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2004-05-26 Tai Ohm wirewound resistors withstand 300C
The KN series of wirewound resistors from Tai Ohm Electronics feature power ratings of 1/2W, 2W and 3W.
2002-10-30 SMIC moves carefully towards 90nm development
Semiconductor Mfg Int. Corp. is gathering the tools it needs, including a 193nm scanner, to boost efficiency as it enters into 130nm manufacturing and prepares to begin basic development work for 90nm technology.
2015-10-22 Single-chip PON OLT device targets fibre service providers
The Broadcom BCM68620 offers support for both existing and next-generation fibre technologies under a common API to enable a unified system software design that can be applied to all PON protocols.
2011-06-16 Silterra, ProMOS partner for advanced HV tech
ProMos' fabs in Taiwan will soon be ready to manufacture small-panel LCD driver ICs for smartphones using Silterra Malaysia's advanced 0.13?m and 0.11?m high-voltage (HV) process technology.
2004-12-02 Silterra demonstrates 0.13?m 8Mb SRAM
A joint project between Silterra and IMEC research center has produced an 8Mb SRAM fabricated in an all-copper, foundry-compatible 0.13?m CMOS manufacturing process.
2012-03-08 Shining the spotlight on Malaysia's LED industry
The Malaysian government is fiercely promoting the LED industry in multiple ways. The ecosystem calls for more efforts to bring down the prices to a competitive level for the local manufacturer.
2003-11-19 SDK restarts production of aluminum substrates for HDs
Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has restarted domestic production of aluminum substrates for hard disk media, centering on high-capacity product lines.
2016-04-21 Royal Malaysian Navy to be equipped by ICS
Test and measurement equipment manufacturer Rohde & Schwarz has been awarded a contract by BNS to enhance and modernise the Royal Malaysian Navy's communications.
2008-01-15 Renesas fortifies Malaysia operations, focuses on analog, discretes
Renesas Technology is stepping up its operations in Malaysia with the expansion of its back-end process plant and the establishment of a new design center.
2013-05-23 Radisys on VoLTE and telecom in the cloud
Radisys executives share their thoughts on what's driving network transformation and what operators should be considering as they address deployment challenges and opportunities.
2010-09-21 Phoenix Solar opens Malaysia subsidiary
Phoenix Solar expands amid Asian push in renewable energy production
2012-08-28 Penang promises high-speed broadband by 2014
The project dubbed as the Next Generation Network aims to increase the current 4Mb/s connectivity speed by more than 12 times to 50Mb/s.
2012-03-30 Panasonic to set up environmental engineering co. in Malaysia
The new company will help Panasonic and other Japanese companies who will be locating factories in Malaysia to reduce their environmental impact by assisting in the setup and operation of their factories.
2012-03-12 Panasonic opens Malaysian solar plant
The base will manufacture solar wafers, cells and modules with an estimated annual production capacity of 300MW.
2011-11-29 Panasonic builds Malaysia solar base
Panasonic is investing 584.64 million in the solar manufacturing facility, which will be located at Kulim Hi-Tech Park in Kedah, Malaysia.
2003-11-28 NDK establishes new Singapore subsidiary
Nihon Dempa Kogyo (NDK) has dissolved its consolidated subsidiary, NDK Electronics Singapore, and has established a new consolidated subsidiary.
2013-11-22 MTP memory qualified for SilTerra's 110nm high voltage tech
SilTerra Malaysia and Chip Memory Technology released the Multiple-Time-Programming (MTP) embedded non-volatile memory solution for SilTerra's advanced 110nm high voltage technology.
2006-04-18 Malaysian foundry increases production capacity by 20%
Silterra Malaysia has increased the production capacity of its manufacturing fab by 20 percent to 33,500 wafer starts per month.
2007-10-17 Malaysian fab invests $100M for capacity expansion
Malaysian foundry Silterra has invested $100 million for phase 1 of its the capacity expansion plan for its existing 200mm fab.
2008-05-21 Malaysia's Green Packet gets Intel funding on WiMAX
Apart from investing about $15.46 million in Malaysia's Green Packet, Intel will also work with Packet One to deploy the country's first nationwide WiMAX network.
2009-09-25 Malaysia WiMAX network taps Fujitsu mux
Malaysia WiMAX carrier Packet One Networks has deployed Fujitsu's Flashwave 7500 platform.
2007-04-12 Malaysia urges WiMAX operators to join forces
Malaysian minister Lim Keng Yaik said that four new WiMAX operators will be asked to share infrastructure to reduce costs and enhance service, the reported.
2011-11-21 Malaysia gears up to be largest solar panel maker
The country is an ideal destination for investors as it offers a 15-year tax holiday for solar company profits, low interest rates and good infrastructures.
2008-06-25 Malaysia foundries zero in on MEMS, analog
Apart from large, foreign-owned fabs that have laid the groundwork for semiconductor manufacturing in Malaysia, local foundries are also finding their own niches in the IC market.
2006-01-04 Malaysia exports grew fastest in November
Malaysia's exports probably grew in November at the fastest pace in more than a year as manufacturers shipped more electronics to meet overseas year-end demand, according to a report from Bloomberg.
2005-05-13 LEDs withstand demanding temp
Dominant Semi's new SpiceLED LEDs come with two different package outlines, which are compatible with the industry-standard 0805 (M-Spice) and 0603 (S-Spice) package outline with the 0.6mm height.
2003-12-03 Kobe, Mitsubishi to merge copper tube businesses
Kobe Steel Ltd and Mitsubishi Materials Corp. have agreed to combine their copper tube businesses in Japan and Southeast Asia into a new joint venture.
2006-05-25 Key ASIC, Silterra partner on design-to-manufacture services
Key ASIC and Silterra Malaysia announced their partnership to offer streamlined design-to-manufacture services for ASICs in the mobile and consumer electronics markets.
2007-12-03 Is it a fab-lite diet for analogs, too?
As digital IDMs increasingly turn to foundries for their production needs, an inevitable question arises: Will the big analog IDMs follow the same path and move toward fab-lite or even fabless strategies?
2006-01-05 IR LED with 850nm wavelength
The new IR LED from Dominant Semiconductors emits wide-angle IR light with a wavelength 850nm and delivers a typical radiant power of 45mW/sr at 500mA.
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