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2007-10-26 SIA welcomes international effort vs. counterfeiting
SIA has issued a statement lauding the announcement by U.S. Trade Rep. Susan C. Schwab that the United States, Canada, the European Commission, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Switzerland would initiate negotiations on an Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
2004-03-23 SIA to study chemical exposure in chip workers
The Semiconductor Industry Association said Thursday (March 18, 2004) it will conduct a study of former cleanroom workers to determine whether there are any links between cancer and chemicals used in chipmaking.
2004-06-30 SIA sets national research initiative
The Semiconductor Industry Association has approved formation of the Nanoelectronics Research Initiative to develop exotic nanoscale devices.
2012-03-06 SIA to still focus on data programs
SIA president, Brian Toohey, is hopeful that solutions could be found that would enable SIA to continue reporting accurate data on microprocessor sales pooled by WSTS in a way that Intel and AMD would be comfortable with
2008-04-23 SIA launches fight against fake chips
The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has released a directory of authorized silicon distributors as part of an ongoing effort to counter the rising problem of chip counterfeiting
2012-05-28 SIA drafts global tariff policy
We were able to agree that for the good of the industry and the growth of the semiconductor industry we should petition respective governments to eliminate tariffs all chips including multichip packages," said Brian Toohey, president of the SIA
2006-02-07 SIA commends U.S. Trade Rep on talks with Korea
The Semiconductor Industry Association applauded U.S Trade Representative Rob Portman for initiating talks with Korea on a Free Trade Agreement.
2010-04-09 Scalise: More activity awaits SIA in DC
Semiconductor Industry Association president George Scalise talks about the company's transition to close its office in Silicon Valley and his retirement.
2007-10-17 IEEE-USA, SIA call for resumption of H-1B talks
The IEEE-USA and SIA have sent a letter to the U.S. Congress and Senate committees on judiciary and immigration and citizenship matters, to push for an immigration reform this year that would address key issues, especially on H-1B visas or green cards
2015-02-03 Chip outlook dims as China guns for self-sufficiency
China's government is closely watched by groups like the SIA because it is expected to pump as much as $10 billion this year into bolstering its local chip makers in an effort to be more self-sufficient
2012-03-02 WSTS membership pull out: A wrong move for Intel, AMD
Any industry, whether it's automobiles, semiconductor or veeblefetzers, will begin?once it stops collecting data within the industry?to lose a significant measure of its economic and political power in the greater world.
2004-04-22 Wireless security tops U.S.-China trade talks
China and the United States will square off in Washington on Wednesday (April 21, 2004) for the annual U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, a forum where officials haggle over trade disputes and promote commercial agendas.
2007-10-18 U.S. tech groups split over green card proposals
New proposals to re-examine the status of foreign-born tech professionals are beginning to splinter American tech lobbying groups that had traditionally been on the same immigration policy page.
2006-02-06 U.S. seeks free trade agreement with South Korea
U.S. Trade Representative Rob Portman announced the initiation of negotiations with South Korea on a free trade agreement that would remove tariffs and other trade barriers between the two countries.
2011-12-22 Sematech details 3D IC tech hurdles
Sematech has identified heterogeneous computing, memory, imaging, smart sensor systems, communication switches and power delivery/conditioning as some of the potential future killer applications
2005-09-01 Road map rethinks process reductions
The ITRS draft scraps nodes and embraces 'cycles' for more incremental transitions.
2012-02-07 Micron CEO dies in a plane crash
Steve Appleton, chairman and CEO of memory chip vendor Micron Technology Inc., died in plane crash last Friday.
2011-04-06 Industry pushes TSV-based 3D chips development
Amid fears that IC scaling is becoming too costly for chipmakers, the IC industry is working to develop TSV-based 3D chips, and stack and connect devices in a 3D configuration using TSVs.
2011-06-07 Global chip industry surpasses PFCs emission target
The global chip industry has cut total PFCs emissions by 32 percent over a 10-year period and will implement state-of-the-art practices at new fabs to reduce normalized emissions by 30 percent in 2020.
2007-12-05 FSA rechristened as Global Semiconductor Alliance
The Fabless Semiconductor Association has announced that it is changing its name to the Global Semiconductor Alliance.
2011-11-01 Counterfeiting case reveals defense system flaws
The case of VisionTech has opened
2002-04-05 Broadband coalition targets 'last mile' regulations
A half dozen U.S. industry trade groups are joining forces to press the government to relax regulations on "last mile" networking technology as a way to speed deployment of broadband communications technology.
2012-03-02 AMD, Intel exit WSTS
Some analysts believe Intel concluded the WSTS data was no longer valuable to the company after the withdrawal of AMD, it's only meaningful competitor in the PC microprocessor space.
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