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What is an RF transceiver?
An RF transceiver is a device that transmits and receives RF signals.
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2005-06-21 Intel unveils all-CMOS WLAN transceiver
Intel Corp. has used its 90nm process technology as the basis for an all-CMOS wireless LAN transceiver designed as a system-in-package (SiP
2007-02-16 Integrate RF signal chains with CMOS
Different technology challenges face handset designers and their suppliers in the race to integrate the RF signal chain
2005-10-21 GSM/GPRS transceiver offers lowest BoM for ULCH market
Silicon Laboratories expanded its Aero GSM/GPRS transceiver family with the release of the Si4209, which requires one of the lowest external component count and smallest board space
2003-12-26 Greek EDA startup offers RF design tool
Helic SA has launched an inductance-modeling tool that the company says will slash development costs for wireless transceiver designs
2007-04-02 GbE transceiver supports extended link distances
Avago Technologies has announced a new, high-performance GbE SFP transceiver for extended link distances
2003-03-14 GaAs still dominant in cellphone RF
Despite the promotion for silicon germanium and CMOS for wireless transceiver ICs, GaAs still dominates among cellphone power amplifiers, according to a new study released by Strategy Analytics
2015-04-21 Freescale delivers transceiver for dual 2.4GHz IoT networks
Unlike many wireless offerings coming out for the Internet of Things (IoT), Freescale's MCR20AVHM does not integrate a microcontroller; it is strictly a radio transceiver
2008-10-07 Free-space optics to replace RF links in orbital apps
Discovery Semiconductor has showcased 10Gbit/s free-space optical links in tests at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico.
2014-03-12 Examining field-programmable RF chip
Here's a look at a chip that comes from the wireless domain and is touted to bring exciting new possibilities.
2002-07-05 Ericsson Bluetooth transceiver operates at RF-rich environment
The PBA 31305 Bluetooth radio transceiver from Ericsson Microelectronics has an inband blocking of up 15dBm and a very high outband blocking across the whole GSM and WLAN frequency bands
2004-02-18 Endwave to supply Nokia with transceiver
Endwave Corp. and Nokia Networks have entered into a supply agreement for Endwave's current and next-generation transceivers.
2007-04-02 Enable front-end integration with multiband transceiver
With advancements in integration and switch design, front-end components can make incremental integration steps; however, with transceivers, a fully optimized multimode architecture can be enabled.
2002-02-01 Effective testing for Bluetooth transceiver ICs
This technical article describes how the RF front-end transceiver can effectively address the respective types of test parameters defined in Bluetooth technology.
2007-02-01 EDGE RF subsystem cuts time-to-first call
Freescale's RFX275-30 is a 90nm CMOS transceiver subsystem that promises to accelerates phone manufacturers' integration time via simplified programming
2013-03-20 Dual-modem AISG transceiver for wireless base stations
NXP's transceivers includes an AISG system solution that integrates an ARM Cortex-M3 processor alongside two AISG modems.
2005-05-16 Digitization of analog, RF circuits
The migration of analog functions to the digital domain reduces cost per channel as the move to 3G progresses.
2006-06-19 Digi-Key to distribute Panasonic RF modules
Panasonic Industrial Co. announced the appointment of Digi-Key as an authorized distributor for its line of RF modules
2004-12-01 Deep-submicron CMOS aids RF design
High-speed serial digital interfaces are being exploited to change the way systems are partitioned.
2004-05-12 Comlent raises new capital for RF IC mass production
Comlent Semiconductor Co. Ltd has raised new capital from Intel Capital and 3i Group plc amounting to $9 million.
2004-07-01 CMOS RF SoC design shoots for 60GHz
The article describes a potential design of an RF SoC that is backward-compatible with a 60GHz WLAN systems
2008-04-01 Cellphones integrate RF to cut costs
Lowering cellphone costs by integrating radio components was a running theme at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference.Broadcom, Infineon and Texas Instruments detailed solutions for pulling more of the RF work into 2.5G digital devices, typically integrated with baseband processors
2005-02-01 Cadence tool aims to tackle parasitics in RF design flow
The new release from Cadence Design Systems Inc. addresses the leading cause of wireless design failures.
2005-07-28 Atmel's smart transceiver chosen for RF link performance
Atmel Corp. announced that its fully-Integrated multi-channel transceiver has been selected for Italy-based electronics supplier Mipot Cormons' two-way radio frequency applications
2007-10-03 Atmel transceiver kits deliver out-of-the-box experience
Dubbed the ATAB542x, also called the Wireless Blackbird, the ATA542x transceiver evaluation kit from Atmel is designed for an immediate out-of-the-box experience
2004-12-03 Atmel transceiver IC with -93dBm sensitivity
Atmel's new 2.4GHz transceiver IC is especially designed for digital cordless telephone apps
2004-06-30 Atmel transceiver IC complies with LIN2.0 standard
Atmel's new standalone transceiver IC complies with the new LIN2.0 standard, and provides an ESD protection of 5kV
2002-12-20 Atmel ships two-way RF communications chipset
The company's UHF RF wireless on/off key transceiver chipset is based on the AT86RF401 Smart RF microtransmitter and its T5744 receiver.
2007-03-06 Atmel rolls out RF chipset for cordless phones
Atmel has announced the availability of a RF chipset combining the ATR2820 SiGe transceiver IC and the ATR7040 high-gain PA, promising the highest integration level for cordless telephone applications in the 5.8GHz frequency band.
2004-09-23 Atmel RF solution eyes 5.8GHz cordless phones
Atmel's new high-performance RF solution is for digital cordless phones operating at the license-free 5.8GHz frequency band
2005-02-08 Antenova integrates antenna, RF components into single module
Antenna specialist Antenova Ltd expects to be sampling within months integrated modules that incorporate its novel antenna technology with the key RF components and some of the transceiver functionality required for a mobile phone or PC modem.
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