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2003-01-17 TI ships fastest 16-bit SAR ADCs
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced a pair of 16-bit SAR data converters, which the company claims to be the industry's fastest ADC
2011-03-09 TI ADCs simplify system-level design
Texas Instruments' 16-bit ADS8363, 14-bit ADS7263 and 12-bit ADS7223 two-channel, SAR ADCs offer two independently controlled internal references, supporting speeds up to 1MSps.
2011-08-17 SAR ADCs offer wide temp range and 12V input range
TI's bipolar 12bit 4- and 8-channel SAR ADCs deliver 1-MSPS sampling rate that are geared for industrial process controls and data acquisition.
2011-11-16 SAR ADCs offer I/O voltages from 1.8-5V
Linear Tech's 18bit 1.6Msps ADCs achieve 96.5dB SNR and -120dB THD while supporting 0-5V unipolar input range
2011-08-25 SAR ADCs allow 12V input range
TI has rolled out two bipolar, 12bit, 1MSPS successive approximation register analog-to-digital converters for programmable logic control and data acquisition.
2014-10-10 SAR ADCs aim to simplify high-voltage designs
TI's eight-channel ADS8688 and four-channel ADS8684 deliver the industry's lowest gain drift, offset voltage and offset drift, and the highest precision reference, to deliver outstanding accuracy.
2013-03-13 Linear rolls out 14bit 4.5Msps SAR ADC
The LTC2314-14 comes in a tiny 8 lead TSOT-23 package and offers up to 90 per cent reduction in size over competing solutions for space conscious applications.
2007-05-01 Integrated SAR ADC eases motor control design
ADI's AD7264 device simplifies industrial motor control designs by integrating two successive-approximation ADCs, a programmable gain amplifier and four comparators on a single chip
2014-10-30 High dynamic range apps: SAR vs sigma-delta ADCs
SAR and sigma-delta ADCs each have their own pros and cons. Here's a look at the trade-offs the data-acquisition system designer must make based on performance, speed, space, power and cost requirements.
2012-12-28 Explore the key features of delta-sigma ADCs
Know the position of the delta-sigma converter in the signal chain circuit, its overall operation, the delta-sigma noise shaping phenomena, and the utilisation of process gain within this converter.
2008-06-19 Ease analog interface to processors via TI ADCs
Texas Instruments Inc. claims its pair of 10V, 16bit ADC offers excellent measurement repeatability and high resolution. Both the ADS8519 and ADS8513 combine a low-power SAR ADC with sample and hold, clock, reference and a serial data interface
2010-04-23 Determining minimum acquisition times for SAR ADCs when a step function is applied to the input
This application report analyzes a simple method for calculating minimum acquisition times for SAR ADCs.
2005-07-18 Amplifier drives 2.5V, 3V SAR ADCs without a negative supply
Linear Technology launched its latest fully differential amplifier for driving high-resolution analog-to-digital converters
2008-01-29 ADCs guarantee operation in automotive temp range
Linear Technology has introduced a family of pin- and software-compatible 16- and 12bit SAR ADCs with a guaranteed operation across the -40?C to 125?C automotive temperature range.
2010-02-10 500KSps ADCs operate from 2.7V to 5.5V
From Texas Instruments Inc. come the 500KSps ADS8331 and ADS8332 successive approximation register (SAR) ADCs with true, 16bit no missing code (NMC) precision performance.
2008-09-10 12bit ADCs weather +125C
Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTC2301/LTC2305, a pair of 1-/2-channel 12bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) that communicate via an I?C-compatible 2-wire interface and dissipate just 1.5mW at a 1ksps output rate
2012-10-18 Understanding SAR and delta-sigma ADC signal path
Learn about the signal characteristics of several representative sensors and signal chain components for each converter type.
2013-02-28 Understand perfect pseudo-differential input ADCs
Read about a practical application of the time realignment filtering technique.
2008-05-05 Tiny SAR ADC dissipates less power
Operating from a single 2.35V to 3.6V supply, Lineary's LTC2366 SAR ADC consumes only 7.2mW at the maximum output rate, a 20-percent power savings over the nearest competitor
2010-01-19 SAR ADC achieves 94dB SNR with no cycle latency
The device offers a temperature-compensated internal reference with a production-tested 0.1 percent initial accuracy and 20ppm/C.
2002-12-18 Raft of ADCs launched at Analog Devices
ADI's latest device offerings include serial SAR devices with 8-bit, 10-bit, or 12-bit resolution and a 16-bit, dual-channel, PulSAR model
2014-07-16 Implementing MPC57xx SAR ADC
This application note discusses Successive Approximation ADC implementation and use in Freescale Semiconductor's Qorivva MPC57xx family of devices.
2008-10-21 High-capacity ADCs minimize system operation cost
Texas Instruments has released four low-power ADCs that reduce power use while offering high capacity for precision applications
2007-11-16 Effectively link real, processing worlds via ADCs
ADCs provide the link between the "real world" of analog phenomena and the "processing world" that uses digital information. Delta sigma ADCs offer inherent advantages that result in significantly improved performance due to low sensitivity to noise and improved accuracy
2011-11-10 ADCs offer 205MHz bandwidth
TI's OPAx836 operational amplifiers claim to use 33 percent less power than similar solutions while providing more than twice the bandwidth.
2012-01-20 ADCs allow concurrent signal acquisition up to 650kSPS
The ADS8528/48/68 contain eight low-power 12, 14 or 16bit, successive approximation register (SAR)-based ADCs with true bipolar inputs.
2014-04-23 20bit SAR ADC delivers 1.6MS/s throughput at 9mW
The successive approximation register analogue-to-digital converter from Maxim Integrated features internal reference buffers, saving up to 50 per cent space and providing a wider dynamic range with no trade-off in precision, speed, or power.
2013-07-19 12bit, 80MSPS ADCs boast 3.5mW power consumption
The increase in Synopsys' 12bit ADCs' performance to 320 MSPS enables greater flexibility for system definition in communications applications such as those enabled by LTE and WiFi 802.11ac protocols
2013-11-22 Synchronise handshaking between ADCs and DAQs
Here's a look at data converters in SOCs using data acquisition systems.
1999-05-01 Designing 1MHz to 5MHz conversion rate ADCs
Among a host of 10bit ADC architectures for 1MHz to 5MHz conversion rates, the recyclic converter architecture is best suited for low area and low power applications. You can make this converter operate across a supply voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V, and integrate it into a larger IC by either trimming or self-calibration.
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