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What is Ultra SCSI?
Ultra SCSI is also called "Fast-20". It is an enhancement of SCSI that results in doubling the FAST SCSI data throughput speeds to 20MBps for 8bit and 40MBps for 16bit. It reduces the maximum allowable single-ended SCSI cable length to 1.5m for five to eight addresses and 3m for four or fewer addresses. Maximum allowable differential (HVD) SCSI cable length is 25m. It is defined in the SPI document of the SCSI-3 spec.
Source: Paralan Corp.
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2001-09-18 Understanding the single-ended SCSI bus
This application note discusses the parallel SCSI standard.
2001-09-18 Ultra2 SCSI white paper
This application note defines and describes the Ultra2 SCSI physical interface and discusses differential signaling. It also discusses the advantages of the parallel SCSI interface and the evolution from parallel SCSI to Ultra2 SCSI.
2004-11-24 The advantages of the DS2120 low voltage differential (LVD) device in a SCSI environment
This app note describes the differences between SCSI, FAST SCSI, and ULTRA SCSI.
2005-06-24 System Integrators gain access to serial attached SCSI
Bell Microproducts will deliver small form factor (SFF) serial connectivity to early system integrator and reseller adopters in partnership with Fujitsu Computer Products of America Inc., LSI Logic and Supermicro Computer.
2002-03-11 STMicro active-terminator spans nine SCSI signal lines
Intended for use in SCSI devices, the ST21S07A active-terminator chip accommodates nine SCSI signal lines by integrating a bandgap voltage reference, buffer amplifier, and nine-switched, 110-ohm termination resistors.
2005-01-06 Siliconix unveils Pb-free replacements to UCC56xx SCSI terminators
A new family of SCSI bus terminators that provides flexible solutions for all SCSI bus operational modes from SCSI-1 to SPI-4 was announced by Siliconix.
2004-10-12 PowerPC-based VME64x board packs Ultra-160 SCSI, dual Gbit Ethernet
Concurrent Technologies is broadening its PowerPC-based VME64x product range with the introduction of a line of 6U-sized boards called the VP 742/20x series.
2004-10-14 PMC-Sierra Serial Attached SCSI key in scalable storage
As enterprise storage requirements rapidly increase, expanding data throughput and providing scalable storage capacity is crucial.
2003-11-12 Mux rolls for serial attached SCSI storage
PMC-Sierra Inc. has become one of the first chipmakers to dive into the nascent market for the serial attached SCSI interface.
2004-08-23 LSI Logic, JMR to offer Fiber Channel, Ultra320 SCSI
LSI Logic Corp. has disclosed that its Fiber Channel and Ultra320 SCSI host bus adapters (HBAs) will be bundled with the JMR Electronics Fortra family of storage enclosures.
2004-05-14 LSI Logic SCSI controller uses Fusion-MPT architecture
LSI Logic has announced that it is now shipping full production volumes of its LSI53C1030T Ultra320 SCSI controller.
2002-04-23 LSI Logic SCSI controller supports 640MBps transfers
LSI Logic Corp. has begun commercial production of two controllers that meet the Ultra320 SCSI standard, supporting burst data-transfer speeds of 320MBps over a single channel and of twice that speed with a dual-channel controller.
2002-10-24 LSI Logic introduces Ultra320 SCSI bus expander
LSI Logic Corp.'s LSI53C320 is claimed to be the industry's first Ultra320 SCSI bus expander.
2002-02-01 High-frequency termination and the SCSI bus
This technical article describes how TRL calibration can yield results that are easier to interpret than TDR measurements, especially in fast-rise-time environments.
2002-03-05 FirewireDirect Ultra3 SCSI RAID system features up to 100MBps throughput
Designed for non-linear video editing, 2D/3D animation, game development, HD playback and capture, the Vanguard Ultra high-speed Ultra3 SCSI RAID system provides up to 960GB of storage and throughputs of up to 100MBps.
2002-05-17 Dallas SCSI terminator touts 5 percent accuracy
A LVD-only SCSI terminator from Dallas Semiconductor, the DS2120, features zero-temperature-coefficient resistor networks that are laser-trimmed to better than 5 percent accuracy.
2005-06-08 Connecting the DS2125 SCSI terminator in wide-bus applications
This app note describes how to connect a SCSI terminator for wide-bus cable and host bus adapter (HBA) terminations.
2002-12-04 CATC upgrades SCSI bus analyzer to support Ultra320
CATC has announced that it is upgrading its Verisys SV-8320 SCSI bus analyzer to support Ultra320 SCSI technology.
2004-12-07 BiTMICRO module with Ultra320 SCSI-based flash solid state disk
BiTMICRO announced a new line of E-Disk VME SCSI Wide flash solid state drive plug-in modules.
2004-11-02 BiTMICRO launches 'world's first Ultra320 SCSI solid state flash disk drive'
BiTMICRO announced its recent shipment of the E-Disk 3S320D, touted to be the world's first Ultra320 SCSI solid state flash disk drive.
2005-02-28 Backplane connectors target serial attached SCSI apps
FCI has developed a broad offering of 29-position, vertical backplane receptacle connectors for the new high-speed, SAS hard disk drive interface.
2000-04-05 Advanced SCSI Programming Interface: Frequently Asked Questions
This application note features the answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Advanced SCSI Programming Interface for Windows 95 and Windows NT.
2002-02-13 Adtron SCSI storage system fits into 3U card
The SC3 SCSI storage system offers up to 4GB of Flash memory or up to 40GB of hard-disk space on a single-slot 3U card, making it suitable for use in network routers, military computer systems, aviation and vehicle-based computers.
2005-07-07 Vitesse to set up R&D in Hyderabad, India
Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. (Camarillo, Calif.), a vendor of high-speed interface chips, is to set up an Indian subsidiary firm, Vitesse Semiconductor (India) Pvt. Ltd, to conduct chip R&D at its center in Hyderabad.
2012-06-19 Use U8030 power supply output sequencing feature
Read about three test applications that demonstrate the capabilities of the U8030 Series power supply.
2000-03-06 USBConnect 2000 User's Guide
This application note serves as a reference manual describing the installation and operation of the USBConnect 2000 adapter. The adapter allows SCSI devices to plug into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port of your PC or MAC computer.
2000-05-03 The opportunities for 1394-enabled PCs
This paper describes the IEEE 1394 bus. It discusses the new applications for the IEEE 1394-enabled PCs. Additionally, the use of the 1394 standard in audio/video production studio environments is introduced.
2002-08-21 Supermicro adopts Adaptec ASIC for next-gen motherboards
Supermicro Computer Inc. has selected Adaptec Inc.'s AIC-7902 for its next-generation server and workstation motherboards and systems.
2004-02-02 Serial storage SoCs demanding to test
The storage industry this year began widespread implementation of serial-based technologies to replace parallel physical-interface standards currently used to connect a system bus to disk storage devices.
2004-04-16 Serial ATA nets need solid chassis design
As serial ATA-based storage networks arrive on the scene, engineers must address system-level reliability.
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