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What is ROM?
Read-only memory (ROM) is a class of storage media used in computers and other electronic devices. Data stored in ROM cannot be modified (at least not quickly/easily), and it is therefore mainly used to distribute firmware.
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2002-07-03 Oak unveils integrated three-chip set for DVD-R drives
Oak Technology Inc. has rolled out what it claims to be the industry's first integrated three-chip set for recordable DVD drives.
2014-01-22 NXP releases LPC11U6x USB microcontrollers
The LPC11U6x USB microcontrollers from NXP Semiconductors builds on the company's LPC11Uxx portfolio with a range of enhanced features, including a more energy-efficient ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, more flash and SRAM, more serial communications, a new 2-Msps ADC, and more versatile timers.
2004-06-16 Migrating from TMS320C6211B/C6711/C6711B/C6711C to TMS320C6711D
This app note describes issues of interest related to migration from the Texas Instruments TMS320C6211B/C6711/C6711B GFN package and TMS320C6711C GDP package to the TMS320C6711D digital signal processor (DSP) GDP package.
2004-06-16 Migrating from TMS320C6211B/C6711/C6711B and C6713 to TMS320C6713B
This app note describes issues of interest related to migration from the Texas Instruments TMS320C6211B/C6711/C6711B GFN package and TMS320C6713 GDP package to the TMS320C6713B digital signal processor (DSP) GDP package.
2004-05-03 Micros benefit from ASIC heritage
The newest generation of ASICs more often than not arises from the 32bit microcontrollers. They're not all that different anymore.
2002-03-07 Microchip serial EEPROMs support VESA E-EDID 1.3
Claimed to be the first serial EEPROMs to support the VESA E-EDID 1.3 standard for PC monitors, projectors, and flat panel displays, the 24LC22A and 24LCS22A implement the DDC1 and DDC2 operating modes, including DDC1 recovery.
2002-06-26 Microchip microcontroller has 5-channel ADC
Microchip Technology has debuted its PIC16F72 Flash microcontroller that features a 5-channel, 8-bit ADC and is targeted for small memory applications requiring analog functionality with serial communication and digital I/O requirements such as automotive body controls, automotive cabin controls, electric tools, battery chargers and consumer appliances.
2002-07-30 MediaTek licenses ARM cores
MediaTek Inc. has licensed ARM's ARM7TDMI microprocessor core for its latest products.
2014-12-18 Measuring RTOS performance
There are three areas of interest if you are looking at the performance and usage characteristics of an RTOS. This article tackles these areas in detail.
2002-11-18 Measuring Bugs
article discusses how fixing bugs in the early stages of program development allow designers to avert potential future problems associated with extensive testing.
2007-06-28 Macronix struggles in the face of hostile takeover
A boardroom showdown will finally decide on the fate of Macronix International against Powerchip Semiconductor, which has snapped up enough shares in Macronix to make a bid for a handful of board seats.
2000-06-07 Logic Powered Serial EEPROMs
This application note demonstrates how to achieve a low-power operation using Serial EEPROMs (SEE) for application firmware.
2007-03-07 Linear sensors promise accuracy, flexibility
Allegro has introduced a family of programmable, Hall-effect linear sensors that provide the accuracy and flexibility of fully programmable linears without the larger package and higher cost.
2003-08-04 LG partakes in 3C DVD licensing group
LG Electronics has joined the 3C DVD patent licensing group for DVD ROM and DVD video.
2002-10-28 LG Electronics ships low-noise CD-RW drive
LG Electronics Inc. has introduced the GCE-8481B 48x CD-RW drive that uses the company's reverse-resonance design to minimize noise and thermal emission.
2002-05-29 LG Electronics establishes second optical storage factory
LG Electronics has completed construction of its second optical storage manufacturing facility in Huizhou, China.
2004-08-02 Kilopass signs design service provider to use its memory IP
Kilopass Technology Inc., a start-up company developing embedded memory intellectual property, has signed up a Taiwanese SoC design company called Global UniChip Corp., to make use of its embedded nonvolatile memory called XPM.
2004-09-01 Key bricks in building trusted computing
Trusted computing is set to become a major issue as computers become more vulnerable--in a world becoming more hostile.
2004-12-31 JVC develops BD/DVD disk to ease Blu-ray transition
JVC has developed a Blu-ray/DVD Combo ROM Disc, containing two DVD layers and one BD layer.
2002-08-08 Jazz adopts Artisan's design platform
Jazz Semiconductor has adopted Artisan Components Inc.'s design platform to support its mixed-signal, RF CMOS, and SiGe BiCMOS process technologies.
2002-08-28 ISSI enhances serial EEPROM
ISSI has has added features to its IS93C46A 1Kb Microwire Serial EEPROM including increasing the clock rate up to 2MHz and providing Schmitt-trigger inputs to reduce the noise interference.
2000-05-30 Interfacing the 93XX76 and 93XX86 to a PIC16C5X
This application note is intended to provide the engineer with standalone code modules for accomplishing all of the necessary functions required to utilize the 93XX76 and 93XX86 3-wire serial EEPROM devices in an application.
2000-06-08 Interfacing the 8051 with 2-wire Serial EEPROMs
This application note provides assembly language examples of the 8051 code for the various Serial EEPROMs available from Microchip Technology. These routines are intended to provide the basic operating kernels for storing data to or retrieving data from a Serial EEPROM.
2000-06-08 Interfacing the 24LCXXB Serial EEPROMs to the PIC16C54
This application note is a series of stand-alone programs to perform the basic I?C interface functions on a PIC16C54 running at 4MHz in XT mode.
2000-06-09 Interfacing Motorola 68HC11 to Microchip 8K/16K SPI Serial EEPROM
This application note demonstrates how to interface the Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller to Microchip Technology's SPI Serial EEPROMs. In order to simplify the design process, Microchip has written an assembly code routine to communicate with its SPI parts that is verified and tested to function properly on a 68HC11. The code in this application note is for the Microchip 25XX160 and 25XX080 SPI parts.
2000-06-08 Interfacing Microchip Serial EEPROMs to Motorola 68HC11 Microcontroller
This application note shows how to interface Microchip Technology's family of Serial EEPROMs with Motorola's 68HC11 microcontroller. Microchip has written a 68HC11 assembly code to communicate with its two- and three-wire parts that are verified and tested to function properly. There are 13 programs written for inclusion in this application note.
2000-06-09 Interfacing Microchip PIC16C64/74 to Microchip 8K/16K SPI Serial EEPROM
This application note provides assistance and source code to ease the design process of interfacing a Microchip mid-range PIC16C6X/7X microcontroller and a Microchip 25XX080 or 25XX160 SPI serial EEPROM.
2000-06-09 Interfacing Microchip PIC16C54 to Microchip 8K/16K SPI Serial EEPROM
This application note provides assistance and source code to ease the design process of interfacing a Microchip PIC16C54 microcontroller and a Microchip 25XX080 or 25XX160 SPI serial EEPROM.
2000-09-06 Interfacing Atmel LV/BV EPROMs on a mixed 3V/5V data bus
This application note describes each problem in interfacing Atmel's low-voltage (LV/BV) EPROMs on a mixed 3V/5V data bus, along with recommended solutions and analyzes the associated trade-offs.
2000-08-29 Interfacing AT93CXX serial EEPROMs with AT89CX051 microcontrollers
This application note presents a suite of software routines that may be incorporated into a user's application to allow AT89CX051 microcontrollers to read and write AT93CXX serial EEPROMs.
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