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2007-05-01 RFID chip uses UHF bands for longer distances
Starport Systems Inc.'s SF7001 single-chip CMOS reader IC will use UHF bands in a design that can operate from NFC distances to several meters
2005-09-19 RFID chip offers global interoperability, optimized performance
STMicroelectronics introduced a UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) contactless memory chip that complies with the latest Electronic Product Code specifications.
2011-04-08 RFID chip boasts I2C interface, large memory
NXP Semiconductors releases the UCODE I2C chip that has an integrated I2C interface and 3,328bit user memory.
2003-09-04 RFID card reader/writer measures 40-by-30mm
GL Sciences has started shipment of its HM20C-SE-10 non-contact IC card reader/writer that operates on a 125kHz band
2009-07-01 Protection IC tailored for power sourcing equipments
STMicroelectronics has announced the first device providing both 1kV surge protection and clamping voltage compatible with the 100V power sourcing equipment (PSE) controller.
2004-01-28 Philips to work with IBM on RFID
Royal Philips Electronics and IBM Corp. have announced an alliance to jointly pursue the growing market for RFIDs and smart cards.
2004-05-10 Philips RFID chip to support EPCglobal coding
The new Philips UCODE EPC 1.19 chip for pallet and case identification supports the 96-bit EPCglobal coding standardization.
2006-12-15 Passive RFID market trips on 'vicious circle
The market for passive RFID labelsparticularly UHF labelshas not yet posted growth as industry stakeholders had hoped
2004-07-09 Omron RFID R/W compatible with UHF, HF bands
Omron has developed an RFID reader/writer compatible with both UHF (super-high frequency) and HF (13.56MHz) frequency bands
2008-05-15 Omron adds security protocol to RFID reader/writer
Omron, in cooperation with Hitachi, has achieved compatibility between its V750 series UHF RFID reader/writer and Secure RFID Protocol
2008-06-26 NXP leads NFC, contactless IC vendors
NXP Semiconductors is the leading supplier of chips for contactless cards and NFC applications according to a vendor matrix of the sector from ABI Research.
2008-10-22 Low-power UHF RFID readers trim BOM
austriamicrosystems, in partnership with BeeDar Technology, has unveiled the latest BDUR-002 mid-range UHF RFID reader
2008-10-15 Long-range reader complies with UHF RFID Gen 2
austriamicrosystems, in partnership with Thailand's Infinite Electric, releases the Infinite Electric's INR 100 long-range reader.
2008-04-09 Kit develops secure contactless RFID apps
A development kit for contactless, highly secure RFID transactions has been released by Melexis Microelectronic Integrated Systems N.V. and Atmel Corp
2005-08-11 Infineon spins out RFID software operation
Infineon Technologies AG has transferred its RFID software solutions group to a Graz, Austria -- based management buy out dubbed RF-iT Solutions GmbH
2004-05-03 Improving RFID chip security
It is important to incorporate measures against attacks in IC card design and implementation, to protect crucial data from illegal use
2005-09-12 IC tag inlay from Omron complies with EPCglobal specs
Omron announced that it will ship an IC tag inlay that is compliant with Class 1 Generation 2 (C1G2) of EPCglobal specifications, and conforms to the UHF band 902MHz to 928MHz used in the United States
2005-12-28 IC enables 13.56MHz RFID readers
EM Microelectronic introduced the EM4094, an analog front-end IC for 13.56MHz RFID readers. This chip was designed to accommodate a wide range of microcontrollers and multiple communication protocols.
2009-09-11 HF RFID reader IC packs antenna auto-tuning
Austriamicrosystems has launched an HF RFID reader that delivers 1W of output power from a 3.3V supply
2013-07-09 Getting started with NTAG for RFID in electronics
Learn how to get started with RFID in Electronics using the NTAG203F, an NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant IC with 144B user memory and field detection feature.
2011-01-28 Evolving market pushes RFID tech to step up
There is evidence that RFID adoption is entering the next phase of the technology's evolution
2003-09-19 EMM rolls out RFID circuit with small footprint
EM Microelectronic-Marin (EMM) SA has introduced the EM4222 UHF RFID circuit, which is the first UHF IC in a series of products for logistics apps.
2002-04-22 EM Micro RFID chip identifies 30 tags per second
EM Microelectronics-Marin SA's EM4055 CMOS IC for R/W RFID transponders features a data rate of up to 4Kbps and utilizes a fast-mode binary tree search anti-collision principle, enabling the chip to achieve tag identification speeds of up to 30 tags/s.
2006-06-05 EEPROM RFID ICs build long-range asset-tracking circuits
STMicroelectronics' two 2048-bit long-range RFID memory products are compliant with ISO/IEC 15693 and ISO/IEC 18000-3 Mode 1 RFID standards for tracking apps
2009-09-24 Communication protocols on the LRI64 Long Range RFID Memory IC
This application note aims to analyze the different solutions and to describe the advantages of the LRI64 protocols.
2007-10-16 Brazil, too, wants to be IC design hub
There is a budding realization that meeting Brazil's growing demand for ICs by developing them within its own borders could both stem the tide of illegal chips and bolster the country's competitiveness.
2013-06-28 Battery-free temp sensors based on RFID tags
Read about the development of full passive UHF sensor tags that can communicate to over a metre without the need of batteries.
2007-04-17 AVR RFID demo kit suits tracking apps
Atmel has released the ATA2270-EK1125-kHz RFID demo kit, which enables the evaluation and prototyping of the company's portfolio of LF IDICs used in a broad range of RFID applications
2008-09-12 Atmel adds GUI to 125kHz RFID evaluation kit
Atmel Corp. has added a significant enhancement to the ATA2270-EK1 125-kHz RFID demo kit
2006-07-31 Amtech tag gets RFID on the rails
This teardown looks at an RFID tag targeted specifically at the railroad industry, where managing a fleet of rail carsand tying the contents within to a specific locationis a critical task
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