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2005-10-18 Applied exits e-beam, laser tool markets
Applied Materials Inc. is quietly exiting the electron-beam and laser pattern-generation equipment markets, ending a painful and loss-ridden period in the competitive sectors, according to industry sources
2005-04-01 AMD's Opteron moves into high-end embedded markets
The Opteron processor is headed to high-end embedded markets, including medical imaging, storage appliances and carrier-grade telecom, according to AMD
2008-02-15 ABI: Mobile handsets to enter navigation markets
Over the next years, mobile handsets will play an increasingly important role in portable navigation markets, with handset-based navigation devices reaching an annual sales volume of over 96 million units by 2012, according to ABI Research
2011-07-26 ABI Research sees strong RFID growth potential
RFID market has rebounded significantly in 2010 and is projected to reach $6 billion or more than 11 percent growth this year
2007-11-21 ABI Research sees steady growth in RFID sector
Revenues for global RFID markets will jump to $8.4 billion in 2012, up 21 percent CAGR from this year's $3.8 billion, according to ABI Research
2005-10-21 ABI Research sees challenges for broadband over power line and HomePlug/PLC
Power line communications offer theoretical benefits to some consumers and some providers. But a new study from ABI Research shows that these are still infant technologies facing significant obstacles to success. Although on-going tests regarding transmitting data over electrical power lines are in progress, no large-scale deployments have been completed
2007-10-25 ABI Research sees big numbers for navigation devices
Worldwide shipments of navigation devices will continue to flourish from 2007 to 2012, with a CAGR of 22.5 percent, reports ABI Research
2002-04-23 Aberdeen launches semiconductor technology research service
Aberdeen Group, a provider of technology market research, has launched its new semiconductor practice that focuses on key enabling semiconductor technologies for emerging digital markets and the associated semiconductor ecosystem.
2007-03-20 A tale of 'haves vs. have-nots' and AMD
Market research firms IC Insights and iSuppli have ranked their top 25 IC vendors in 2006
2008-11-13 Solar markets: Highlighting PV technology
It has been shown that solar energy harvesting will soon go mainstream, but it's not clear which of the many diverse technologies vying for dominance in this emerging market will take precedence.
2008-09-02 Solar cells top thin-film markets for energy apps
The global market for thin films in energy applications is expected to achieve $3.9 billion in 2013 higher than the $1.1 billion in 2007 for a CAGR of 23.5 percent, according to BCC Research
2007-03-30 MIPS grants license to ST, expands China research center
STMicroelectronics has licensed MIPS Technologies' 64bit architecture core. ST will initially use the core as part of a project in cooperation with the Chinese Institute of Computing Technologies.
2008-04-14 MEMS markets up for major boom
According to Wicht Technologie Consulting, the current $2.5-million market for MEMS oscillators will grow to $140 million by 2012, and thereafter MEMS oscillators could also begin penetrating the $1-billion market for mobile handset timing chips
2004-07-15 LSI Logic lowers forecast; blames storage, game markets
LSI Logic Corp. on Monday (July 12, 2004) lowered its second quarter revenue projections, citing slower demand for semiconductors in storage components and video game consoles
2010-05-14 Laptops, handsets drive solar, wind charger markets
Mobile phones and laptops represent a major market for green chargers due to their heavy usage and the need for frequent charging
2002-08-09 iSuppli launches forecast, research tool
The Application Market Forecast Tool can extract customized forecast information from iSuppli's global forecast, covering 80 applications equipment markets and 20 semiconductor component categories
2012-06-27 Intel poised for $2B growth, markets go beyond PC
With its relatively new embedded, NAND flash and wireless products, Intel has dramatically outperformed its competition on revenue growth and/or profitability from 2008-2012 and is poised to extend these gains in 2013
2010-12-08 IMS Research sees entertainment devices go Over-the-Top
Over-the-Top (OTT) services have become very popular in the past year and will only grow bigger considering the connectivity of home entertainment and portable CE devices, says IMS research. Over-the-Top (OTT) services have become very popular in the past year and will only grow bigger considering the connectivity of home entertainment and portable CE devices, says IMS research
2008-10-27 IC equipment markets close to 'bad cycle' of '01
Raj Seth, an analyst with Cowen and Co. LLC, said he believes the IC equipment sector is nearing a cycle as bad as 2001
2009-09-02 GPS stays strong in sport, fitness markets
While shipments of dedicated sport and fitness hardware are suffering from the recession, smart phone fitness applications such as MotionX-GPS are booming, with 1.2 million downloads in 2009
2015-08-07 Global IC packaging markets log in $48B revenue in 2014
According to New Venture Research, the IC packaging market is experiencing robust health with worldwide revenues and YoY growth exceeding 10 per cent
2011-09-02 FCoE, GPON markets surge
According to a Dell-Oro report, the rising sales of FCoE and GPON products result from a strong market activity in China
2007-05-14 Component, assembly markets weaken this year
Both the long-term and short-term forecasts compiled by the Electronic Components, Assemblies & Materials Association indicate that growth in the component and assembly markets will be slower in 2007 than it has been the last two years
2010-08-06 China green policies drive wind energy and photovoltaic markets
The China government policies designed to promote the adoption of green technologies are delivering the desired effect, with the country enjoying productiveness in wind power capacity and photovoltaic (PV) installations that is powering the establishment of a new generation of global green energy suppliers, according to iSuppli Corp
2003-11-11 Asia-Pacific to lead growth of STB markets: IMS
According to the latest IMS Research study, the worldwide market for digital set-top boxes is poised for growth after a slow 2002 period
2006-02-02 Shipments of WiMAX equipment to reach 7.2M in 2010
The recent certification of commercial WiMAX gear represents a major milestone for the 802.16 industry, says Research and Markets.
2005-11-30 Shipment of Taiwan's panel industry reached 161.4MU in Q3
Research and Markets announced the addition of the Taiwanese Small and Medium Size Panel Industry, 4Q 2005 report to their offering.
2006-11-13 Outsourced IC packaging to reach $13.1B
The market scale of outsourced IC packaging is estimated to hit $13.1 billion in 2006, with Taiwan gradually becoming a powerhouse in the test and packaging industry segment, according to Research and Markets.
2006-10-25 Mobile market boosts China's development
China is the second largest foreign investment recipient after the United States owing to the market boom of its mobile market, said a recent study from Research and Markets.
2015-01-06 Mobile devices push market for combo sensors
Research and Markets estimated the combo sensor market at $420 million in 2013, $585 million in 2014, growing to $1.4 billion in 2019.
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