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2005-10-10 Tyco rolls RoHS-compliant cables
Tyco Electronics' latest RoHS-compliant offering is its MADISON CABLE brand of Pb-free and heavy-metal-free cables.
2005-12-27 TTL PCI digital I/O board is RoHS-compliant
Sealevel Systems Inc. claims that its new board is the industry's first RoHS-compliant low-profile PCI bus digital I/O adapter.
2005-01-03 Tokyo Cosmos unveils RoHS-compliant trimmers
Tokyo Cosmos' new Pb-free surface mount G32 series of trimmers is RoHS compliant and will meet global environment standard.
2005-05-19 Thin-film resistor networks are RoHS compliant
TT Electronics BI Technologies Electronic Component Division developed a series of RoHS-compliant thin-film resistor networks that is comprised of a 100% matte tin finish over a copper leadframe
2006-05-03 Terminal blocks are RoHS compliant
Spectrum Control's filtered terminal block line is now available in RoHS-compliant versions.
2006-05-10 Techspray offers RoHS-compliant cleaners for PCB assembly
Techspray's new water-based cleaner line is a safe, environmentally friendly, and RoHS-compliant alternative to isopropyl alcohol for use in PCB assembly.
2005-05-31 Submini switches are RoHS compliant
CIT Relay & Switch now offers a family of subminiature sealed pushbutton, rocker and toggle switches that are compliant to the European Union's RoHS directive.
2005-11-28 Serial board is RoHS-compliant
Sealevel Systems announced that it has developed the industry's first RoHS-compliant multi-interface PCI serial I/O card. The product is the first in a series of forthcoming RoHS-compliant product rollouts from Sealevel.
2005-08-18 ROHS-compliant TFT display from OSD suits handheld devices
One Stop Displays targets cellphones, PDAs and high information content handheld instrument applications with its new RoHS-compliant 3.5-inch portrait mode QVGA transflective thin-film-transister display.
2008-01-21 RoHS-compliant SBC operates at high temperatures
VersaLogic Corp. announced two versions of its Cobra single board computer that are RoHS compliant and available in both standard and extended temperature versions.
2006-04-13 RoHS-compliant ETX board runs 2GHz Intel dual core, PCIe
Ampro Computers demonstrated a plug-compatible system for embedded system manufacturers facing complete re-designs of ETX baseboards to adopt new technology.
2006-04-12 RoHS-compliant CompactFlash cards operate in industrial temp range
WinSystems' RoHS-compatible CompactFlash cards are fully functional in temperatures ranging from -40C to 85C.
2005-07-06 RoHs-compliant amp ICs boost signals across 6GHz to 25.5GHz
Hittite Microwave launched a line of MMIC based amplifiers for commercial and military markets, targeting point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, test equipment, sensors, and other applications from 6GHz to 25.5GHz.
2006-09-12 RoHS-compliant adapter eases DIP-to-SOIC conversion
Aries Electronics has introduced a RoHS-compliant version of its DIP-to-SOIC Correct-A-Chip adapter that promises easier conversion of DIP-style packaging to SOIC PCB layouts.
2006-05-25 RF transformers are RoHS compliant
M/A-COM, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, offers RoHS-compliant versions of its 50 ohm RF transformers.
2006-05-09 Resin-sealed EMI filters are RoHS compliant
Spectrum Control offers RoHS/lead-free versions of its resin-sealed bolt-in EMI filters.
2006-05-19 PLCC-to-DIP adapter is RoHS compliant
Aries Electronics offers a RoHS-compliant version of its PLCC-to-DIP Correct-A-Chip adapter.
2006-06-20 Omron introduces RoHS-compliant RFID systems
Omron RFID has announced the introduction of its V720 Series HF (13.56MHz) ISO 15693 readers which comply with the RoHS directive.
2005-09-22 NI plans RoHS-compliant products
National Instruments plans to release environmentally friendly products as part of the NI Hazardous Substances Reduction initiative.
2006-03-09 Mini slide switch is RoHS compliant
EAO's new miniature 1K2 switch occupies a board space of 10-by-2.5mm with a height of 4.5mm, excluding the actuator.
2005-10-06 knitter-switch's surface mount tact switches are RoHS compliant
knitter-switch announced a new series of micro-miniature tact switches designed for a variety of applications in industrial automation where an ultra-small, rugged and waterproof switch is required.
2006-04-05 IRC develops RoHS-compliant resistors
TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has developed RoHS-compliant versions of its resistor products.
2006-09-28 Imsys releases RoHS-compliant SNAP modules
Imsys Technologies recently released a RoHS-compliant product line based on its TINI-compatible SNAP module.
2005-09-29 IDT's flip-chip packaged monolithic NSEs now RoHS-compliant
IDT disclosed that it has begun volume production of its RoHS-compliant flip-chip packaged monolithic 512Kx36 (18Mb) and 256Kx36 (9Mb) network search engines with dual Network Processor Forum Look Aside interfaces.
2005-09-21 IDT offers network engines in RoHS-compliant flip-chip packaging
Integrated Device Technology Inc. (IDT) has begun volume production of its RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances)-compliant flip-chip packaged monolithic 512Kx36 (18Mbit) and 256Kx36 (9Mbit) network search engines (NSEs) with dual Network Processor Forum (NPF) Look Aside (LA-1) interfaces.
2005-04-27 Guide of RoHS-compliant switches
NKK Switches has announced the release of its latest Switch Guide complete with new RoHS-compliant switches.
2006-04-11 Filter plates are available in RoHS-compliant versions
Spectrum Control's standard and custom filter plates for EMI filtered signal lines have been redesigned to meet the European Union's RoHS directive.
2006-01-04 Embedded capacitor material is RoHS compliant
3M Electronics' advanced laminate, embedded capacitor material helps OEMs and PCB fabricators meet design requirements for space-constrained apps.
2006-03-28 Electrolytic caps are RoHS compliant
JARO Components has expanded its ACHM series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a RoHS-compliant version that withstands the high temperatures of lead-free solder processing.
2005-10-18 DIP switches are RoHS-compliant
NKK Switches has launched a new series of RoHS-compliant subminiature DIP switches. The new JS series devices are available in four or eight positions.
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