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2010-06-10 Undershoot effect in RTC circuit of 0.25? nvSRAM
This application note describes the undershoot effect in the RTC circuit of the 256K and 1M nvSRAM in 0.25? technology. The part numbers affected are CY14B256K/STK17T88 and CY14B101K/STK17TA8.
2003-03-06 STMicro RTC/supervisor IC features own crystal
The company's new version of its M41ST85 serial RTC and supervisor chip packs a 32kHz crystal into an 18.4-by-10.42-by-2.4mm SOX28 package.
2002-12-10 STMicro expands serial RTC IC family
STMicroelectronics has expanded its family of serial RTC ICs with the addition of two new devices that are designed for use in white goods, handheld equipment, POS terminals, A/V equipment, and other consumer items.
2011-07-29 ST launches smallest RTC IC
STMicroelectronics has rolled out a combined crystal and real-time clock IC that is touted as the world's smallest at 3.2 x 1.5mm.
2002-09-05 Seiko Epson ships smallest RTC module
Seiko Epson Corp. has introduced an RTC module that measures 5-by-3.2-by-1.1mm for use in portable information devices such as mobile telephones and digital still cameras.
2013-09-11 RTC on S12ZVH MCUs
Here's a look at the RTC with the main purpose of keeping accurate timing in easy-to-understand calendar units.
2005-05-12 RTC offers high-precision, consumes low-power
Intersil introduced the ISL1208 Real Time Clock that combines high-precision and low-power consumption for applications that require very accurate clock and calendar functions
2005-06-16 RTC crystal eyes handheld apps
Saelig now offers Euroquartz's new EQ157 series of ultra-miniature crystals that provide a 32.768kHz output for real-time clock applications
2009-10-28 RTC boasts low current drain, wide operating range
Micro Crystal has launched a SMD package real time clock (RTC) that typically draws just 130nA @ 3V.
2006-10-12 Ramtron combines FRAM and RTC in one tiny chip
Ramtron's new FM3130 is billed as a 64Kbit 3V FRAM-enhanced processor companion device that combines the benefits of nonvolatile FRAM with an integrated real-time clock/calendar in one tiny package.
2008-03-17 Processor companion integrates FRAM with RTC
Ramtron International has launched the FM3135, a processor companion product that combines the benefits of non-volatile FRAM with an enhanced RTC and integrated 32kHz watch crystal.
2004-06-17 PC87591x RTC on-chip oscillator circuit design and layout guidelines
The app note describes the design and calibration of the oscillator circuit and the placement of the backup lithium battery.
2007-04-12 Oki RTC chip draws only 0.15?A
Oki Electric Industry has announced a current real-time clock that's said to have the world's lowest current consumption at 0.15?A.
2005-07-14 NVSRAM modules include RTC
Dallas Semiconductor released what it claims as the world's first and only single-piece, surface mountable nonvolatile SRAM modules with an integrated real-time clock (RTC).
2005-07-13 New RTC from Intersil combines high-precision, low power
Intersil unveiled a new real-time clock that combines high-precision and low power for applications that require very accurate clock and calendar functions with Event Detect
2015-11-03 Micro Crystal debuts low-power, cost-effective RTC module
The RV-8803-C7, which supports 240nA current consumption and operation down to 1.5V, can replace expensive batteries and super caps with low cost MLCC capacitors for battery backup operation.
2007-08-13 Low-power RTC with binary counter cuts component count
Maxim Integrated Products has unveiled the DS1372 real-time clock (RTC) with a binary counter and unique 64bit serial number for digital data applications.
2009-03-18 ISL12022 RTC accuracy optimization calibration procedure
This application note describes a simple trimming procedure, which optimizes the accuracy of an ISL12022 RTC and presents data for a variety of crystals with calibrated vs. uncalibrated.
2003-10-03 Interfacing an SPI-Interface RTC with a PIC Microcontroller
This application note shows how to connect a DS1305 to a PIC16F628 microcontroller.
2002-05-07 Intel ICH family RTC accuracy and considerations under test conditions
This application note discusses considerations to guarantee the accuracy of ICHn RTC circuit for each specific board design and RTC circuit layout when using Intel chipsets utilizing an Intel ICH family component.
2012-11-12 Implement designs with accurate I2C RTC
Here's an overview of the operational characteristics of accurate I2C real-time clocks, including the DS3231, DS3231M, and DS3232.
2001-08-24 ICH/ICH2/ICH2M real-time clock (RTC) accuracy under environmental stress
This application note describes I/O controller hub (ICH) real-time clock (RTC) signal quality analysis under environmental stress.
2009-08-11 i.MX25 real time clock (RTC)
This application note describes how to initialize and maintain the real time clock (RTC) on the i.MX25.
2003-04-02 Dallas ships integrated RTC chip in 10-pin ?SOP
The company's DS1374 2-wire serial real-time clock features a 32-bit binary counter with a watchdog, period alarm, and programmable square-wave output.
2003-04-23 Dallas RTC eliminates crystal
The DS1375 digital-input real-time clock from Dallas Semiconductor is a low-power clock/calendar that does not require a crystal.
2000-08-31 AVR134: Real-time clock (RTC) using the asynchronous timer
This application note describes how to implement a real-time clock (RTC) on AVR microcontrollers that features the RTC module.
2003-04-04 AVR134: Real Time Clock (RTC) using the Asynchronous Timer
This application note describes how to implement a Real Time Clock (RTC) on AVR microcontrollers that feature the RTC module.
2011-06-14 71M653X: RTC compensation
Know the methods to create an accurate real time clock (RTC) using the 653X-family Teridian energy meter ICs.
2002-02-08 Xicor's real-time clock chips support two-wire interface
Two real-time clock (RTC) chips from Xicor Inc. contain 32K-by-8 bits of EEPROM that can be used for byte-addressable, nonvolatile storage.
2003-05-12 Xicor Real Time Clock Family Users Guide
This document lists down ways to integrate the real time clock function with microprocessor supervisory functions and nonvolatile memory.
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