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2011-06-22 Tecate customizes ultracapacitors for automatic metering
Tecate Group has made available custom and standard ultracapacitor cells and modules for automatic meter reading (AMR) and smart grid applications.
2005-08-16 TDK surface mount power inductors offer high current handling
TDK Electronics has introduced three surface mount power inductors, suitable for dc-dc converter usage in mobile applications.
2005-08-02 TCXO touts tight stability, small size
Fordahl said it has introduced the industry's smallest wide temperature range Stratum III and Sonet temperature compensated crystal oscillator.
2005-11-25 Tantalum polymer capacitors deliver higher capacitance values
AVX expanded its TCJ series of tantalum polymer capacitors with new devices that are said to provide the industry's highest capacitance values, while shrinking their package sizes.
2005-06-07 Tantalum chip suits apps with high operating temperatures
KEMET announced the availability of its new high temperature T498 tantalum chip series that is designed for use in applications with operating temperatures up to 150C
2005-11-18 Tantalum chip capacitors with ESR values down to 0.035?
Vishay's new molded tantalum chip capacitors provide high efficiency with ESR values down to 0.035? and maximum ripple current values up to 2.07A (100kHz, 470?F).
2006-05-19 Tantalum chip cap eliminates leadframe
Vishay Intertechnology gives designers of mobile electronic systems another way to save board space with its series of 298D MicroTan surface-mount tantalum capacitors
2006-06-26 Tantalum capacitors target avionics, military apps
Vishay's new T83 series of solid tantalum chip capacitors are designed for a variety of avionics and military systems such as radar, missiles, and other weapons systems.
2005-11-16 Tantalum capacitors provide low ESR values for improved filtering
These tantalum chip capacitors provide high efficiency with ESR values as low as 0.035? and maximum ripple current values up to 2.07A.
2010-10-04 Tantalum capacitors highlight reduced DC leakage current
Vishay Intertechnology debuts new low leakage capacitors for mission-critical applications
2010-02-17 Tantalum capacitors come with built-in fuse
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released a series of TANTAMOUNT low-ESR solid tantalum chip capacitors with a built-in fuse.
2013-08-23 Tantalum capacitors aimed at non-life-support devices
The TM3 series from Vishay Intertechnology is 100 per cent surge current tested and provide a capacitance range from 1 to 220?F over voltage ratings from 4V to 20V.
2010-05-05 Tantalum capacitors achieve T-level failure rate
Vishay has released the CWR06 and CWR16 TANTAMOUNT solid tantalum chip capacitors that are now approved to the "T"-level requirements of MIL-PRF-55365 for space-level applications.
2007-05-07 Tactile switches offer square stem
BI Technologies has expanded its line of tactile switches to include a new series of devices with a square stem, and added three additional styles to the sealed product offering.
2006-03-23 Tactile switches housed in small package
CIT Relay & Switch has introduced the STJ series of sealed tactile switches in a small 7.2-by-7.2mm package.
2006-10-23 Tactile switches deliver up to 1 million rotations
Consisting of six series, BI Technologies' new SWT series switches feature multiple actuation forces and life cycles of up to one million rotations.
2006-12-19 Tactile switch allows PCB edge mounting
E-Switch has introduced the TL3320 right-angle, surface-mount tactile switch that allows for PCB edge mounting.
2005-06-30 Tact switches tout long life
Tyco Electronics has introduced a new line of ALCOSWITCH sealed tactile (tact) switches. The new line includes a full range of popular sizes including 3.5 x 6-mm, 7-mm and 12-mm versions.
2006-04-12 Tact switch features two LED's in any color combination
Knitter-Switch's TSSL 3W illuminated tact switch is ideal for use in applications where tactile response, small size and LED illumination is required.
2005-07-11 Sync separator adapts to standards
Intersil announced it has developed a sync separator that extracts sync timing information from both standard and non-standard video inputs.
2009-05-06 Sykworks injects LNAs with pHEMT, SiGe tech
Skyworks Solutions Inc. has unveiled a new suite of LNAs featuring pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) and silicon germanium (SiGe) technologies.
2013-09-13 Switching ICs offer 30W power handling, excellent linearity
The PE42820 and PE42821 SPDT switches are significant in replacing discrete solutions including traditional pin diodes used in land mobile radios, and mechanical relays used in LTE-enabled small cells.
2009-12-18 Switches protect from repeat short circuits
The two devices offer over-current shutdown, over-temperature shutdown and active clamp circuit to assure safe operation.
2010-08-06 Switchers provide efficiency in harsh environments
Switcher power modules combine the efficiency of a synchronous switching regulator with the simplicity of a linear regulator for applications in harsh environments.
2009-08-21 Switch with backlit illumination suits GPS apps
C&K Components has launched a four-way switch designed specifically for GPS.
2006-07-27 Switch supports all 10/100 Ethernet optical standards
Micrel's new 3-port switch supports all 10/100 Ethernet optical standards and is suited for short wavelength optical applications.
2012-05-31 Switch keeps Ethernet systems safe from transient voltages
The normally closed FP0030Vage protection switch from Supertex starts to turn off when the voltage drop across its two terminals exceeds a nominal value of 1.5V.
2005-11-23 Switch embeds two LEDs in any color combo
CIT Relay & Switch offers a new series of ultra-subminiature bi-color illuminated switches that incorporate two independent LEDs in any color combination of red, green, yellow or blue.
2005-05-20 Surface-mount power resistor delivers greater thermal cycling performance
Designed to resolve thermal cycling issues with power components in high-temperature environments, IRC has developed a "capped" version of its cylindrical power resistor that is said to deliver superior thermal compliance and thermal isolation.
2006-09-18 Surface-mount inductor targets high-current apps
Tyco's surface-mount inductor targets a wide range of high-current applications in computers, power supplies, DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters and battery-powered devices.
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