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2002-02-08 Xicor's real-time clock chips support two-wire interface
Two real-time clock (RTC) chips from Xicor Inc. contain 32K-by-8 bits of EEPROM that can be used for byte-addressable, nonvolatile storage.
2001-06-08 Xicor X1243 real time clock oscillator requirements
This application note details the oscillator requirements for Xicor's X1243 real time clock.
2003-05-12 Xicor Real Time Clock Family Users Guide
This document lists down ways to integrate the real time clock function with microprocessor supervisory functions and nonvolatile memory.
2014-06-16 Writing bulletproof real-time clock control code
Accurate timekeeping and clock alarm operations can become a more manageable task with the use of proper device initialisation and code sequencing
2011-09-21 Understanding IRTC clock compensation mechanism
Read about the results of a study done to evaluate the compensation mechanism present in the MCF51EM256 Independent Real Time Clock module to achieve an accurate clock signal.
2007-03-07 ST intros factory-calibrated serial real-time clocks
STMicroelectronics announced its serial RTC chips with factory calibration, enabling manufacturers using the parts to simplify assembly and test operations by omitting the time-consuming calibration step.
2009-07-22 Real-time clocks save up to 73% board space
Intersil Corp. has released three tiny, razor-thin real-time clock (RTC) products that are intended for low-voltage and portable applications.
2006-09-14 Real-time clocks offer accuracy, low power dissipation
With on-chip timing and crystal compensation, Intersil's new real-time clocks promise accurate timekeeping with very low power dissipation
2011-05-24 Real-time clocks of 71M65XX metering ICs
Know the features and peculiarities of the Teridian electricity meter ICs with respect to their real-time-clocks
2008-03-13 Real-time clocks keep accuracy through temperature swings
Epson Toyocom has announced the commercial development of a pair of real-time clock modules that maintain high accuracy in environments subject to large temperature swings.
2007-05-11 Real-time clocks feature nonvolatile FRAM
Dallas Semiconductor adds nonvolatile FRAM to its real-time clock product line with the DS32B35 and DS32C35, said to be the industry's most accurate RTCs.
2007-02-28 Real-time clocks enhance security, reduce BOM
Intersil has introduced the ISL12024 and ISL12025 micropower real-time clock/calendar devices that feature an integrated factory-set 64bit unique ID that is read-only and tamper-proof for increased security and reduced footprint and BOM cost.
2008-04-04 Real-time clock module touts ultralow current use
Epson Toyocom Corp. has developed the RX-8571 series real-time clock module, which the company says has the world's lowest current consumption.
2007-03-29 Real-time clock module enables effective DRM
Epson Toyocom has announced plans to launch volume production of a new, ultracompact real-time clock module with a built-in ID-ROM for effective digital rights management (DRM).
2006-05-03 Real-time clock integrates EEPROM
Intersil Corp. introduced a new family of real-time clocks that integrate 4Kbits of EEPROM and CPU supervisory functions
2006-12-05 Real-time clock has EEPROM, embedded crystal
STMicroelectronics has introduced a high-accuracy Serial Real-Time Clock (RTC) that adds EEPROM and an embedded crystal in a single, space-saving 18-pin SOIC.
2010-11-09 Real-time clock features temperature compensation, tamper detection
IDT offers real-time clocks suitable for temperature-sensitive and tamper detection applications
2008-06-16 Real-time clock extends standby time of handhelds
NXP Semiconductors claims the industry's best low-power performance real-time clock chips with SPI bus interface, the PCF2123.
2003-05-12 Real Time Clock X12xx Features & Applications
This application note lists the features and applications of the X12xx real time clock.
2001-06-08 Real time clock X12xx features & application
This application note discusses the features and applications of Xicor's X12xx real time clock (RTC) devices.
2001-10-02 Real time clock with ST7 TIMER output compare
This application note presents how to use the ST7 MCU timer output compare function by illustrating a real-time clock generator application.
2008-12-12 Quartz MEMS usher smallest real-time clock
Epson Toyocom is claiming the smallest real-time clock chip fashioned by combining a quartz MEMS resonator with an ASIC. The chip was wire-bonded in the same 3.4mm x 1.7mm x 1mm package.
2000-06-02 Low-Power Real-Time Clock
This application note implements a low-power, real-time clock using the Timer1 module of the PIC16CXX family of processors.
2005-02-16 IRIG-B clock time-stamps digital delay generator data
Interface Technology is now announcing immediate availability of its IRIG-B Real Time Clock option for the DDG200 and DDG400.
2008-02-26 Intersil claims 'most' accurate real-time clocks
Intersil intros the world's first full-featured, AC-driven real time clock (RTC) devices, the ISL12030 and ISL12032, that have the broadest feature set of any RTCs in the market.
2001-04-11 Interfacing SPI real-time clocks with a microcontroller
This application note is intended to help customers understand the basics of the serial peripheral interface (SPI).
2003-12-20 Interfacing 3-wire Real Time Clocks with a Microcontroller
This application note is intended to help users understand the basis of the 3-wire interface
2001-04-10 Interfacing 3-wire real time clocks with a microcontroller
This application note is intended to help customers understand the basics of the 3-wire interface.
2003-06-19 Implementing a real-time clock
This application note provides an example of how to add real-time clock (RTC) features to the C8051F00x and C8051F01x devices.
2001-08-24 ICH/ICH2/ICH2M real-time clock (RTC) accuracy under environmental stress
This application note describes I/O controller hub (ICH) real-time clock (RTC) signal quality analysis under environmental stress.
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