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2005-10-17 Intel spies opportunities for China growth
A $200 million investment seeks to pursue technological advancement and opportunitiesnot just in Asia, but worldwide
2010-11-15 Intel gears up to enter the embedded sphere
Intel Corp. is developing "smart sensing opportunities in embedded markets" according to Vida Ilderem, VP of Intel Labs
2004-12-10 Intel bullish on technology direction at analysts' meeting
Sounding anything other than a company that has had its share of missteps in recent months, outgoing Intel chief executive Craig Barrett expressed confidence and even a bit of cockiness at the company's Fall analysts' conference in New York on Tuesday (Dec. 7), predicting Intel's technology strengths would distance the semiconductor giant from its competitors
2006-10-25 Industry warms up to solar energy
Silicon Valley firms have set eyes and interest on solar energy, with Internet giant Google disclosing plans to run its headquarters on solar energy and other firms seeking ways to develop the alternative energy
2010-03-24 Industrial/medical electronics to reach $850B in 2015
Semicast's latest analysis of the world industrial/medical electronics market found that revenues are set to grow to $560 billion in 2010 and $850 billion in 2015
2011-01-20 IMS forecast: PV installations to reach 20.5GW in 2011
IMS Research estimates that new solarPV installations grew by 130 percent to reach 17.5GW in 2010, confirming the firm's earlier prediction back in Q3 10 that newly added global capacity would hit 17GW
2012-04-16 Improve medical electronics by focusing on patient experience
Drug-device combination products illustrate how patients now care more about ease of use, discretion, and design in medical devices
2014-09-05 If Moore's Law hangs back, revert to using old nodes
As the cost of scaling below 28nm multiplies, there has been a corresponding push to create new designs at established nodes using everything from near-threshold computing to back biasing and analogue sensors
2015-02-12 IBM, SoftBank team up to bring 'localised' Watson to Japan
The collaboration aims to bring new apps and services powered by Watson to the region by establishing a broad local ecosystem of partners, entrepreneurs and app developers
2006-09-01 IBM, Freescale reunite for Power
IBM Corp. and Freescale Semiconductor Inc. have renewed ties to develop a converged approach toward the Power processor architecture
2015-03-06 IBM strengthens Watson's platform with AlchemyAPI buy
IBM will integrate AlchemyAPI's deep learning technology into Watson, augmenting Watson's ability to quickly identify hierarchies and understand relationships within large volume data sets
2009-12-16 IBM cloud computing lab boosts Hong Kong IT
The new center serves as a development facility for Web 2.0, cloud mail and collaboration for businesses
2009-05-26 IBM boosts Vietnam IT with new innovation center
Expanding its reach into growing nations, IBM Corp. has opened the first IBM Innovation Center in Vietnam to help local communities build skills and develop new technologies to support demand for digital infrastructure projects in banking, telecommunications, energy and government industries
2012-05-24 Hybrid chips gain ground
IMS Research reports that in 2011 processors with two or more types of processor cores accounted for half of the $111 billion processor market
2009-11-18 HP ventures into data centers via 3Com
The combination will transform the networking industry and underscore HP’s next-generation data center strategy
2011-07-01 HP lays down China investment plans
HP's investments in cloud computing, systems R&D and technology infrastructure hopes to expand the company's market presence in China's largest cities and secure HP's commitment in the country
2008-11-17 How to grow an electronics giant
How Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd made the transition from a CE dwarf to a global brand is a well-told story. Less well-known, however, is the story of how Samsung, based in Seoul, South Korea, achieved its current supremacy by battling Japan companies on their own turfCE and memory chips
2015-06-19 Google plots better urban living to its agenda
Google has launched Sidewalk Labs that will help lay the foundation for real-time oversight of civic activities and resources through sensors, software and ubiquitous connectivity
2010-04-06 Fujitsu, Fuji extend partnership to smart grid
Fujitsu Ltd, Fuji Electric Holdings Co. Ltd and its subsidiary Fuji Electric Systems Co. Ltd have entered a memorandum of understanding to explore a business partnership on smart grid
2011-05-24 FUJIFILM joins SEMATECH's resist center
FUJIFILM has joined SEMATECH's Resist Materials and Development Center to further enhance the technology on image development and testing imaging materials for EUV sensitivity
2015-08-27 Fuel cell tech delivers week-long power to phones, laptops
Intelligent Energy recently showed iPhone 6 and Macbook Air retrofits with a fuel cell exactly the same size as its current Li-ion battery, but which energises the devices for a week between refuelling
2010-09-21 Fu-Chieh Hsu bids TSMC goodbye
Design guru Fu-Chieh Hsu has stepped down from his post at TSMC, where he is credited for pushing the silicon foundry giant into the platform arena. He is also the founder of MoSys and served as CTO of IDT
2008-06-23 Freescale channels embedded
Cited as crucial to Freescale's future are wireless, analog and sensors, along with a new emphasis on the fast-turnaround consumer market in general and the "green," health and network-processing areas
2010-06-11 Freescale boosts Chengdu design center ops
Offering a rare peek inside an IC design and R&D center in China, Freescale Semiconductor Inc. revealed plans to expand its efforts amid booming demand in the nation
2006-05-31 FlipChip, Engent to develop 3D wafer level CSP tech
FlipChip and Engent announced an alliance aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of 3D wafer level CSP technologies for stacked die packaging applications
2005-05-10 Fiber-optic cable glut forces companies to step up R&D
Following an oversupply last year, fiber-optic cable companies in mainland China this year are concentrating on developing new products and widening their overseas markets
2008-04-16 Fairchild signs up with Alliance to Save Energy
Fairchild Semiconductor has became a member of the Alliance to Save Energy, which promotes energy efficiency worldwide to achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment and greater energy security
2009-01-12 Execs see bright future for India IC industry
India's portion of a $250 billion semiconductor market is marginal, yet for LSI Corp. president and CEO Abhi Talwakar, the nation remains firmly in the driver's seat of its own semiconductor and engineering design destiny
2005-09-27 eMagin discusses production plans at display conference
eMagin Corp. CEO Gary Jones has outlined scenarios that would require expanding the company's manufacturing capabilities at the Display Technology and Supply Chain Conference sponsored by W R Hambrecht + Co. and the United States Display Consortium in San Francisco
2002-09-18 Display devices shipments pick up over Q2 '02
Shipments of small/medium-scale displays have increased in the mobile phone, PDA, automotive monitor, video camera, and digital still camera markets in Q2 of this year
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