar site in Singapore
M+W Zander has been awarded by the Norwegian Renewable Energy Corp. (REC) as contractor for the new photovoltaics manufacturing complex in Singapore.
2008-06-20 REC sets up solar plant in Singapore
Renewable Energy Corp. ASA (REC) will invest approximately $2.5 billion in the first phase of an integrated manufacturing complex for production of solar wafers, cells and modules in Singapore.
2008-08-27 Quebec to house REC silicon production units
Renewable Energy Corp. (REC) has chosen Becancour, Quebec for the next phase of its silicon materials expansion.
2009-01-27 LG steps up clean energy drive
LG Electronics has entered an exclusive agreement with REC Wafer to purchase multicrystalline silicon wafers. The two companies made the deal official with a public signing ceremony in Seoul, Korea.
2003-06-29 Bandwidth of video signals from generators with purely digital signal generation
This application note describes the bandwidth of video signals from generators with purely digital signal generation.
2010-11-10 SG solar facility celebrates first million rolled
REC has officially opened one of the world's largest integrated wafer, cell and module manufacturing facilities in Tuas, Singapore. This is the single largest investment ever made by REC, and one of the biggest clean tech investment ever made in Singapore.
2010-05-05 Schottky diodes eliminate switching losses
Cree has launched the Z-Rec 1700V junction barrier Schottky (JBS) diode products targeted at high-voltage power-conversion applications in motor drive, wind energy and traction systems.
2005-04-04 Via offering joint patent license for AVC video standard
Via Licensing Corp. has announced it would make available a joint license for patents that are essential to implement the joint ISO/IEC and ITU video coding standard.
2013-07-18 Using DAS with CPRI interface
DAS equipment that uses the CPRI interface is emerging, and this development solves several key problems.
2006-04-17 Specs flap is mobile TV's next test
Speakers at the recent DVB World warned that the incompatibility of two protocols developed to deliver interactivity and content protection to handsets could irreparably splinter the emerging market.
2009-08-31 Solar manufacturing capacity up despite low demand
Previously committed capacity expansions result in solar cell manufacturing growth despite a drop in demand.
2009-02-09 PV panel revenue to plunge in '09
Bringing an end to eight consecutive years of growth, global revenue for photovoltaic (PV) panels is expected to plunge by nearly 20 percent in 2009, as a massive oversupply causes prices to drop, according to iSuppli Corp.
2010-11-12 Public radio IC uses 190mW per channel
Radiocomp Inc. and eASIC Corp. debut a low-power common public radio interface (CPRI) v4.1 solution for radio equipment controller equipment.
2006-10-27 Polysilicon shortage worse than expected, analysts say
Vendors and analysts warn that the shortage of polysilicon materials is worse than previously thought, causing possible price hikes in the semiconductor and solar supply chains.
2006-12-18 Polysilicon shortage could persist
The polysilicon shortage that has plagued the solar-cell industry for two years is worse than once thought, may persist through the end of the decade, and could affect the silicon wafer industry starting next year, analysts warn.
2013-07-22 PHY IP platform supports JESD204B, CPRI and OBSAI
SBMULTR2T2812G SiIP PHY from Semtech is tuned to meet the performance of each standard through a programmable profile that sets a set of registers that control the operation of the PHY.
2012-08-06 Philippines stamps approval on renewable energy FiTs
Regulatory body has approved initial feed-in tariff rules to assist RE developers in recovering investments.
2009-07-31 Oversupply, low demand hit solar market
iSuppli Corp. reports that average inventories throughout the solar supply chain soared by 64.3 percent.
2007-12-07 ON Semi opens IC protection test lab in China
ON Semi has opened a Circuit Protection Applications Test Laboratory in Shanghai, China to support its APAC customers.
2003-06-25 NJR volume control features input selector
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has started sample shipments of its NJW1153 six-channel electronic volume control IC suitable for multi-channel audio systems.
2004-02-24 NEC Node Bs eye 3G radio access networks
NEC has announced that it would start marketing 3G Node Bs based on the recently developed CPRI specification.
2005-09-13 More shortages seen for polysilicon
re shortages seen for polysilicon
2014-12-09 ITU approves broadband standard
The latest broadband standard is geared to deliver up to 1Gb/s access speeds over existing telephone wires and serves to complement FTTH technologies.
2008-11-18 iSuppli: Polysicon price to slide starting next year
iSuppli forecasts that the pricing for polysilicon used to create PV cells is expected to drop in 2009 and the following years due to fundamental imbalances in the solar supply chain.
2008-01-31 Intel to buy 1.3B kW-hrs of green power
Intel will purchase more than 1.3 billion kW hours a year of renewable energy certificates as part of a multifaceted approach to reduce its impact on the environment.
2005-08-15 How power modules address unique appliance requirements
Thanks to the improved performance and efficiency they provide, the demand for inverterized drives and brushless DC (BLDC) motors continues to grow.
2013-07-05 Global first-tier PV makers post sunny quarter
As a result of the anti-dumping policy, PV applications has expaded and the deficit of first-tier manufacturers was significantly reduced this quarter and their gross margin has started to rise from the bottom.
2009-03-05 Germany is crowned solar power star
Germany holds the lead in the fast-growing alternative energy market due to the nation's and Europe's long-term commitment to solar power, according to iSuppli.
2008-06-25 Bright future for solar cell market, says report
Worldwide investments in the production of photovoltaic cells will rise to the same level as those for semiconductor manufacturing by 2010 due to booming demand for solar energy, according to iSuppli.
2008-10-01 AdvancedMC caters to wireless, SRIO interfaces
CommAgility has released the AMC-V5F, a single width, mid-sized Advanced Mezzanine Card for AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA systems.
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