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2007-04-16 38D5 group: ADC (exit from stop mode by ADKEY
This application note introduces and shows an example of how to use the ADC (exit from stop mode by ADKEY) on the 38D5 group device
2007-04-16 38D2 group: ADC (10bit A/D mode
This application note introduces and shows an example of how to use the ADC (10bit A/D mode) on the 38D2 group device
2007-09-06 Renesas updates MCU family with on-chip flash memory
Renesas Technology Corp. today announced commercialization of 30 new products in seven groups as part of the R8C/Tiny Series of compact 16bit MCUs with on-chip flash memory
2008-03-20 Renesas updates H8S 16bit MCU series
Renesas Technology America has added two devices to its H8S series of 16bit MCUs: the H8S/2164 and H8S/2153, which are tailored for use in servers and advanced communication equipment
2006-10-24 Renesas unveils car MCU with MONOS embedded flash
Renesas Technology America has unveiled its first MCU built with the company's metal oxide nitride oxide silicon embedded flash technology
2003-08-15 Renesas MCU features 24MHz operating frequency
Renesas Technology has released the H8S/2615F 16-bit microcontroller that features a 24MHz operating frequency and on-chip flash memory
2013-05-20 Renesas joins Imec's ULP wireless systems initiative
Imec and Renesas Electronics will collaborate to develop robust wireless solutions for future electronics
2012-11-14 Renesas expands RX63T MCU line-up
The MCUs boast higher pin counts and larger memory versions and tout functions such as USB 2.0, 10bit DAC and faster ADC with a minimum conversion time of 0.5?s, and increase the number of channels of timers and serial I/Fs
2004-07-13 Renesas expands 32-bit RISC MCU portfolio
Renesas announced the M32192 Group as an addition to its lineup of M32R/ECU series of 32-bit RISC MCUs for automotive driving safety support systems
2004-01-27 Renesas 16-bit MCU consumes low power
Renesas Technology has developed a super low power-consumption 16-bit MCU with on-chip flash memory that incorporates a 16-bit H8/300H CPU core and a delta sigma type ADC.
2005-08-19 New MCU models from Renesas
Renesas Technology announced four SH7261 high-performance MCU models, incorporating the 32bit RISC MCU SuperH family's new SH2A-FPU CPU core, for use in car audio, home audio and similar digital audio products
2008-06-12 MCUs feature faster ADC, higher-precision DAC
Renesas Technology has expanded the H8SX family of 32bit CISC MCU H8SX family with a total of 10 models that feature enhanced analog peripheral functions, including faster ADCs and higher-precision DACs
2013-06-18 Imec, Renesas unleash RF sol'ns in 28nm CMOS tech
The 28nm receiver is a linear software-defined radio operating from 400MHz up to 6GHz and supporting reconfigurable RF channel bandwidths up to 100MHz.
2012-02-27 Imec, Renesas roll 250 MSPS ADC for WiFi, LTE-A
The device is a 1.7mW, high resolution, two-step interleaved pipelined SAR ADC achieving power efficiency of 10fJoule per conversion step
2007-04-16 38D2 group: ADC (exit from stop mode by ADKEY
The following article introduces and shows an example of how to use the ADC (exit from stop mode by ADKEY) on the 38D2 group device
2007-04-16 38D2 group: ADC (ADKEY
The following article introduces and shows an example of how to use the ADC (ADKEY) on the 38D2 group device
2012-02-22 R8C/35C ADC in repeat sweep mode
Know the setting method to perform A/D conversion on analog voltage using the R8C/35C Group ADC in repeat sweep mode
2012-02-21 ADC with software trigger, sequential conversion modes
Learn how to perform analog-to-digital conversion using the RL78/G13 ADC that supports software trigger and sequential conversion modes
2007-04-02 38D2 group: ADC (8bit A/D mode
The following article introduces and shows an example of how to use the ADC (8bit A/D mode) on the 38D2 group device
2015-01-27 MCUs minimise standby power down to 30% at 1MHz operation
In low-power tasks, the RL78/I1D group has an operating current level that Renesas believes is much lower than that of competing products, and it wakes up from the stop-mode state very quickly
2004-10-28 MCU line touts on-chip CAN v2.0B
Renesas added six 16bit M16C/29 group MCUs that provide flash memory, comprehensive peripheral functions, and an interface circuit that supports the CAN version 2.0B standard
2015-06-26 Industrial Ethernet comm IC touts built-in Gigabit PHY
The R-IN32M4-CL2 from Renesas incorporates hardware accelerators supporting RTOS to address the increasing network and factory productivity needs of Industry 4.0.performance
2007-03-15 IC makes its way in CE, automotive apps
The latest applications exhibited at the 2007 showed the progress IC technology has made in major application fields such as consumer and automotive electronics and industrial control.
2013-10-17 High accuracy analogue signal measurement with MCU
Know the various ways to optimise a high precision analogue design for low power consumption.
2005-01-06 Flash MCUs offer extremely low power consumption
Renesas announced the H8/38076RF group, its latest family of low voltage flash microcontrollers
2007-06-05 Expanded MCU family eyes car, home audio apps
Renesas Technology America expanded their M16C family of 16bit MCUs, adding 12 M16C/64 group models and 20 M16C/65 group models for car and home audio, as well as industrial apps
2007-02-05 3823 Group: A/D converter (internal trigger)
This article introduces and shows an example of how to use the A/D converter (internal trigger) on the 3823 group device.
2005-04-01 32bit MCUs run at 64MHz
Offering twice the speed of its M32C/80 MCUs, four new M32C/95 MCUs from Renesas Technology America have up to 768KB of flash and a 3-channel CAN interface among other on-chip peripherals
2015-04-29 Microchip regains top spot in 8bit MCU revenue ranking
In the 16bit MCU market, Microchip was the fastest-growing supplier among the top 10 in 2014, growing at greater than 2X the rate of any of the other top 10 companies, according to Gartner.
2010-02-16 Trio develops 40nm reconfigurable RF transceiver
IMEC and its research partners Renesas Technology Corp. and M4S presented a complete transceiver with RF, baseband and data converter circuits in 40nm low-power CMOS
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