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2015-09-30 Developing RF generators for medical apps
Designing an RF generator for use in medical applications can prove an exercise in jumping through regulatory hoops. This article should give anyone involved some idea of the key hurdles and some ways to overcome them
2008-08-01 Developing a green product development strategy
One of the most difficult steps in the initiation of a green product development strategy is where to get started. The green knowledge base for product development is widely distributed and not readily available within the organization, in the design or process teams
1999-04-08 Designing RF power amplifiers using high impedance transistors
Technological advances have allowed high levels of integration in the areas of signal processing and digital functions. This frees designers to concentrate their efforts on greater functionality and higher performance of the final product. Until now, most of the design work around RF power transistors has remained unchanged from years past. The introduction of the HIT Hybrid device begins the integration of RF power stages in much the same way as is done for other sections of the radio system. HIT is an acronym for
2006-01-25 Design libraries allow RF and DSP codesign
The team at Agilent has decided to try to make things a bit easier by creating two new libraries for its ADS EDA software: one for mobile WiMAX and another for 802.11n.
2004-12-01 Deep-submicron CMOS aids RF design
High-speed serial digital interfaces are being exploited to change the way systems are partitioned.
2014-04-29 Dealing with interference in a crowded RF spectrum
Understand the concept of interference as it applies to cellular networks and broadcast television transmissions, and how the correct representation and diagnosis of the common causes of interference make it easier to fix.
2009-01-16 De-embedding surface-mount RF devices
This article describes a practical de-embedding process that does not require developing an equivalent circuit model of the input and output feeds to the DUT.
2011-08-29 CMOS-based RF transmit module touts longer talk time
Amalfi Semiconductor's AdaptiveRF is a CMOS-based transmit modules for front-end GSM/GPRS cellular handsets.
2010-03-10 Circuit optimization tool tailored for analog/RF
From AgO Inc. comes the AnXplorer tool designed to optimize analog and RF circuits and uses either simulation or equations
2003-09-16 Chipcon CMOS RF transceiver targets low-cost apps
Chipcon AS has launched its first in a series of RF transceivers operating in the world-wide 2.4GHz unlicensed ISM band, the CC2400 RF transceiver
2004-08-11 Cetecom RF tester conforms to NAPRD.03
Cetecom's MINT has been selected by PVG as one of the reference platforms to carry out GSM RF conformance testing according to NAPRD.03
2012-01-20 Bluetooth low energy vs proprietary RF for HID apps
Here's a comparison of the Bluetooth Low Energy technology with proprietary protocols in the HID market. It looks at interoperability, flexibility, complexity, power, and cost.
2003-03-24 AWR tool suite focuses on RF closure
Applied Wave Research has announced the release of the Microwave Office 2003 EDA software tool with a special focus on RF closure
2006-09-06 AWR rolls out system-level RF simulation tools
Applied Wave Research has announced its RF Architect system-level simulation tool that provides an RF budget analysis as well as so-called frequency heritage inspection capabilities
2007-11-08 Automotive functional tester speeds product deployment
Agilent's new low-cost, small-footprint automotive functional tester includes the essential capabilities needed to accelerate test-solution development and deployment, helping manufacturers get their products to market faster.
2003-03-10 austriamicrosystems design kit speeds RF IC development
The company has announced the availability of the HIT-Kit product design kit that helps speed up the development of RF ICs.
2004-10-21 austriamicro RF transmitter complies to ARIB standard
austriamicro disclosed that they have developed the world's first automotive-qualified ARIB transmitter ASSP.
2006-02-01 Architectures for mobile RF convergence
As communication convergence picks up the pace, the issue of partitioning RF and modem functionalities becomes less clear-cut
2003-06-11 APT-RF releases LDMOS device for Avionics market
Advanced Power Technology has released its 1011LD110 and 1011LD110 series of LDMOS transistors that are targeted for the Avionics market.
2005-02-08 Antenova integrates antenna, RF components into single module
Antenna specialist Antenova Ltd expects to be sampling within months integrated modules that incorporate its novel antenna technology with the key RF components and some of the transceiver functionality required for a mobile phone or PC modem
2005-02-10 Antenova integrates antenna, RF components in single module
Antenova expects to be sampling within months integrated modules that incorporate its novel antenna technology with the key RF components and some of the transceiver functionality required for a mobile phone or PC modem
2003-10-20 Anadigics expands CDMA product line with acquisition
Anadigics Inc. announced that it has acquired the assets utilized in the wireless handset power amplifier business previously conducted by Tavanza.
2003-04-04 Anadigics buys RF Solutions' WLAN power-amp line
Anadigics has purchased the WLAN power amplifier product line from RF Solutions Inc. for $2.8 million up front, with a contingency clause for 3 million common Anadigics shares, based upon 12-month performance.
2007-09-07 Anadigics buys Fairchild RF biz assets
Fairchild Semiconductor has closed a transaction to sell selected assets of its RF Group to Anadigics for cash
2004-04-22 Amkor to assemble, test RF chips for Thine Electronics
Amkor Technology Inc. is providing assembly and test services to Thine Electronics Inc., a rapidly growing fabless semiconductor company based in Tokyo, Japan.
2006-11-17 Agilent RF signal generator reduces cost of tests
Agilent has announced the worldwide availability of its N9310A RF Signal Generator that promises high performance and superior quality at a lower cost, while significantly reducing the cost of test
2005-03-28 Agilent claims RF simulation speedup
Improvements to its frequency-domain simulation technology are resulting in RF simulation speedups of up to 50 times, according to Agilent Technologies' EEsof EDA division
2005-10-06 Agilent announces changes in recently-acquired Eagleware product line
Agilent Technologies will reorganize its product lines following the recent acquisition of the business of Eagleware-Elanix, a provider of system and circuit design software for the communications industry
2005-04-14 Agere exits RF LDMOS market, sells line to startup
Agere Systems Inc. has exited the radio-frequency (RF) LDMOS chip market, selling its product line to a startup called Ciclon Semiconductor Device Corp.
2004-03-31 Agere devices reduce RF transistor packaging costs
Agere Systems has announced five RF overmolded plastic packaged transistor products that will lower the overall costs of wireless basestation amplifier equipment
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