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2006-03-13 Toshiba, Canon announce SED launch plan
Toshiba and Canon announced that they will start the first stage of mass production of SED panels in July 2007 and launch SED TVs in the Q4 of calendar year 2007
2006-09-13 Canon, Toshiba to start construction of SED TV production line
Canon Inc. and Toshiba Corp. plan to begin constructing a mass production line for surface conduction electron emitter display (SED) flat-panel televisions as early as this year
2004-09-17 Canon, Toshiba form join venture for flat-screen SED panels
Canon and Toshiba will begin operating a long-rumored joint venture company next month to develop and produce next-generation flat-screen SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display) panels for large-screen, flat-panel TVs
2005-08-25 Canon to establish R&D center for SED production
Canon Inc. plans to invest about $200 million to establish a surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) R&D center to increase the competitiveness of SED panels among other flat panels, such as plasma and LCD displays
2007-05-29 Cannon, Toshiba postpone SED TV launch again
Canon Inc. has again postponed the launch of SED TV, which it had scheduled for rollout Q4 2007 with then joint venture partner Toshiba Corp.
2005-06-02 Toshiba, Canon prep SED production
Toshiba Corp. will use a former CRT factory for volume production of surface-conduction electron-emitter (SED) displays beginning in January 2007
2003-12-09 Canon, Toshiba seed venture for SED flat TVs
Canon Corp. and Toshiba Corp. are finalizing preparations for a venture that would produce flat-panel televisions based on surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) technology. The two companies intend to demonstate prototypes at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January
2007-08-16 A closer look at SED, FED technologies
The surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) and the field emission display (FED) have many components in common, such as the anode configuration and phosphors used on the anode, and much of the assembly process. But significant differences exist in the emitter structure. This article discusses the similarities and differences between the two technologies, and their effect on performance
2007-05-08 U.S. jury dismisses fraud claims against Canon
Canon Inc. has announced that a U.S. jury dismissed Nano-Proprietary Inc.'s fraud claims against the company, which involves a patent license for developing surface-conduction electron-emitter display TVs.
2007-04-18 Toshiba pins growth plans on NAND, OLED expansion
Toshiba Corp. revealed that its mid-term strategy includes bullish plans to expand sales, expansion of NAND flash memory development and a commitment to OLED displays for TV applications
2007-01-17 Patent dispute breaks Canon-Toshiba JV
A patent dispute has ended a joint venture between Canon Inc. and Toshiba Corp. for producing surface-conduction electron-emitter display TVs.
2010-05-01 Test by Mac
Hillcrest has licensed its Freespace motion control solution to TCL's current and future products. The first TCL smart TV use the software is expected out this month
2005-05-11 Motorola unveils carbon nanotube emissive display for flat-panel TVs
Motorola Labs, the applied research arm of Motorola Inc., unveiled a prototype color display based on carbon nanotube technology. Motorola said its prototype could lead to development of large flat-panel TV screens that cost less but sacrifice no performance compared with existing displays
2005-08-23 Carbon nanotubes key to future flat TVs, says scientist
Carbon nanotubes are expected to become an important enabling technology in future large area flat-screen TVs, according to Zvi Yaniv, chief executive of nanotechnology IP company Applied Nanotech Inc.
2005-03-24 Canon to adopt organic EL panels
Japan-based electronics maker Canon Inc. announced its plans to incorporate organic electro-luminescent (EL) panels in its products in the next two years.
2004-08-31 Canon purchases Candescent FED patents
Canon Inc. has purchased Candescent Technologies Corp.'s FED (field-emission display) patents and will seek to use the technologies for its future SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display
2009-01-08 What's next for video and imaging designers?
Here are 10 reasons design engineers involved with video and imaging can be hopeful looking to 2009 and beyond
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