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2003-05-16 Motorola's power IC process runs on 300mm wafers
Motorola launched the newest version of its power semiconductor process technology combining voltage capability with analog functions
2014-04-14 Schematic guidelines for MMPF0200 power mgmt IC
Here are the guidelines for schematic entry using the MMPF0200.
2013-09-04 Schematic guidelines for MMPF0100 app processor
Here are the guidelines for schematic entry using the MMPF0100.
2003-03-17 Motorola switch IC enables low pin count MCUs
Motorola's MC33993 multiple switch detection interface IC enables designers to eliminate discrete and standard linear ICs in their designs.
2006-09-18 Freescale develops wireless push
Freescale Semiconductor is stepping up its wireless push, armed with innovations in magnetoresistive memory and packaging, and guided by a new general manager, Sandeep Chennakeshu, recruited from Ericsson's handset group.
2003-09-30 Motorola combines MCUs with analog ICs
The company's Semiconductor Products Sector has developed a series of devices that combine flash MCUs with SMARTMOS analog ICs in a single package
2003-03-17 Sensor discerns height, weight without contact
Motorola launched its noncontact sensor technology that will precisely depict the size, weight, and position of individuals in a small radius.
2010-06-04 PMIC cuts Atom standby power by 50x
Freescale Semiconductor Inc.'s power management IC has cut Intel Corp.'s Atom Z6xx chipset, extending the battery lifetime of smart phones and other mobile devices using Atom.
2003-01-31 Motorola ships 3D electric field imaging IC
The company has announced the availability of the MC33794 IC, which assists designers in dealing with 3D electric field imaging.
2002-12-30 Motorola rolls driver ICs for LIN systems
The company's Semiconductor Products Sector has announced the sample availability of a pair of intelligent distributed control drivers that are suitable for LIN system apps.
2008-02-14 Charger ICs for portable CEs optimize Li-ion batteries
A family of Li-ion battery charger ICs that address the need for highly accurate charging current and output voltages for portable consumer electronics has been introduced by Freescale.
2009-02-19 Power converter harnesses green energy
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has developed an integrated mixed-signal chip that can convert the output from a single solar cell into a usable power source.
2009-08-28 Analog IC makes small engines green
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a new analog chip that could reduce emissions from small gasoline engines.
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