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2010-06-08 Saxony, Abu Dhabi ink microelectronics R&D MOU
The German state of Saxony and Abu Dhabi's Executive Affairs Authority have signed an MOU to set up opportunities to share and exchange knowledge in microelectronics
2002-01-11 Sanyo Electric to conduct semiconductor R&D in Shenzhen
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd has revealed plans to set up a semiconductor R&D center in Shenzhen, China.
2003-02-10 Samsung, KSU partner on LCD technology R&D
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Kent State University have agreed to jointly pursue R&D efforts in the field of basic LCD technology over a 10-year period.
2008-01-25 Samsung, Hynix partner on next-gen memory R&D
South Korea's Samsung and Hynix are jointly investing about $9.4 million in state-supported R&D program to acquire the necessary technologies to make next-generation memory chips.
2003-07-04 Samsung to build R&D centers in Suzhou, Hangzhou
Samsung China Inc. has obtained an approval from the Chinese government to open R&D centers in the areas of Suzhou and Hangzhou.
2005-11-10 Samsung announces five-year R&D investment plan
Samsung announced an ambitious $44.9 billion investment plan aimed at vastly expanding the R&D capabilities of Samsung affiliates in the areas of electronics, mechanics, and chemicals
2007-10-08 Rumor: ST to close French R&D center
While NXP has expressed plans to reinforce its local R&D activities in wireless technologies in Sophia-Antipolis, rumors are circulating that STMicroelectronics will close down its center.
2008-04-25 RIM sets up BlackBerry R&D center in Germany
RIM is set to build its first research facility outside of Canada in Bochum, in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany.
2003-09-02 Ricoh DVD+R media records 4.7GB in <8 min
Ricoh Co. Ltd has developed an 8x speed DVD+R media that allows 4.7GB of data to be burned in <8 minutes.
2007-04-26 RFMD Shanghai facility to include R&D
RF Micro Devices Inc. announced the addition of an R&D center in its Shanghai facility located in Zhanjiang High-Tech Park.
2004-11-22 RFID developer OATSystems forms Indian R&D center
RFID software developer OATSystems Inc. has opened a center here to serve as its global RFID research and development hub.
2003-06-19 Report sheds light on China's evolving R&D centers
Foreign computer makers based in China are paving the way for a raft of electronics companies.
2014-06-19 Realtek commences R&D operations in Singapore
The R&D centre provides R&D support for the development of advanced network processors and smart solutions for home and wearable devices.
2002-02-05 Ramtron FRAM offers 20MHz R/W speed
Claimed to be able to read and write continuously at 20MHz, the FM25CL64 SPI FRAM can outperform similar EEPROMS that require 10MHz and 10ms delays to read and write.
2009-03-11 R3Logic to advance 3D design flow R&D
R3Logic announced that it has created a new R&D center in Grenoble, France to develop and enhance its design tools for 3D heterogeneous system and system-in-package design.
2005-02-14 R/D converter targets low cost industrial apps
DDC announced the low-cost RD-19240LS resolver-to-digital converter which, with its 8 arc minutes plus 1LSB accuracy, is suitable for low cost, medium accuracy, industrial apps.
2004-06-07 R-NIC backers set up compliance lab
Backers of the R-NIC approach to enhanced Ethernet are forming a compliance and interoperability testing laboratory.
2009-01-06 R-C protection devices target 3G handsets
Semtech Corp.'s EClamp237xK family of resistor-capacitor (R-C) protection devices tout low capacitance, high attenuation and low clamping voltage needed for high-resolution color LCD interfaces in GSM and CDMA-based 3G handsets.
2007-07-13 R-C filters protect LCD interfaces in 3G handsets
Semtech's new family of R-C filters have the low capacitance, high attenuation and low clamping voltage needed for high-frequency color LCD interfaces in 3G handsets.
2013-10-28 R&S' LTE-Avanced options widen radio communications test
With the installed options, users of the CMW500 can verify whether the receiver correctly acquires the LTE-Advanced signal from the two component carriers
2012-11-26 R&S video testers support tests on analogue audio/video interface
In addition to HDMI and MHL testing, analogue analyser module is geared for the R&S VTC video test centre, the R&S VTE video tester and the R&S VTS compact video tester.
2014-07-10 R&S to drop HAMEG product name
HAMEG-made instruments had been carrying both company names but now that R&S established itself as a major player in the oscilloscope market, the company decided to cease the HAMEG name.
2014-04-30 R&S tanks up network analyser with 24 test ports
The R&S ZNBT allows characterisation with multiple test ports in the 9kHz to 8.5GHz frequency range. It can determine all 576 S-parameters of a 24-port DUT, and carry out multi-port measurements faster than switch matrix-based multi-port systems.
2011-01-10 R&S signal generator now with electronic step attenuator
R&S SMB100A expands range up to 12.75GHz for blocking tests. R&S SMB B112 option enables the R&S SMB100A with a wear-free electronic step attenuator.
2013-02-28 R&S RTO, R&S RTM oscilloscopes tweaked for power supplies
Rohde & Schwarz offers high end voltage and current probes as well as the new R&S RT-ZF20 deskew fixture, making it easy to measure delay differences.
2013-05-27 R&S RTO upgraded with jitter analysis on clock, data signals
Rohde & Schwarz recently upgraded the R&S RTO to feature a low-noise frontend, high dynamic range ADC, high acquisition and analysis rate and a digital trigger system with extremely low trigger jitter.
2013-05-02 R&S RTM series boasts enhanced ease of use features
The R&S' new oscilloscope also boasts increased user friendly functions, such as colour-coded controls, logically grouped menus with flat structures and dedicated keys for frequently used functions.
2014-01-17 R&S ramps up bandwidth of FSW spectrum analysers
The FSW-B500 hardware from Rohde & Schwarz boosts the bandwidth of FSW signal and spectrum analysers to 500MHz, up from its previous limit of 320MHz.
2012-12-21 R&S probes target high bandwidth, high voltage apps
Rohde & Schwarz unveils the R&S RT-ZS60 active ground-referenced voltage probe and the R&S RT-ZD01 active differential high-voltage probe touting ranges up to 6GHz.
2015-03-12 R&S improves vector signal generator with three new options
Rohde & Schwarz now offers three new options to its R&S SMW200A high-end vector signal generator to support development applications requiring complex multi-channel scenarios up to 40GHz.
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