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2012-05-24 EMC Basics #15: Solve leaky RF seam problems with gaskets
Know how to choose among the different types of these "leak stoppers".
2001-03-01 Embedded test complicates SoC realm
SoC devices today implement a variety of specialized microelectronic functions. Those functions, sometimes with embedded systems, typically comprise of hardware or software design objects.
2009-07-08 Embedded controller tailored for wireless test apps
National Instruments' PXI-8108 embedded controller that has an Intel Core2 Duo T9400 processor, which enables high-performance computing for automated test, measurement and control systems
2007-02-01 EDGE RF subsystem cuts time-to-first call
Freescale's RFX275-30 is a 90nm CMOS transceiver subsystem that promises to accelerates phone manufacturers' integration time via simplified programming.
2006-08-01 EDA&T-Taiwan showcases latest in EDA, test
To update engineers on the latest developments in EDA and test, the 14th Annual EDA & Test Taiwan Conference & Exhibition will gather the world's top vendors on August 17-18 at the Taipei International Convention Center
2005-05-02 Easing RF measurements in cellphones
For effortless RF measurement, master two basic test phases during mobile phone production--module test and final test
2007-09-10 DVB-H composer software generates test transport streams
Startup CellMetric is launching a DVB-H composer application to generate test transport streams at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam
2002-10-16 Dow-Key to market Teravicta RF MEMS switches
Dow-Key Microwave and Teravicta Technologies have formed a marketing and distribution alliance in which Dow-Key Microwave will market Teravicta's RF MEMS switches worldwide
2008-11-20 Digital radio test targets 3G LTE testing
Aeroflex has released the 7100 digital radio test set designed to enable chipset designers, software developers and handset manufacturers to accelerate the pace of development projects to meet the requirements of 3G LTE
2010-02-11 Digital radio test set packs fading simulator
Aeroflex has introduced a one-box test system for cellphone signal fading simulation to speed up real-world testing of mobile handsets for LTE networks ahead of network deployment
2015-09-30 Developing RF generators for medical apps
Designing an RF generator for use in medical applications can prove an exercise in jumping through regulatory hoops. This article should give anyone involved some idea of the key hurdles and some ways to overcome them
2008-04-03 Designing RF with op amps (Part 2
The conclusion of a two-part series addresses the practical circuit examples of RF and intermediate frequency (IF) amplifiers
2008-03-27 Designing RF with op amps (Part 1
Operational amplifiers were not originally thought of as candidates for RF design, but the advent of newer, faster devices has made them an attractive option for some applications
2009-02-02 Design tools simplify RF systems dev't
Analog Devices Inc. has released two free downloadable software tools that can ease RF systems design
2006-01-25 Design libraries allow RF and DSP codesign
The team at Agilent has decided to try to make things a bit easier by creating two new libraries for its ADS EDA software: one for mobile WiMAX and another for 802.11n.
2014-04-03 Dealing with impedances on the test bench
Designers and producers of digital high-speed systems are about to confront the challenge of having to consider high-frequency design aspects.
2009-01-16 De-embedding surface-mount RF devices
This article describes a practical de-embedding process that does not require developing an equivalent circuit model of the input and output feeds to the DUT.
2008-05-01 Consider real-world conditions in WiMAX MIMO test
To fully wring out a design and verify that worst-case results are still within specification, real life must be approximated as closely as possible, allowing for impairments and other channel artifacts that can affect BERs.
2015-04-27 Configurable test systems reduce testing cost
The STS series from NI is a line of configurable test systems geared to lower the costs of semiconductor production test and lab characterisation
2012-05-07 Computing radio link budget for ISM-RF products
Here's a look at a customizable spreadsheet to help designers using Maxim's ISM-RF products estimate the range and link margin they can achieve for a particular radio design
2003-04-21 ChipPAC deploys Teradyne test systems at Malaysia plant
ChipPAC Inc. has purchased multiple Catalyst test systems for wireless device testing from Teradyne Inc
2003-04-29 China's GAPT deploys Teradyne device test system
Global Advanced Packaging Technology Co. Ltd has purchased another test system from Teradyne Inc. - the Catalyst, for a wide range of device testing
2005-10-18 Cascade Microtech's new software simplifies RF measurements
Cascade Microtech released the WinCal 2006 software to address the testing challenges brought on by the increase in the volume of complex, high-speed semiconductors that are designed and tested for use in mobile communications products.
2007-02-12 Calibrator boosts wafer-level RF measurement
Cascade Microtech's WinCal calibration software now includes key features that will provide faster and more accurate wafer-level RF measurement
2007-08-06 Cadence, SMIC team on RF chip design
Cadence and SMIC have collaborated to develop an RF design solution and announced the availability of SMIC RFCMOS 180nm PDK that supports the Cadence RF Design Methodology Kit
2013-04-02 Boost RF harmonic measurements with PXI digitizer
Learn about the measurement challenges involved in measuring low-level harmonics and look into a practical example test set-up
2012-11-26 Boost measurement integrity in RF/microwave systems
Read these hints that address common problems that may exist along RF signal pathways
2012-01-20 Bluetooth low energy vs proprietary RF for HID apps
Here's a comparison of the Bluetooth Low Energy technology with proprietary protocols in the HID market. It looks at interoperability, flexibility, complexity, power, and cost.
2006-09-06 AWR rolls out system-level RF simulation tools
Applied Wave Research has announced its RF Architect system-level simulation tool that provides an RF budget analysis as well as so-called frequency heritage inspection capabilities
2005-07-28 Atmel's smart transceiver chosen for RF link performance
Atmel Corp. announced that its fully-Integrated multi-channel transceiver has been selected for Italy-based electronics supplier Mipot Cormons' two-way radio frequency applications.
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