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2001-05-04 Using a TMS320C30 serial port as an asynchronous RS-232 port
This application note describes the hardware and software in using the TMS320C30 DSP serial port as an asynchronous port.
2003-05-26 Understanding Power Requirements in RS-232 Applications
This application note covers the RS-232 circuit functions, an explanation of hardware handshaking between local and remote terminal, and power requirements/dissipation of the DS14C335.
2002-10-28 Transfering files from a UPL Audio Analyzer to an external PC via the RS-232-C interface
This application note presents instructions for transferring files from a UPL Audio Analyzer to an external PC via the RS-232-C interface.
2002-11-08 STMicro RS-232 interface ICs has 250Kbps min data rate
The company's two RS-232 interface ICs feature rugged ESD protection and delivers a minimum data rate of 250Kbps.
2012-01-27 Signal chain basics: Using RS-232-to-RS-485 converters for industrial long-haul comm
Read about the use of RS-232-to-RS-485 converters in industrial data links requiring the transmission of RS-232 data over long distance, or between multiple RS-232 applications.
2006-12-21 RS-232-to-USB connector cuts engineering time
The U232 module from Timewave Technology is an RS-232-to-USB converter that offers a simple but effective way to save some engineering time.
2009-01-27 RS-232 transceivers deliver up to 3Mbit/s data rate
Maxim Integrated Products has released a new family of RS-232 transceivers that deliver high data rates, low-voltage logic-level translation, low 1?A supply current through the AutoShutdown Plus feature and enhanced ESD protection.
2009-09-02 RS-232 transceiver packs fault protection
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX13223E, a 70V fault-protected, dual-channel RS-232 transceiver.
2008-07-23 RS-232 transceiver isolates data, power lines on chip
Analog Devices Inc. is expanding its family of interface products with what it claims to be the industry's first fully isolated single-package surface mount RS-232 transceiver with integrated DC/DC converter to supply isolated power.
2003-05-11 RS-232 Line Driver Power Supply
This application note provides a design for powering RS-232 line drivers.
2000-04-15 RS-232 line driver power supply
This application note describes the LM1578A switching regulator, a device that allows the conversion of a 5V supply to a 12V supply for powering interface line drivers.
2005-09-20 RS-232 devices with system-level IEC 61000-4-2 ESD protection
Texas Instruments introduced new RS-232 devices with system-level IEC 61000-4-2 ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection.
2009-07-09 Replace RS-232 with 802.11n wireless
Know how to replace a wired connection by a wireless one by connecting the device and server with a serial to Wi-Fi bridge.
2013-04-05 One-box test solution boasts GPIB, USB, and RS-232 support
Agilent technologies' E5810B LAN/GPIB/USB gateway comes with an improved GPIB transfer rate of 1.2MB/s, engineers can reduce test time and improve production.
2004-12-02 Migrating from RS-232 to USB bridge specification (USB microcontrollers)
This app note describes how to migrate from a RS-232 to the USB into the firmware using the Atmel USB RS232 virtual com port library.
2005-06-16 Migrating applications to USB from RS-232 UART with minimal impact on PC software
This app note explains some background materials required for a better understanding of the serial emulation over USB method and to describe how to migrate an existing application to USB
2002-11-11 Maxim RS-232 transceivers protected up to 15kV ESD
The MAX3322E/MAX3323E RS-232 transceivers feature enhanced ESD protection on the RS-232 I/O pins, allowing them to withstand up to 15kV.
2002-06-13 Maxim RS-232 transceiver touts a first in 150V isolation
Maxim Integrated Products calls its MAX3250 RS-232 transceiver the first such device to offer 150V isolation.
2005-04-25 Linear Tech's new RS-232 transceivers provide low voltage
Linear Tech rolled out a family of single and dual RS-232 transceivers that operate over an input supply range from 1.8V to 5.5V.
2004-11-23 IrDA and RS-232: A match made in silicon
This app note describes ways to achieve IrDA, a wireless infrared data communications method, and RS-232 interfaces with a single UART.
2007-06-12 Intersil RS-232 transmitter/receivers provide high speed, 15KV ESD protection
The Intersil family of high-speed, 15kV ESD-protected devices (HIN202E - HIN241E) features high speed ISDN-compatible operation and offers a wide variety of RS-232 transmitter/receiver combinations to suit various app.
2002-07-05 Intersil RS-232 transceivers shrink pack size
A family of RS-232 serial port transceivers is available from Intersil Corp. in a 32-pad, 5-by-5-by-0.9mm MLFPP that is less than half the size of the SSOPs that they are designed to replace.
2003-03-03 Intersil RS-232 interface ICs target portable apps
Intersil Corp. has announced the availability of the ISL4260E and ISL83386E LINEARLINK RS-232 interface ICs for use in handheld and portable devices.
1999-12-04 Increasing system ESD tolerance for line drivers and receivers used in RS-232 interfaces
In order to identify the source and type of EOS, a number of DS14C88 and DS14C89A devices were subjected to controlled Electrostatic Discharge - ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) events in the lab using a KeyTek Human Body ESD Simulator. Additional units were tested with PolyClamp ESD protection devices to determine their effectiveness and to demonstrate a possible solution for providing greater system ESD tolerance.
2010-07-14 iCoupler isolation in RS-232 applications
The application note aims to give the user a brief overview of the RS-232 bus physical layer, as well as an understanding of why isolation is so important to the system.
2006-04-07 Exar announces first integrated 8bit UART, RS-232 transceiver
Exar unveiled what it touts as the industry's first 8bit UART and RS-232 transceiver combination device family.
2002-04-29 Bluenext provides Bluetooth connectivity to RS-232 devices
The RS-Blue I Bluetooth serial port module from Bluenext Technology Pte Ltd is a plug-in module that provides Bluetooth connectivity to devices with an RS-232 port.
2002-05-03 ADI expands 2.7V RS-232 transceiver family
Analog Devices Inc. has expanded its line of 2.7V RS-232 transceivers for portable application with the introduction of the ADM3310E and ADM3315E.
2004-12-14 A full-featured wireless interface for RS-232 ci
This app note describes a full-duplex, wireless data communication link targeted for RS-232 applications.
2006-12-12 Transceivers include power-saving function
Sipex has announced four advanced RS-232 transceivers that incorporate the Auto On-line Plus power-saving function.
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