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2008-12-05 XMOS relays new package choice for G4 line
The folks at XMOS, the creators of what they refer to as "Software Defined Silicon", have released a new package option for their G4 programmable device, the first member of the XS1-G4 family.
2004-12-03 Xiamen Hongfa power relays rated at 10A
Xiamen Hongfa announced the availability of its new single-pole subminiature power relays that feature switching capabilities up to 10A.
2003-01-03 Wanjia power relays withstands 80A of inrush current
The WJ119 series of power relays can withstand an inrush current of up to 80A and is designed for use in air conditioning units, magnetron control in microwave ovens, fax machines, and motor and heater control.
2003-03-19 Wanjia power relays fit industrial machines
The WJ178 series of power relays from Wenzhou Wanjia Electric Equipment Co. Ltd have a maximum switching power of 1.12kW.
2015-09-17 Vishay unveils 1 Form A single-channel relays
The devices boast high input-to-output isolation, current limit protection and low power use, and serve as replacements for traditional mechanical relays with lower reliability and shorter lifetimes.
2005-06-17 USB box controls, monitors relays
As a follow-on to its recently introduced digital I/O module, Measurement Computing announces its $299 USB-SSR24, a USB device for monitoring and controlling solid-state relays.
2002-12-23 Tianbo relays have 20G shock resistance
The TRKP series of electromechanical relays from Ningbo Tianbo Ganglian Electronics Co. Ltd has a maximum switching current and voltage of 30A and 30Vdc.
2002-10-29 Tianbo miniature relays last >5 million operations
The TRJV series of PCB-mountable relays features a mechanical and electrical lifespan of >5 million operations and >100,000 operations, respectively.
2002-09-10 Tianbo electromechanical relays offer 8A switching current
The TRA3 series of electromechanical relays from Ningbo Tianbo Ganglian Electronics Co. Ltd has a maximum switching current of 8A and comes with 2A or 2C contact configuration.
2001-06-15 Thyristors used as ac switches and relays
This application note describes circuits in which thyristors (SCRs and triacs) are used to perform simple switching functions of a general type that might also be performed non-statically or various mechanical and electromechanical switches.
2005-02-22 Tai-Shing automotive relays rated at 80A
Tai-Shing Electronic Components released its TR93 and TR94 automotive relays that are available in 1-Form-A, 1-Form-C or 1-Form-D configurations.
2004-12-14 Solid-state relays withstand 250A surge
Hongfa Electroacoustic announced the availability of its new solid-state relays that feature a dielectric strength of 4kVac.
2006-11-28 Solid-state relays promise highest insulation
Avago has unveiled three families of solid-state relays that promise the industry's highest insulation voltage in a miniature SO-4 package.
2008-05-16 Solid-state relays minimize current, noise surges
Optek Technology's OSSR series of solid-state relays incorporate a zero crossing circuit that minimizes current and noise surges due to resistive and inductive loads.
2006-10-20 Solid-state relays include LED indicators
The new line of solid-state relays from Opto 22 includes LED input status indicators that indicate when a control signal is applied.
2001-09-13 Solid state relays versus electromechanical relays
This application note provides a comparison between solid-state relays and electromechanical relays.
2007-06-01 Solid state relays deliver high throughput
With input drive as low as 2mA and fast switching speeds of less than 0.5ms, Avago's ASSR-301C/302C and ASSR-401C/402C solid state relays suit sensing and multiplexing applications.
2006-08-31 SIP relays save board space in ATE apps
Coto Technology has developed the miniature 9117 series of vertical SIP reed relays to save board space in automatic test equipment (ATE) applications.
2002-05-13 Simple setup allows users to maximize communications with relays
This application note illustrates the procedures in setting-up Basler's numerical multifunction relays.
2002-11-05 Sanyou power relays withstand 5kV
The SJ series of miniature power relays measure 18.2-by-10-by-14.7mm, weigh 9g, and exhibits a withstand voltage of 5kV.
2003-04-25 Sanyou miniature reed relays have 9.5mm profile
The SRA series of miniature reed relays from Dongguan Sanyou Electrical Appliances Co. Ltd offers a maximum profile of 9.5mm.
2003-01-17 Sail relays rated at 20 million operations
The RZ2H/2S relays of Hangzhou Sail Electronic Co. Ltd have a rated mechanical lifespan of 20 million operations.
2005-04-11 Relays protect utility equipment
The new series of lock-out relays from Electroswitch provide reliable protection of critical utility equipment.
2005-06-20 Relays prevent system damage
The new range of monitoring relays from Omron provide assured and accurate current, voltage and liquid level monitoring to provide early warning of system failures, helping to maximize up-time and prevent damage
2014-05-20 Reed relays vs other relay technologies
In this article, we provide a comparison between various relay technologies such as reed relays, electro mechanical relays, solid state relays and MEMS switches.
2010-01-20 Reed relays carries switches up to 1000V
From Meder comes the miniature SIL HV series of high-voltage and high-current reed relays that can switch up to 1000V and carry up to 5A, in an epoxy sealed, single-in-line package.
2003-11-13 Rayex relays have 10A switching current
The LR2C-12 automatic 1PDM 2 x 10A PCB power relays from Rayex Electronics features a coil voltage of 6V to 24V, and contact switching current of 10A.
2007-10-22 Power relays work in hybrid vehicles, fuel cells
From Omron Electronic Components comes the G9E series of DC power relays that switch up to 200A at 400Vdc, designed for use in hybrid vehicles, fuel cells, wind and solar power generation, battery-run golf carts and forklifts, and industrial equipment.
2007-04-13 Power relays with quick-connect terminals cool PCBs
Omron's new power PCB relays use quick-connect terminals that allow the load current to be directly routed through the relay's contacts, thereby reducing heat generated on the PCB.
2005-11-29 Power relays rated at 20A
The new miniature power relays from Dongguan Sanyou Electrical Appliances are available with 1A, 1B and 1C contact forms, and is rated at 16A, 240Vac, or 20A, 120Vac.
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