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2011-05-04 Cree launches first water-resistant, high-contrast SMD LED
The CLX6A-FKB PLCC6-type LED is the industry's first water-resistant, tall LED package for outdoor use, while the CLVBA-FKA is Cree's first black-body RGB surface-mount LED for indoor video screens
2012-09-20 AEM's SMD electronic fuse for LEDs minimise board space
AEM Components' AirMatrix 2410 family enables flexible board placement and is compatible with standard pick-and-place technology, reducing assembly cost and saving board space.
2000-12-11 Storage and handling of Drypacked surface mounted devices (SMD
This application note provides ON Semiconductor customers with the necessary storage and handling guidelines to preclude component package cracking during solder reflow procedures
2000-12-04 Maximizing the effectiveness of your SMD assemblies
This application note covers various topics in optimizing the efficiency of SMD assemblies. These topics include thermal characteristics of surface-mounted packages, mounting guidelines, attachment to board, solder pastes and other related discussions
2005-09-30 Knowles Acoustics rolls out digital SiSonic SMD microphones
Knowles Acoustics announced its new digital series of SiSonic surface mount microphones that is based on the company's MEMS microphone technology.
2001-04-20 Innovative mounting techniques enhance thermal performance of the surface-mount D3Pak Package
This application note is intended to compare the thermal performance of various mounting methods for the D3PAK including classic SMD PCB mounting, insulated metal substrate (IMS) mount down, etc
2009-01-29 High power LED, ceramic base SMD, VLMxxx Series
Driving high power LEDs while minimizing lowest possible heat for any given IF, provides not only the advantages of efficiency on its electro-optic properties but would also extends its service life.
2011-03-18 AVX capacitors claim highest CV rating in low profile package
AVX Corp.'s TCN series of SMD tantalum polymer capacitors use an 'undertab' design to provide 150?F/6.3V rating in just 3.5 x 2.8 x 1mm
2007-05-15 White LEDs showcase 280mcd luminous intensity
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released a new series of ultrabright white SMD LEDs that use high-efficiency InGaN technology to provide exceptional brightness of up to 280mcd
2011-11-24 Power transistors tout 20-80VCEO range
NXP's medium power transistors have collector current capability IC up to 2A and ICM up to 3A.
2007-10-18 Optocouplers work in extended temperature range
Now available from Vishay Intertechnology is the TCLT series of optocouplers, which come in a long-body, low-profile 4-pin and 5-pin surface-mount SOP-6 mini-flat packages and operate in an extended temperature range of -40C to +110C.
2005-10-03 Improve ESD protection in cellphones
Dual clamping claims to bring better electrostatic discharge immunity compared to current single ESD-protection diodes
2003-06-20 Surface Mounting of Larger Devices
This application note details some of the solutions for surface mounting of larger devices, brought about by the increasing trend to board mounted power devices.
2009-06-01 Solid tantalum capacitor fit for harsh setups
AVX Corp. has developed a SMD solid tantalum capacitor that delivers 1,000 hours of continuous operation at 200C with derating
2001-06-07 Recommended high-volume processing of surface-mount devices
This application note discusses some recommendations on high-volume processing of surface-mount devices.
2001-03-30 Portable Applications Drive Packaging Evolution
This paper gives an overview about the Micro SMD chip-scale packaging technology. It describes Micro SMD's advantages over traditional leaded plastic packages and explains mounting and handling considerations
2000-05-08 Guidelines for the Assembly of SMD10 Devices
This application note gives details of thermal characteristics and mounting considerations for the SMD-10 surface-mount package from International Rectifier. A few suppliers of such substrate materials are mentioned at the end of this application note.
1999-12-03 Guidelines for handling and processing moisture sensitive surface mount devices (SMDs)
This application note describes the undesirable moisture in processing moisture sensitive surface mount devices manifested through rapid heating. It also enumerates some guidelines in handling such devices.
2007-06-15 Blue LEDs suit different backlighting apps
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. says its series of sapphire-based, high-intensity blue SMD LEDs offers highly efficient InGaN technology at a lower cost than standard InGaN blue LEDs
2003-06-27 Lead Bending and Soldering Considerations for International Rectifier's Power Semiconductor Packages
This application note is intended to address how the legs of through-hole packaged devices be bent safely without endangering its reliability and how through-hole and SMD parts be soldered safely
2003-06-30 Guidelines for the Assembly of SMD10 Devices
This application note provides details of thermal characteristics and mounting considerations for the SMD10 surface mount package from International Rectifier
2009-10-28 RTC boasts low current drain, wide operating range
Micro Crystal has launched a SMD package real time clock (RTC) that typically draws just 130nA @ 3V.
2003-11-24 NSC cellphone audio subsystem offers 3D sound
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a Boomer audio subsystem for cellphones that integrates amps, volume and mixing controls and 3D sound in a miniature micro SMD package.
2005-12-23 National unveils two new amps
National Semiconductor introduced a Boomer mono Class D audio amplifier in one of the industry's smallest micro SMD package, as well as a high-power stereo Class D amplifier.
2006-09-26 National unveils 2nd-gen PowerWise EMU, APC2 IP pack
National has announced the second-generation PowerWise EMU and APC2 IP package for reducing power consumption in battery-powered handheld consumer products
2006-08-17 National unveils 'smallest' Boomer Class AB amps
National Semiconductor has introduced two Boomer Class AB amplifiers in a 0.4mm-pitch package, said to be the world's smallest micro SMD package.
2002-12-19 Low cost DECT Power Amplifier PH9 7005
This application note describes the use of two of the 5th-generation silicon bipolar RF transistors in SOT3 43R plastic SMD package in a two-stage PH9 7005 power amplifier designed for use in DECT cordless telephone systems.
2005-04-06 LED drivers with 'smallest' footprint
National Semiconductor's three new charge-pump-based white LED drivers feature a tiny chip-scale 18-pin micro SMD package, providing one of the smallest footprint in the industry.
2006-07-24 IR LED delivers 100 beam angle
TT electronics Optek Technology has expanded its IR SMD product line with the introduction of an 880nm wavelength IR LED that delivers a 100 total beam angle
2007-05-30 Inverter IC trims power use in white goods
Mitsubishi Electric Europe's M81500FP inverter IC is not only the world's smallest IPM for the 90W range but is also the first in its class is integrated in an SMD package.
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