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2004-10-08 MIPS adds SIMD instructions in DSP extension
MIPS Technologies launched DSP ASE, digital signal processing extension to the MIPS architecture.
2007-02-16 Emulate SIMD in software
This article will give some examples of how to implement software-based SIMD, and quantify the processing speed-up you can achieve with this technique.
2005-10-27 ARC adds configurable SIMD to processor line
ARC International created a set of 104 128-bit wide instructions that can be applied to a multimedia hardware subsystem as an optional extra to ARC700 configurable processors.
2000-03-16 A smoothed upsample algorithm using Streaming SIMD Extensions
This application note presents the use of the Streaming SIMD Extensions for implementing the smoothed upsample algorithm, and provides code examples in C, hand-coded Streaming SIMD Extensions assembly, and compiler intrinsics for Streaming SIMD Extensions.
2003-05-16 Wireless multimedia: Questions, few answers
Wireless networked multimedia face a bewildering array of market definitions of "multimedia," and questions about how to achieve a desired end in a networked environment with a confusing mix of mechanisms.
2003-05-16 Wireless home multimedia networks require multiple design strategies
Four technologies are presented that when used together will optimize an SoC for maximum performance, power economy, and low cost in a wireless home multimedia network.
2005-07-01 Tips for compiling software to gates
VHDL and Verilog are past their prime and will soon be replaced by other C-like design languages
2005-06-01 The graphics chip as supercomputer
The time has come for GPUs to transform into a full-fledged computing device.
2005-06-01 Supernova collapse simulated on a GPU
A simulated study allows researchers to leverage the power of GPUs for improving visual-application performance.
2005-06-01 Simulating fluid flow in a graphics chip
Navier-Stokes equations will show how GPUs are well-matched with the demands of fluid simulation.
2005-06-01 Programming GPUs for general computing
GPU-based computing is conceptually straightforward, and a variety of high-level languages and software tools can simplify programming.
2003-03-03 Processor programmability in popular languages
A powerful CPU with easy programmable capability is important to coordinate on-chip activities such as manage multimedia content, including advanced A/V and communications datastream.
2005-08-16 Microprocessor trends: It's time to double up
There is a definite shift away from ever higher frequencies to multicore processors to meet higher device performance requirements
2003-05-08 Media processor handles 55 billion operations per second
The BroadGear series of media processors from Hitachi Ltd adds a video processing engine to the VLIW and SIMD architecture of the CPU core.
2004-02-16 Media processor aims at scientific apps
Clearspeed Technology has taped out its first CS301 processor, which can be described as a collection of floating-point engines that deliver 25Gflops performance.
2002-05-10 Intel architecture MMX technology in business applications
This application note describes the application of MMX technology, the company's most innovative enhancement to its proprietary architecture in the last 10 years, in business applications.
2014-11-24 Improve software through memory-oriented code optimisation
In this instalment, we will explore different software code and compiler optimisation techniques that can be used to boost memory performance in embedded systems.
2014-11-25 Improve software through memory layout optimisation
In this second instalment, we will provide tips on various memory layout optimisation techniques that can be used to improve embedded system performance.
2013-07-18 Hi-rel Qorivva microcontrollers for aerospace applications
The PC5674F is based on a Power Architecture e200z7 core that runs up to 264MHz and embeds advanced features such as a Single Instruction Multiple Data capable Floating Point Unit.
2005-06-01 GPUs tapped for general computing
Modern GPUs allow substantial user programmability that lets it be retasked for more general-purpose computations.
2004-05-01 Get Faster, Quicker!
This technical article discusses the growth of microprocessor SIMD engines in embedded applications.
2002-08-16 Emerging DSP bring DVD-quality to PDAs
This article discusses an architecture that provides an efficient compute engine for video encoding and decoding, using the characteristic of image processing for DVD-quality functions in PDAs.
2005-07-01 Developing software for audio/visual devices
Experts offer useful guidelines for implementing audio and video software for consumer products
2000-09-27 Content-addressable memory (CAM) and its network applications
For any application that requires a fast memory search, CAM can provide a solution. There are many manufacturers that provide discrete CAM components and this paper discusses the importance of selecting the right company to properly address this technology.
2005-11-16 Configurable processors reduce power dissipation
The design of portable and battery-powered products calls for taking a different approach. Read on.
2006-04-17 Configurable platform caters to video
A 260,000-gate platform based on an ARC 700 family core aims to capitalize on the growing popularity of smart phones, PDAs and personal media players.
2005-12-16 Building RISC cores with DSP enhancements
Merging DSP onto the main processor creates efficient system architecture with smaller area and lower power.
2002-02-01 Application-specific hardware extends DSP power
This article describes how core modification is used to enhance a programmable DSPs functionality to maximize power for general device applications.
2011-02-09 Tensilica allows customer evaluation of Atlas DPUs
Now available for customer evaluation are ConnX SSP16, a 16-way SIMD baseband core optimized for processing of soft bits, and ConnX BSP3, a baseband core optimized for processing and control of bit streams.
2012-12-10 MIPS skips Release 4 amid bidding war
In what is likely MIPS Technologies' last independent tech update, Release 5 contains virtualisation and SIMD extensions to its base architecture.
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