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2002-12-20 Using the DS1672 Low-Voltage Serial Timekeeping IC
This application note describes the DS1672 Low-Voltage Serial Timekeeping IC and its uses as a real-time clock.
2002-07-01 Universal controller ties fate to emulation
SoC design service providers are tapping the flexibility of emulation techniques to enhance chip verification and test.
2000-09-07 Timekeeping with the Z8 MCU
This application note describes several software-based methods of timekeeping by using Zilog's Z8 MCUs, with complete code listings.
2004-07-05 STMicro RTCs suit camcorders, electronic door locks
STMicro announced three new Serial Real-Time Clocks for use in a broad range of apps from camcorders to electronic door locks.
2007-03-07 ST intros factory-calibrated serial real-time clocks
STMicroelectronics announced its serial RTC chips with factory calibration, enabling manufacturers using the parts to simplify assembly and test operations by omitting the time-consuming calibration step.
2013-08-14 Selecting low-power MCUs by the numbers
Learn how to evaluate an MCU's low-power operation by considering current consumption, state retention, wake-up time, and other power usage.
2009-07-22 Real-time clocks save up to 73% board space
Intersil Corp. has released three tiny, razor-thin real-time clock (RTC) products that are intended for low-voltage and portable applications.
2006-09-14 Real-time clocks offer accuracy, low power dissipation
With on-chip timing and crystal compensation, Intersil's new real-time clocks promise accurate timekeeping with very low power dissipation.
2007-02-28 Real-time clocks enhance security, reduce BOM
Intersil has introduced the ISL12024 and ISL12025 micropower real-time clock/calendar devices that feature an integrated factory-set 64bit unique ID that is read-only and tamper-proof for increased security and reduced footprint and BOM cost.
2007-03-29 Real-time clock module enables effective DRM
Epson Toyocom has announced plans to launch volume production of a new, ultracompact real-time clock module with a built-in ID-ROM for effective digital rights management (DRM).
2006-12-05 Real-time clock has EEPROM, embedded crystal
STMicroelectronics has introduced a high-accuracy Serial Real-Time Clock (RTC) that adds EEPROM and an embedded crystal in a single, space-saving 18-pin SOIC.
2008-06-16 Real-time clock extends standby time of handhelds
NXP Semiconductors claims the industry's best low-power performance real-time clock chips with SPI bus interface, the PCF2123.
2003-05-12 Real Time Clock X12xx Features & Applications
This application note lists the features and applications of the X12xx real time clock.
2001-06-08 Real time clock X12xx features & application
This application note discusses the features and applications of Xicor's X12xx real time clock (RTC) devices.
2001-06-11 Programmable on-chip oscillator compensation
This application note discusses the on-chip oscillator compensation of Xicor's X1226/27/28 real time clock devices.
2003-12-20 Interfacing 3-wire Real Time Clocks with a Microcontroller
This application note is intended to help users understand the basis of the 3-wire interface
2003-07-16 Intel PXA800F for today's cellphones
The PXA800F cellular processor is Intel's solution for today's GSM/GPRS mobile phones. This processor features Intel XScale microarchitecture and Micro Signal Architecture (MSA).
2005-04-28 IC supplants quartz-based solutions
The new RTC from Dallas Semi has been integrated with several functions that enable it to offer better than 2 minutes per year accuracy over a wide operating-temperature range
2004-09-21 Dallas Semi RTCs include 32.768kHz crystal
Dallas Semi unveiled four serial real-time clocks that include a 32.768kHz crystal in a 16-pin SO package.
2005-11-25 Clocks retain accuracy
Seiko Instruments' real time clocks feature a quiescent current of 0.25?A, minimum time keeping voltage operation of 1.1V and a wide operating range.
2008-01-21 Processor companion family gets a boost
Ramtron International Corp. has beefed up its FM31x processor companion family to include a more efficient trickle charger and a real-time clock (RTC) that requires a standard 12.5pF external watch crystal.
2005-10-26 New surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor from Vishay
Vishay announced a 1W/10W surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor that is touted to be the industry's smallest such device to combine a low 15 to 100 milliohm resistance value range, a tight tolerance of 1 percent and low RTC values down to 75ppm/C.
2011-02-25 Micrel LDOs target handheld instruments
Micrel Inc.'s MIC5373/83/74/84 series of LDOs feature three 200mA LDOs, an optional fourth LDO output for a real time clock (RTC), integrated power on reset, user-defined voltage monitoring capabilities, adjustable POR delay time and manual reset.
2004-12-17 Linear regulators offer 25?A quiescent supply
Maxim developed small, high-input-voltage linear regulators that supply always-on, keep-alive power to CMOS RAM, RTC, and MCUs in systems with high-voltage batteries.
2008-02-26 Intersil claims 'most' accurate real-time clocks
Intersil intros the world's first full-featured, AC-driven real time clock (RTC) devices, the ISL12030 and ISL12032, that have the broadest feature set of any RTCs in the market.
2003-12-20 Integrating the DS1680 touschscreen controller within a USB device
This application note demonstrates how to use the DS1680 in a USB system to communicate the X-Y coordinates of the touchscreen and RTC information to the USB host.
2002-11-26 Integrating the DS1680 touchscreen controller within a USB device
This application note demonstrates how to use the DS1680 touchscreen controller in a USB system to communicate the x-y coordinates of the touchscreen and RTC information to the USB host.
2003-06-19 Implementing a real-time clock
This application note provides an example of how to add real-time clock (RTC) features to the C8051F00x and C8051F01x devices.
2002-02-08 Dallas SRAM clock-chip occupies no memory space
The DS1252W is a 2Mword-by-8 bit nonvolatile SRAM fitted with a "phantom" RTC chip that occupies no memory space and is suited for systems that access the RTC only on power up or rarely during system operation.
2012-04-23 Add accurate timekeeping to MCU system
Find out how to add RTC functionality to a MAXQ610-based application.
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