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2006-03-03 TI extends SMBus multiplexer/switch offering
Texas Instruments unveiled three new 4-bit bidirectional translating (level shifting) I2C and SMBus multiplexers and switches.
2003-09-15 SMBus slave driver for ST7 I2C peripheral
This application note is a guide on how to implement the SMBus slave protocol using ST7 I2C.
1999-10-05 SMBus level-3 battery charger/selector reference based on the PIC 16C73A
The design consists of a PIC16C73A microcontroller that handles all the hardware control and communications to meet both the SMBus Level 3 Smart Battery Charger Specification 1.0 and Smart Battery and Smart Battery Selector Specification 1.0. It combines the Smart Battery Charger and Smart Battery Selector under single-chip control.
2009-06-03 SMBus compatibility with an I?C device
An I?C device usually can be controlled by an SMBus host, but there are hardware and software differences with which a designer must deal. This app note offers solutions for this issue.
2007-03-12 SMBus communication for small form factor device families
This application note describes the SMBus specification, how to configure and use the on-chip SMBus interface, and SMBus debugging techniques. Code examples written in C provide the general framework for most SMBus Master and Slave implementations. An example that interfaces to a 256-byte EEPROM over a two-wire interface and supports multibyte transfers is also included at the end of this note.
2006-06-28 SMBus battery charger needs no microcontroller
Linear Tech introduced the LTC4101, a fast, precision smart battery charger controller that operates with or without a host microcontroller.
2005-01-28 SMBus accelerator improves data transmission speed, reliability
Intersil introduced a dual active pull-up bus terminator that is designed to improve data transmission speed and reliability on SMBus.
2003-06-19 Serial communication with the SMBus
This application note describes the configuration and operation of the SMBus.
2002-07-24 Philips multiplexed EEPROMs target I2C, SMBus apps
Royal Philips Electronics has introduced a family of multiplexed EEPROMs that target I2C and SMBus applications.
2002-11-13 PCA954X family of I2C/SMBus multiplexers and switches
This application note discusses device operation, software programming, pull up resistor sizing/bus termination and typical applications for Philips Semiconductors' PCA954X family of I2C/SMBus multiplexers and switches.
2013-08-15 Microchip rolls temperature sensors with 1.8V SMBus, I2C
The EMC118X family use an advanced sample-frequency-hopping filter, enabling temperature-monitoring traces of up to 203.2mm in noisy environments with accurate readings.
2010-04-22 ISL97635 SMBus LED driver programming instruction
Here's an application note that details the instructions in ISL97635 SMBus LED driver programming. It also presents a ISL97635EVALZ evaluation board schematic diagram.
2006-07-20 I/O expanders support eight I2C or SMBus ports
The first two devices Catalyst Semiconductor's new family of I/O bus expanders promise a simple and cost-effective method to address eight I2C or SMBus I/O ports.
2009-05-18 Digital isolator ICs support SMBus, PMBus apps
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has introduced its Si84xx ISOpro digital isolators, comprising over 70 distinct devices with various combinations of channel count and directionality up to six channels.
2005-12-28 Battery charge controller integrates SMBus interface
TI announced its first integrated battery charge controller with a System Management Bus interface aimed at multi-cell, multi-chemistry battery packs used in portable applications.
2008-07-25 An SMBus/I?C-compatible port expander
This Xilinx application Note presents a design of a port expander that fits into a CoolRunner-II XC2C32A deviceA port expander that is SMBus and I?C compatible.
2003-09-15 Xicor to acquire battery solutions provider
Xicor Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Poweready Inc.
2014-05-27 Utilising four-wire interface I2C on KE06
Know the procedure to use the four-wire I2C interface on KE06 of Kinetis E family. The sample code provided in this application note is tested on KE06 through I2C master/slave communication.
2006-10-16 Understand benefits of PMBus systems
Using PMBus and PMBus-enabled devices for power conversion provides flexibility, control and observability, which are not possible with traditional analog power-supply systems.
2007-10-09 TI claims smallest digital temperature sensor
Texas Instruments has introduced the what it claims as the industry's smallest low-power digital temperature sensor with SMBus/two-wire serial interface that measures only 0.6mm tall.
2007-08-31 Thermal management chips suit smaller packages
SMSC has introduced the EMC210x family of fan controllers and SMBus temperature sensors designed for smaller geometries such as 45nm.
1999-06-29 Smart batteries simplify portable power system design
This paper deals with the smart battery technology solution, its advantages, upgradeability, and how it employs System Management Bus (SMBus) to meet the requirements of portable systems.
2006-07-17 Plain I?C bus to get speed makeover
Designers at Royal Philips Electronics have upped the speed of the venerable I?C serial bus by 250 percent, thus improving data transfer speeds as well as response to control commands.
2002-03-26 Micrel power controller supports 3.3V PCI auxiliary voltage
Housed in a 48-pin TQFP, the MIC2590 from Micrel Semiconductor is a dual-slot power controller that supports 12, -12, 3.3, and 5V primary supplies, including the 3.3V auxiliary voltage specified by PCI Standard Version 2.2.
2005-12-01 I2C, SMB make digital temp sensors reliable
For higher reliability, I2C-bus and SMBus are preferred for system interfaces of temperature sensors.
2006-02-16 Get beyond on/off fan control
On/off control sufficed for early product generations, but consumers are now demanding for products to be both capable and quiet.
2006-07-26 Device digitizes analog signals for digital microprocessors
Microsemi has developed an SMBus to analog interface device that digitizes analog signals for use with digital microprocessors.
2014-05-28 Designing KE06 CAN boot loader
A serial boot loader is required to perform firmware upgrade via one of the communication interfaces without debugger. Here are the guidelines to design boot loader on KE06 MCU with CAN interface.
2003-05-21 Cygnal microcontroller features two 16-bit ADCs
Cygnal Integrated Products Inc. has released the C8051F060 mixed-signal Flash microcontroller that has two 16-bit 1MSPS ADCs, which can be used in analog intensive embedded applications.
2008-06-03 Catalyst rolls lower power 8bit GPIO expander
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has expanded its line of bus products with the CAT9534, an 8bit GPIO expander for I?C and SMBus-based systems.
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