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2003-08-25 RayComm modules compatible with WLAN systems
Raycomm Microwave Technologies Corp. has released its WA0101 series of 5.15GHz to 5.85GHz RF front-end modules that are designed for 802.11a WLAN apps.
2008-08-18 Perform virtual field tests on DVB-T receivers
Virtual field testing solves the huge problem in validating the RF-performance of receivers in any organization. A variety of DVB-T transmissions across Europe's 45 countries makes in-depth field testing a major undertaking. Because of this, the Digital TV Labs Virtual Field Test Suite enables comprehensive and speedy validation of RF front-end performance.
2013-03-06 Peregrine to license UltraCMOS IP to Murata
Murata would be granted a license to design and manufacture RF switches and other switch-related components using Peregrine's technology and IP
2012-04-17 OpenET group reveals pioneering members, updates interface spec
OpenET promotes energy efficient wireless transmission through envelope tracking.
2002-08-23 NI signal analyzer accelerates wireless testing
A signal analyzer from National Instruments promises to speed up production test and design verification of wireless systems by 200 percent over similar technologies.
2004-11-16 Multichannel basebands meet challenge of cognitive radio
To ensure ongoing channel and radio sensing, two methods can be done: use a wideband receiver or multichannel baseband.
2008-10-16 MEMS gear up for mobile offensive
Out-of-the-box thinking is necessary if a mobile phone design will highlight the ubiquitous services that future subscribers are going to expect. Many industry observers believe the next wave of enabling technology will come from MEMS design.
2008-03-03 Maximize multiband handset performance
Cellphones have moved rapidly from dual-band to tri-band to even quad-band. Also, cellphones need to handle various signals for peripheral radios such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. Ultimately, it is the RF switch that must be capable of switching up to nine paths of high-power RF signals with low insertion loss, high isolation and exceptional linearity to realize the necessary multiband performance
2013-07-24 MagnaChip, NNFC reach technology transfer agreement
The technology agreement transfers 0.18?m SOI RF CMOS process technology to MagnaChip, a technology optimised for use in RF switches and antenna tuning applications
2010-08-24 LNA delivers 0.56db noise figure
The MGA-635P8 LNA can be used as the first stage of cellular basestation transceiver radio cards, tower mounted amplifiers, combiners, repeaters and remote/digital radio heads.
2004-04-26 Intel rolls out MEMS modules for cellphones
Intel is offering to a select handful of customers its first microelectromechanical systems product, a semi-custom cellphone RF front-end module.
2002-09-01 Integration essential to affordable GPS
To complete a telematics system, a GPS RF front-end has to be added as well as a cellphone module suited to the type of network required, plus their antennas and controlling software.
2005-07-18 Integrating CMOS designs in GSM front-ends
Here's a comprehensive discussion of key technical problems in the design of a TD-SCDMA mobile-phone RF front-end
2004-05-03 Improving RFID chip security
It is important to incorporate measures against attacks in IC card design and implementation, to protect crucial data from illegal use.
2002-12-04 GPS receiver hardware design
This application note shows how to construct a complete 12-channel GPS receiver engine using the GP2000 chipset.
2003-08-15 GP2010 and GP2105: Reduction of VCO-related EMC radiation
This application note briefs users of Zarlink's GP2010 and GP2105 GPS RF Front-End modules on how to reduce the radiated emissions of VCO harmonics.
2010-07-16 EM430F6137RF900 reference design guide
This application note explains the theory behind and recommended practices to layout the EM430F6137RF900's RF filter-balun
2010-04-12 Driving next-generation cellular tech
To succeed in the next generation of wireless technology, RF hardware must become more compact, cost efficient, and capable of adapting many-band configurations
2002-06-28 DBTEL ramps mobile phone production
Asian handset maker DBTEL has begun full-scale production of its next-generation mobile phones and platform designs based on Royal Philips Electronics' innovative semiconductor technology and full software stack.
2004-02-12 CMOS power amplifier rolls for GSM handsets
Silicon Laboratories will break new ground with the introduction of the first monolithic CMOS power amplifier for GSM cellular handsets.
2005-04-08 Chipset links global communities
SiGe's transceivers provide low noise figure and phase noise, high linearity and low current and high integration.
2007-05-15 Chipset for cable modems supports Docsis 3.0
Anadigics Inc. has developed an RF front-end chipset for cable modems designed to meet the new DOCSIS 3.0 standard.
2004-12-02 Chipcon spins ZigBee SoC
Chipcon is sending an IC to market that combines a ZigBee RF front-end, memory and a microcontroller in a single package.
2002-09-05 Chartered preps 0.185m SiGe process
Chartered Semiconductor Mfg will expand its foundry service offerings to the communications sector by rolling out a 0.185m SiGe BiCMOS manufacturing capability in 2H of 2003.
2000-05-03 Cellphone design using highly integrated GSM radio chipset
The highly integrated RF subsystem for GSM900MHz and DCS1800MHz (or PCS1900MHz) with minimal external component count and low power is presented. The entire subsystem include RF front-end IC in receive path, power amplifier (PA), transceiver with integrated dual loop synthesizer, and power amplifier controller. This article describes the GSM900MHz and DCS1800MHZ systems.
2012-05-11 Black Sand PAs picked for Murata 3G handset front-ends
Black Sands Technologies announces that Murata has chosen to use its power amplifier technology to improve the performance of 3G smartphones, tablets and datacards.
2008-12-02 Avago rolls GPS LNA with integrated FBAR filters
Avago Technologies has unveiled ALM-1712, a GPS LNA with integrated filters suitable for simultaneous GPS (S-GPS) and small form factor designs.
2014-04-01 Assessing CC2530 with Skyworks' SE2431L
Read about the expected performance of the CC2530 and the SE2431L module. The
2005-12-16 Anadigics targets MIMO apps with new product offerings
Anadigics unveiled two new front-end products for wireless LAN mobile and multiple input multiple output applications
2004-03-15 Agilent FBAR duplexers, filters offer low insertion loss
The combined CDMA duplexer/PA FEM from Agilent is the industry's first device to be used in dual-band and U.S. PCS mobile phones and wireless data cards.
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