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2006-07-19 SMK's resistance sensitive touch panel suits HD LCD
SMK has announced the development of a resistance sensitive touch panel suitable for high-definition LCD.
2005-10-04 SMK's latest FPC connector features locking mechanism
A new vertical ZIF-style FPC connector from SMK Electronics features a flip-lock mechanism to secure the flex circuit, which ensures greater stability and reliability, said the company.
2007-07-17 SMK unveils multipoled connector for car audio systems
SMK announces the latest addition to its product portfolio, the 18P back panel connector.
2006-09-08 SMK unveils connector for Memory Stick Duo
SMK recently announced the expansion of small memory card connectors portfolio with the addition of a Memory Stick Duo connector.
2006-10-13 SMK unrolls IEEE 802.15.4-compliant radio module
SMK said its new 2.4GHz radio communication module was developed in response to growing market interest in the IEEE 802.15.4 standard.
2006-10-25 SMK touts 'thinnest' SXGA camera module
SMK has announced an SXGA camera module with 4.7mm profile, said to be the industry's lowest for 8mm? type SXGA products.
2007-02-13 SMK touts 'smallest' microSD card connector
With a height of 1.65mm when mounted, depth of 12.9mm and width of 11.4mm, SMK claims its microSD card connector is among the industry's smallest.
2003-10-09 SMK touch panel suits automotive, POS systems
SMK Corp. has announced the release of its anti-smudge touch panel that is suitable for use in car navigation and POS equipment.
2003-11-24 SMK touch panel minimizes smudges
Designed to suit car navigation and POS systems, the touch panel from SMK Corp. consists of a film and a glass plate.
2004-03-10 SMK touch panel features minimal reflectance
SMK has developed a touch panel with 1 percent reflectance using glass plates for the upper and lower electrodes.
2004-09-07 SMK touch panel connects to computer USB ports
SMK unveiled an optical touch panel connectable to computer USB ports.
2003-05-02 SMK touch panel boasts low reflectance
SMK Corp.'s Film+Glass touch panel boasts of a 6.5 percent reflectance - almost half the value of previous touch panels.
2006-05-01 SMK terminals target audio equipment
SMK Electronics' ES series terminal consists of a multi-channel socket and plug for audio equipment.
2004-03-03 SMK terminals improve sound quality
The company has launched its EX series of speaker terminals as a response to the rising demand for DVD and home theater applications.
2004-04-23 SMK switches with 6.5-by-3-by-3.2mm dimension
The double action switches from SMK are suitable for camera-equipped mobile phones and digital still cameras.
2006-10-11 SMK ships samples of single-side momentary slide switch
SMK has announced the development and sample shipment of its JSS series slide switches (single-side momentary).
2005-03-10 SMK rolls out new push terminal
SMK rolled out what it claims as the industry's smallest ultra small push terminal for use in connecting AM antennas.
2006-10-18 SMK rolls out connector module for MemoryStick micro
SMK has announced the development of a connector for Sony's MemoryStick micro, an ultrasmall memory card.
2006-09-04 SMK offers 'shortest' FPC connector for portable devices
SMK said its new FPC connector, the CFPB130-0101F, has a height of only 0.75mm when mounted and a depth of 3.6mm, making this connector the industry's shortest.
2004-02-17 SMK microphone measures 4(?)-by-1(T)mm
SMK has unveiled a condenser microphone of 4mm(?) and 1mm in thickness for digital camera and mobile phone applications.
2006-10-02 SMK makes IC sockets for game machines
SMK Corp. has released a new IC socket for SSOP or any high density mountable IC package typically used for internal mounting in game machines.
2003-10-07 SMK lever-push switch eyes portable equipment
SMK Corp. has introduced its JLS1300-XX lever-push switches that are suitable for use in portable equipment such as information terminals.
2003-07-24 SMK lever push switch suits telecommunication apps
Suitable for use in telecommunication and portable audio equipment, the lever push switch from SMK Corp. is rated at 5Vdc, 10mA, with SPTT circuits. The JLS1300-10xx has a 12.5 operation angle, 0.5mm stroke, and 1.4N and 2.5N operation force in tilting and pushing direction, respectively.
2004-06-15 SMK launches pressure sensing touch panel
SMK has launched a pressure sensing optical touch panel where input registration is touch force (pressure) dependent.
2007-07-16 SMK launches 14Mbps PLC module
SMK has developed a high speed 14Mbps PLC module designed for use in domestic applications.
2003-07-01 SMK jack board features optical connectors
The LAP5131-0331G jack board from SMK Corp. is integrated with optical connectors that are designed for digital equipment apps such as DVDs and digital STBs.
2006-08-01 SMK introduces two-dome switch
SMK has announced the development and sampling of a two-dome switch that promises to meet the market demand for better stress resistance and reduced size.
2002-11-26 SMK FPC connector suits portable apps
The EC-03 0.3mm-spaced FPC connector of SMK Corp. features a 1.3mm profile when mounted and is suitable for use in portable device apps.
2003-09-25 SMK FPC connector has 0.85mm profile
SMK Corp. has released what it claims is the industry's shortest FPC connector that features a profile of 0.85mm.
2003-07-23 SMK ferrule offers 0.08mm inside diameter
SMK Corp. has developed a 0.08mm ID metal ferrule, which the company claims as the industry's first.
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