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2008-03-17 Warm white power SMD LEDs are light-efficient
Vishay Intertechnology has launched two new series of warm white power SMD LEDs that utilize InGan technology to offer low resistance and high optical power.
2007-02-07 Vishay unrolls low-cost SMD white LEDs
Vishay has released a series of sapphire-based, high-intensity white SMD LEDs that promise highly efficient InGaN technology at a low price.
2003-03-18 Vishay SMD LEDs deliver 1.25cd at 50mA
The TLMxx33xx series of SMD LEDs from Vishay Intertechnology Inc. provides a luminosity of up to 1.25cd with a drive current of 50mA.
2007-02-28 Vishay expands SMD aluminum capacitor line
Vishay has expanded its RoHS-compliant 153 CRV series of vertical SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors with the addition of devices that feature twice the voltage and twice the capacitance ratings of previous devices in the series.
2002-09-17 Thin SMD fuse fits in tiny 0402 package
AVX Corp. has expanded its AccuGuard fuse line with the introduction of the 0402 AccuGuard II thin-film fuses, providing an expanded range of current and voltage ratings.
2000-12-11 Storage and handling of Drypacked surface mounted devices (SMD)
This application note provides ON Semiconductor customers with the necessary storage and handling guidelines to preclude component package cracking during solder reflow procedures.
2012-04-30 Software eases SMD pick-and-place machine operation
Essemtec's ePlace 4.0 uses Windows 7/64bit as its OS and claims to offers time and cost savings to engineers working with SMD placement operations.
2004-10-27 SMD-LED makers in Taiwan register slow shipments
Majority of SMD-LED makers based in Taiwan registered sluggish shipments in the third quarter of this year.
2000-12-20 SMD varistors poised for success
This application note describes the characteristics and behavior of Siemens Matsushita Components' families of SMD varistors, which include multilayer chips (CN type series, non-encapsulated) and thermoplast-encapsulated chips (CU type series).
2003-06-04 SMD varistor project breaks ground in Changzhou
According to the Administrative Committee of Changzhou New District, one of the state's 863 projects for SMD varistor has broken ground in Changzhou Electronic Technology Park.
2011-09-02 SMD resistor handles 5C12W of power
Stackpole has unveiled the HPC12, a high power handling SMD resistive device rated for 5W of power in free air.
2011-07-12 SMD quartz crystals give 12-25MHz frequency range
Vishay has launched two series of ultra-miniature SMD quartz crystals offering frequency ranges of 12MHz to 25MHz.
2011-05-17 SMD power inductor targets automotive applications
TDK-EPC Corp. has announced its new SPM6530-H SMD power inductor series with an extended temperature range suitable for automotive applications.
2006-04-17 SMD potentiometer targets wireless transceiver apps
The new SMD trimmer potentiometer from Shaanxi Hongxing Electronic Components facilitates pick-and-place centering design and comes in a 4mm package.
2006-04-14 SMD PolySwitch devices target auto market
Raychem Circuit Protection introduced its new series of RoHS-compliant PolySwitch miniSMDC and SMD terminal devices for the automotive industry.
2011-09-06 SMD placement system touts speed of 600C800cph
The EXPERT-SAFP is designed for rapid prototyping, and is available in manual and semi-automatic models.
2013-08-15 SMD MLCCs boast low ESR down to 0.01
The QUAD HIFREQ series of MLCCs offer broad working voltages from 200V to 1500V and wide capacitance ranges from 1.0pF to 1000pF. The devices offer tight tolerances to 0.1pF.
2005-09-05 SMD fuses offer high current ratings in 1206 package
Raychem Circuit Protection, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, has expanded its line of overcurrent protection devices with its RoHS-compliant slow blow surface-mount fuses.
2011-09-29 SMD fuse touts 200A breaking capacity
Schurter's SMD fuse has 500mA to 10A current range that can be used in power supplies and medical equipment.
2010-10-29 SMD fuse gets extended current ratings
Schurter's UMZ 250 now rated for 80mA to 4A currents
2010-10-21 SMD fuse expands current ratings
Schurter has expanded the current rating of its 250VAC, IEC time-lag sub miniature SMD fuse UMZ 250.
2007-08-29 SMD chip resistors offer high anti-surge function
A Melf-type resistor replacement, the ERJ series SMD thick anti-surge chip resistors offer numerous benefits including reduced costs and optimized mounting speed.
2009-07-15 SMD antennas ease wireless device integration
Antenova Ltd has expanded its gigaNOVA range of surface mount antennas with the addition of the Reflexus A10315 and Calvus A10340.
2003-10-22 Sinyork thermistors available in DIP, SMD types
Suitable for termination networks and magnetic buzzer apps, the PTC and NTC thermistors from Sinyork Co. Ltd are available in DIP and SMD types.
2009-04-17 POL converters available in SMD, SIP
FDK Corp. introduces five new products to its DK Series of small, low profile non-isolated point of load (POL) DC/DC converters.
2003-04-01 Murata SMD piezo buzzer targets automotive systems
Murata Mfg Co. Ltd has launched a surface-mountable piezoelectric buzzer for automotive systems.
2007-11-13 Multi-SMD high-brightness LED offers separate RGB control
A multi-SMD tri-color LED with a wide luminous intensity range and independent color control has been released by Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.
2008-03-27 Mini SMD LEDs target automotive, industrial lighting
Dominant Semiconductors has started offering a new series of miniature SMD LEDs. The devices are designed to provide compact, high-power solutions for automotive and industrial applications.
2002-11-20 Micro SMD Wafer Level Chip Scale Package
This application note describes the Micro SMD Wafer Level Chip Scale package.
2004-06-17 Micro SMD wafer level chip scale package
This app not describes the features of a micro SMD WLCSP.
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