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2007-08-31 RISC MCU rolls with on-chip dot matrix LCD driver
The S1C17701 from Seiko Epson Corp. is a single-chip MCU featuring on-chip flash ROM and a high-resolution dot matrix LCD driver.
2003-05-09 RISC controller targets low-cost networking products
Toshiba Corp.'s T6TC1XB-0001 RISC networking controller is specifically developed for low-cost networking applications.
2005-02-09 Renesas, Arcturus take SuperH RISC to VoIP market
Renesas Technology Corp. is bringing its SuperH RISC processor to voice-over-Internet Protocol market with the help of Arcturus Networks Inc., a developer of telephony reference platforms.
2004-07-13 Renesas expands 32-bit RISC MCU portfolio
Renesas announced the M32192 Group as an addition to its lineup of M32R/ECU series of 32-bit RISC MCUs for automotive driving safety support systems.
1999-10-27 Power management modes in the VR4100 family of 64bit MIPS RISC microprocessors
The VR4101, VR4102, and VR4111 devices, members of the VR4100 family of 64bit MIPS RISC microprocessors, have four power modes: full speed, standby, suspend, and hibernate. Executing a STANDBY, SUSPEND, or HIBERNATE instruction switches from full-speed mode; generating an interrupt or performing reset switches back to full-speed mode.
2013-01-29 Phoenix-RTOS gets ported to eSi-RISC processors
EnSilica and Phoenix Systems' partnership expands the eSi-RISC ecosystem with an embedded RTOS that can use eSi-RISC's hardware MMU with memory protection and security features.
2002-12-12 PathusCeva, ARM to jointly create hybrid RISC/DSP solutions
ParthusCeva Inc. and ARM Ltd have entered an agreement enabling ASIC designers to combine ParthusCeva's DSP cores and ARM CPU cores in multiple-core silicon products.
2003-11-03 Optimizing the RISC/DSP combo for voice over IP
Extensible architectures are a way to combine RISC and DSPs, but a poor implementation can negatively affect cost and execution speed.
2008-07-25 Omniscient C compiler boosts PIC32 RISC performance
HI-TECH Software took the wraps off an "omniscient" ANSI C compiler for 32bit MCU code that it claims boosts real-time response by more than 25 percent as well as nearly doubling code density.
2000-05-11 MPC603e and EC603e RISC microprocessors user's manual
This application note defines the functionality of the PowerPC 603 and PowerPC 603e microprocessors for use by software and hardware developers.
2005-07-21 MIPS to discuss low cost RISC, DSP at ESC-Taiwan
MIPS Technologies Inc.'s media market development manager will discuss "RISC and DSP convergence: Increasing performance at lower costs" at this year's ESC-Taiwan to be held at Taipei's International Conference Center from July 27-28.
2011-02-01 Korea's Dongbu chooses EnSilica RISC processor
Dongbu HiTek chose the eSi-1600 after evaluating it against other established embedded RISC processors, and proving that it had 20 percent lower gate count and was 36 percent faster.
2010-08-25 Interfacing ISP1181 to Hitachi SH7709 RISC processor
The ISP1181 is a USB interface device that complies with Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev 1.1. This application note describes interfacing the ISP181 to the Hitachi SH7709 processor.
2003-05-27 Interfacing ISP1161 to NEC V832 RISC processor
This application note deals with the critical issues in ISP1161 single-chip USB host and interface device controller's embedded design, using the NEC V832 RISC processor as an example.
2003-05-27 Interfacing ISP1161 to Motorola DragonBall EZ RISC processor
This application note deals with the critical issues in ISP1161 single-chip USB host and interface device controller's embedded design, using the Motorola DragonBall-EZ RISC processor as an example.
2003-05-27 Interfacing ISP1161 to Fujitsu SPARClite RISC processor
This application note deals with the critical issues in ISP1161 single-chip USB host and interface device controller's embedded design, using the Fujitsu SPARClite RISC processor as an example.
2005-02-24 Hyperstone expands RISC/DSP based IC portfolio
Hyperstone rolled out U2-16X, its new USB 2.0 flash disk controller, and announced UM-16X, its new combo-controller that integrates USB2.0, MMC4.0 and SD 1.1 interface options.
2002-08-29 Hitachi RISC MPU consumes 200mW
Hitachi Ltd has announced the availability of the SH7705 32-bit SuperH RISC microprocessor that consumes 200mW at 133MHz - half that of the company's previous product.
2005-07-08 High-performance 32bit RISC processor lands RTOS and tools
The Nucleus real-time operating system and a suite of development tools from Accelerated Technology have been tailored for Renesas' SH7780 high-performance, superscalar, 32bit RISC processor.
2002-11-08 High Density PLD Solutions for High Speed RISC/CISC Systems
This application note discusses how to use the ispLSI2000VE to implement a high-speed RISC/CISC system.
2002-05-07 Fujitsu RISC microcontroller is 10X faster
2003-10-31 Fujitsu develops CPU core for 32-bit RISC MCUs
Fujitsu Ltd has expanded its FR family of 32-bit RISC MCUs with the release of the FR80 processor core that is primarily used in digital home appliances.
2013-06-14 FSA rolls out 32bit RISC MCUs with ARM Cortex-M4 core
Fujitsu Semiconductor America's FM4 family of 32bit RISC microcontrollers operate from 3V and 5V power supplies and feature an ultra-wide bus for onboard flash memory.
2011-06-02 EnSilica, Evatronix partner on eSi-RISC processor dev't
The deal will help EnSilica produce eSi-RISC processor subsystems with integrated peripherals while enabling Evatronix to expand its USB IP subsystem line to include RISC processor combinations.
2003-05-02 EM Microelectronics RISC MCU has high-current I/Os
EM Microelectronic-Marin SA's EM6635 RISC MCU features nine high-current I/Os capable of driving stepper motors.
2004-08-31 EM Micro RISC MCU provides 4KB ROM
EM Micro introduced a low-power RISC microcontroller that features four high-current I/Os and the equivalent of 4KB ROM, and operates on a 32kHz crystal.
2002-03-01 Driving a 32-bit RISC in an FPGA
This technical article describes an optimized 32-bit RISC processor capable of running up to at least 75MHz and occupies less than 40 percent of area in an FPGA.
2005-12-16 Building RISC cores with DSP enhancements
Merging DSP onto the main processor creates efficient system architecture with smaller area and lower power.
2011-06-08 BlackBerry unit licenses Cortus 32bit RISC core
Certicom has licensed Cortus' APS3 32bit RISC, a compact 32bit processor designed for low transistor count and offering 32bit performance on a silicon footprint that is the same as an 8bit 8051.
2004-11-24 Benchmarking the MAXQ instruction-set architecture vs. RISC competitors
This app note compares the MAXQ instruction set with competing microcontrollers, including the PIC16CXXX (mid-range devices), AVR, and MSP430.
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