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What is Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS)?
Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS) is the most common type of First Generation analogue cellphone network developed by Bell Labs. It was suited for voice rather than data communications and operated in the 800MHz frequency band using frequency division multiple access (FDMA) technology. As of February 18, 2008, carriers in the United States were no longer required to support AMPS.
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2000-06-19 VIPerXX0 family devices in standby SMPS
This application note presents the results obtained from a standby off line power supply designed with a VIPer100. It describes the standard design for an output power up to 3.5W and suggests some modifications to address other operating conditions, such as output power from 0W to 30W, output short circuit and lower switching frequency.
2007-04-17 Total power solutions target LCD TV SMPS apps
Fairchild announced it is offering the new Stealth II and Hyperfast II diode technology as part of a total power device solution specifically designed to optimize LCD TV SMPS applications.
2004-06-24 SunnyView SMPS withstands up to 100A surge current
SunnyView Technology has released SMPSes with acrylic panels and two 80mm cooling fans.
2000-06-20 SMPS with L4990 for multisync monitors
This application note can be used as design guide of a flyback converter for a monitor's power supply. The high-performance L4990 PWM controller is being used to meet new spec requirements for a monitor's power supply.
2000-02-24 SMPS MOSFET
This application note describes the IRFB31N20D, IRFS31N20D, and IRFSL31N20D HEXFET Power MOSFET devices for high-frequency dc-dc converter applications.
2009-05-14 SMPS converters ease low-power directive compliance
STMicroelectronics has introduced the VIPerPlus family of off-line switched-mode power supply (SMPS) converters, which minimize standby power consumption and the number of external components required, and enable easy compliance with Blue Angel, Energy Star and other low-power norms and directives.
2005-02-28 SMPS controller reduces input capacitance requirements
Maxim rolled out a dual step-down, interleaved, fixed-frequency, switch-mode power-supply controller.
2006-11-17 SMPS controller features synchronous rectification
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced a dual step-down, interleaved fixed-frequency SMPS controller with synchronous rectification.
2009-10-20 Rectifiers boast complete SMPS solution
Diodes' high-current rectifiers with an ultralow forward voltage (VF) drop are targeted for power supplies in consumer and industrial ultraslim, end-user products.
2012-06-21 PWM controllers up SMPS reliability, cut board space
Fairchild Semiconductor's FSL206MRx integrated PWM controllers integrate an internal regulator that eliminates the need for an auxiliary bias winding.
2007-10-16 PWM closes feedback loop in intelligent SMPS
Microchip's new MCP1631 PWM provides a means to close the feedback loop in SMPS that use MCUs for general system intelligence and control.
2004-03-17 Power Integrations tool shortens SMPS design time
The company's new generation of dynamic power supply design tool shortens design times for SMPSs built with its scalable power conversion ICs.
2009-06-05 PCB layout guidelines for MPC5674x switch mode power supply (SMPS)
The MPC5674F device provides an internal SMPS regulator that may be used to provide the VDD voltage, eliminating the external VDD supply. To ensure that the switched regulator operates as designed, the designer should select the appropriate components and design the PCB following some simple rules.
2007-03-08 NXP launches third-gen GreenChip for SMPS
NXP has launched GreenChip IIIits third generation of energy-efficient ICs for switch-mode power supplies.
2006-08-16 New Allegro SMPS regulators feature low EMI noise
, Allegro said its STR-W67xx series of low-power off-line SMPS primary regulators show lower EMI noise characteristics especially at more than 2MHz.
2002-06-16 Multi-output evaluation board for DVD SMPS
Know some basic techniques on how to design a power supply board in flyback converter topology with multiple-output voltage and secondary control used for DVD, VCD and VCR device apps.
2000-05-15 Motorola's Solutions for very low power in standby mode in SMPS
This application note summarizes the Motorola MC33363B device while achieving a very low power in standby mode.
2012-08-22 MOSFETs offer higher power density in SMPS designs
Fairchild's PowerTrench devices are optimized power switches that combine a small gate charge, a small reverse recovery charge and a soft-reverse recovery body diode, promising fast switching speeds.
2004-11-09 Maxim launches two new SMPS controllers
Maxim introduced two dual, step-down, SMPS controllers with synchronous rectification for main 5V/3.3V power generation in battery-powered systems.
2002-05-07 LR Series: Selecting high input voltage start-up ICs for SMPS
This application note describes the process of selecting high input voltage start-up ICs for switch-mode power supplies.
2002-02-05 Jingquanli desktop SMPS accepts universal input
The company's desktop SMPS series is targeted at telecom, industrial and A/V systems including DVD players, CD-RW units, notebook PCs, medical equipment.
2004-06-28 IR reference design streamlines SMPS
International Rectifier rolled out the IRISMPS5 flyback power supply reference design for the IRIS4015 integrated switcher.
2008-07-01 Integrate SMPS control in LED applications
Solid state lighting with LEDs can offer a combination of flexibility and efficiency unmatched by conventional lighting. It is quickly becoming one of the most exciting fields in electromechanical engineering and design. LED driver applications require buck converters because LEDs are current mode devices.
2002-05-07 High-input voltage, low wattage SMPS
This application note describes the operation of the Supertex HV9605C PWM controller IC and how it offers a solution for designers by minimizing power consumption.
2001-06-14 GS rectifiers in SMPS using the Topswitch integrated circuit
This application note lists the complete range of associated diode and rectifier components for the Topswitch SMPS chips.
2006-11-27 Development board speeds digital SMPS design
Microchip Technology's dsPICDEM buck SMPS development board comes with sample software and tutorial to help designers quickly evaluate and develop their digital SMPS and power-conversion designs.
2013-08-20 Dealing with SMPS efficiency, thermal behaviour
Find out how to tackle the efficiency and thermal behaviour of SMPS with SPICE technology.
2003-10-08 CoEv Magnetics inductors, chokes suit SMPS apps
CoEv Magnetics, a unit of Tyco Electronics, has announced its SMT series of surface-mount inductors and chokes.
2015-02-03 AVX outs high voltage stacked SMPS capacitors
The RV series capacitors are rated for 1kV-5kV and capacitance values spanning 100pF-15uF, and target applications such as medical, test, power conversion, scanning, and quality analysis equipment.
2005-07-19 Allegro offers power-management ICs for low-power SMPS apps
The new power-management ICs from Allegro MicroSystems are PRC topology devices designed for use in relatively low output power switch-mode power-supply designs with output power up to 20W at universal input or 24W at 230Vac input.
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