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2002-08-16 Zarlink RF tuner replaces double-conversion tuners
The SL2610 RF silicon tuner is claimed to be the first tuner chip that allows compact, single-conversion tuner designs to achieve the same level of performance as double-conversion tuners
2010-05-17 RF mixers operate at 2300-2900MHz range
Analog Devices Inc. has launched two new high-performance RF passive mixers for a variety of wireless applications
2005-06-24 RF Mixer serves apps up to 3GHz
Analog Devices debuted the ADL5350 RF mixer that offers industry-leading linearity over a broad frequency range up to 3GHz for both up- and down-conversion applications.
2005-04-20 Linear Tech's RF mixer addresses 3G cellular basestations
The new high linearity active downconverting RF mixer from Linear Tech promises to significantly reduce the cost and simplify design of 3G cellular basestations
2007-02-09 Down-converting mixer extends receiver bandwidth to 3.8GHz
Linear Technology's down-converting active RF mixer elevates receiver dynamic range performance while extending bandwidth capability to cover 3G and WiMAX base station frequencies to 3.8GHz.
2012-05-16 Broadband RF mixer tips 26.9dBm IIP3 on 294mW
Linear Technology's LTC5567 300MHz to 4GHz downconverting broadband RF mixer features 2.5GHz IF bandwidth for 4G wireless base stations and high dynamic range receiver applications.
2009-07-21 Upconverting mixer handles up to 2.7GHz
Linear Technology Corp. has developed a new wide bandwidth active upconverting mixer that delivers high dynamic range performance from 400MHz to 2.7GHz, supporting all of the allocated LTE broadband wireless services
2007-06-25 Toshiba launches GaAs FETs, RF devices
TAEC featured an array of C-, X- and Ku-band gallium arsenide (GaAs) FETs developed by Toshiba Corp. as well as a broad line-up of RF and small signal devices at this year's IEEE MTT-S event
2014-02-14 Taking a look at the field-programmable RF chip
Developed in the US for UK's Lime Microsystems, the FPRF transmitter takes a digital data stream and converts it into wireless signals, while the receiver performs the inverse operation.
2003-05-14 Tahoe RF ships IP blocks for multiple wireless apps
Tahoe RF Semiconductor's TRFS-151 CDMA RF front-end receiver and TRFS-201 integrated VCO IP blocks are aimed for use in multiple wireless systems
2013-06-12 Sub-harmonic pumped mixer supports 14-32GHz range
The MAMX-011009 from M/A-COM Technology Solutions is packaged in an ultra small 1.5 x 1.2mm TDFN surface mount, promising customers an efficient and space-saving broadband solution.
2007-12-12 ST moves chips to 45nm CMOS RF tech
STMicroelectronics has successfully manufactured the first functional devices to be built using the CMOS 45nm RF technology, which will be essential for next-generation WLAN applications
2009-06-17 SiGe mixer tailored for 3G/4G base stations
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX19996A, a fully integrated, 2000MHz to 3900MHz downconverting mixer with an on-chip LO buffer
2010-07-27 SiGe mixer supports 1500MHz WCDMA/LTE apps
The MAX19993 FROM Maxim Integrated Products is a fully integrated, 1200MHz to 1700M, dual, downcoverting mixer with an on-chip LO switch, buffer, and splitter
2004-11-16 SiGe mixer provides 8.3dB conversion gain, 9.7dB noise figure
Maxim Integrated Products introduced what it claims as the industry's highest performance, fully-integrated SiGe mixer
2009-11-20 SiGe mixer enables cost-effective filter designs
The MAX2042 mixer delivers a combination of linearity, noise performance and component integration
2002-10-09 Sanyo CDMA handset adopts RF Micro amplifiers
RF Micro Devices Inc. has begun shipping two power amplifiers and a triple-band LNA/mixer to Sanyo Corp., to be deployed on the latter's latest SCP-4900 CDMA 2000 1X handset.
2006-05-31 Rising unveils RF transceiver chipset for 3G WCDMA handsets
Rising Micro Electronics announced that it has successfully developed RF transceiver chipset for 3G WCDMA wireless handsets using Jazz Semiconductor's 0.18m SiGe BiCMOS
2003-03-20 Richardson to distribute Celeritek RF line globally
Celeritek Inc. has named Richardson Electronics Ltd as the sole worldwide distributor for its complete line of RF semiconductor products
2006-01-16 RF/microwave design software helps speed circuit simulation
Agilent Technologies announced the availability of Genesys 2005, a new release of its RF and microwave design software which includes a new time-domain simulator, frequency planner, mixer synthesis tool and revamped user interface.
2009-05-06 RF transceiver offers precise signal processing
CML Microcircuits has released a high performance integrated RF quadrature/low IF transceiver IC, which features an advanced image-reject up-conversion modulation system and flexible superheterodyne receiver
2009-03-06 RF mixers fit for high-dynamic range apps
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced a family of five single-channel RF mixers for high-dynamic-range applications within satellite communications, wireless base stations, point-to-point radio links, instrumentation and military equipment
2002-08-19 RF integrates with DSP in 4G apps
This article discusses a direct-conversion RF architecture that uses CMOS technology to design a DSP suitable for 4G apps
2005-08-01 RF IC tools still seeking paths to silicon
Complicated by multiple modulation schemes, RF tools have become proficient at simulating behavior on an architectural level
2007-06-04 RF control devices enable remote keyless entry
Freescale's MC33696 PLL-tuned UHF transceiver and MC33596 low-voltage receiver are access and remote control devices designed to help developers streamline existing RF solutions and add the convenience of wireless control to their products
2000-11-01 RF and wireless design take front-row seats
The hottest issue on the communications landscape is radio frequency (RF) and wireless system design
2005-02-02 RF active mixers combine low power, high performance
Linear Tech's new RF Active Mixers feature low power and high performance, making them suitable for wireless infrastructure transceiver and portable radio apps
2009-06-12 Passive mixer tailored for UHF-900MHz devices
Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. has released the 50? PE4150 quad MOSFET core device, designed for mixer designs requiring low conversion loss and high linearity
2016-03-17 Passive mixer operates as up-down converter at 2 to 14 GHz
Capable of DC to 6 GHz, Linear Technology's LTC5548 supports wideband transmitters, microwave applications, LTE-advanced wireless services, radar systems, satellite modems and RF test equipment
2011-05-19 MOSFET array core ideal for mixer and multiplexer functions
Peregrine Semiconductor introduces the PE4141 broadband quad MOSFET array core that supports up conversion or down coversion in mixer applications
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