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2007-05-04 Tri-color SMT LEDs operate in extreme outdoors
Avago Technologies announced a new series of high-brightness SMT tri-color LEDs that will enable designers to develop large indoor and outdoor electronic displays that provide sharper and more vivid images and graphics
2002-04-24 Gowanda SMT inductors handle harsh soldering
Gowanda Electronics' SMRF 1812 series of SMT inductors have been verified by reliability testing to be rugged enough to withstand harsh soldering
2007-01-03 Avago touts 'thinnest' high-luminosity SMT LEDs
With an ultrasmall form factor about the size of a pencil tip, Avago's low-power LEDs use high-brightness chips to provide excellent illumination with minimum current consumption.
2009-06-02 Wave solder exposure of SMT packages
Attaching surface mount components to the bottom side of a PCB by wave solder processing is common practice. Because surface mount components are normally soldered using a reflow oven process, the impact of wave soldering and wave solder simulation methods must be understood
2005-09-09 Vishay converters available in SMT adaptor board configuration
Vishay Intertechnology disclosed that it is making all of its FunctionPAK DC/DC converters and current control modules available in a new surface-mount adaptor board configuration to support engineering prototype assembly.
2005-04-15 Ultra-bright LED comes in SMT package
Vishay Intertechnology says its new ultra-bright, low-current LEDs are the industry's first to meet demand for high brightness in a miniature 0603 size surface-mount package.
1999-11-10 Surface mount soldering recommendations
The most important consideration in reliability is achieving a good solder bond between surface mount device (SMD) and substrate since the solder provides the thermal path from the chip. A good bond is less subject to thermal fatiguing and will result in improved device reliability.
2001-06-14 Surface mount soldering considerations
This application note provides several guidelines to proper surface mount soldering techniques to achieve high reliability
2007-12-20 SMT DC/DC converters ease assembly
Ericsson Power Modules has released three surface-mount versions of its PKU series of DC/DC converters that are designed to make product assembly easier.
2005-01-10 ERNI beefs up SMT D-sub connector line
ERNI is expanding its offering of mount D-subminiature connectors by adding vertical D-subs for surface mount applications.
2007-06-25 Surface-mountable CW laser is ultracompact
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors showcased what it claims to be the world's smallest and first SMT high-power laser for continuous wave mode
2008-08-11 Power LED emitters are efficient for lighting apps
Avago Technologies has introduced a 1W warm white Moonstone power LED emitter for use in a variety of architectural, commercial, spot light, task, backlighting, and decorative lighting applications.
2006-11-20 Surface-mount LEDs enable thinner handsets
Avago Technologies announced it has developed the industry's thinnest surface-mount LEDs in a 0603 package.
2014-04-01 Selecting housing materials for DDR4 memory module
The design and type of connector determines the set of materials that can be considered for the housing.
2010-03-30 Round, oval LED lamps target electronic sign apps
Avago Technologies has developed SMT high-brightness oval and round LED lamps for use in outdoor and indoor electronic sign applications
2015-01-28 Preventing embedded PCB design defects
Printed circuit board defects can remain unnoticed until failure occurs, so it is important to implement disciplined practices even at the early stages of design.
2007-05-10 Modular connectors allow flexible PCB stacking
ERNI Electronics has released a portfolio of new MicroSpeed connectors which offer different height options.
2007-12-19 ERNI expands 1.27mm SMC connector family
A board-to-board right-angled SMC connector with an integrated locking system has been added by ERNI Electronics to its 1.27mm SMC connector family.
2006-11-21 ERNI adds more options to MiniBridge connectors
ERNI is offering additional variants with 2, 3, 6 and 8 poles to its MiniBridge single-row cable connector system with a pitch of 1.27mm.
2008-10-03 Cable connectors transcend expectations
ERNI Electronics has expanded its MaxiBridge cable-to-board connector family to include an enhanced set of positions and configurations
1998-10-01 Avoiding solder-ball formation
Solder balls occur in both wave and reflow soldering and can also occur if great care is not taken during hand soldering
2011-12-23 Automotive connectors operate from -40C to 85C
The MX34R Series from JAE touts 50 mating cycles and 100M? (min) insulation resistance.
2003-04-09 ERNI enables connection between PCB and IDC ribbon cable
ERNI Elektroapparate GmbH has released a new SMT connector with 1.27mm-pitch that enables a connection between the PCB and an IDC ribbon cable
2005-12-22 ERNI expands ERmet line-up
Erni expanded its ERmet family of 2mm HM connectors to include through-hole reflow versions of the type C connectors
2006-09-18 Blue and white LEDs used as PCB indicators
Lumex delivers blue and white PCB indicators as alternatives to conventional indicators and existing right-angle SMT devices
2013-04-08 Press-fit ICMs provide pressure contact with PCBs
Pulse Electronics has recently debut its press-fit RJ45 integrated connector modules provides a pressure contact with the printed circuit board, eliminating the need for wave soldering
2009-10-12 GPS antennas suit M2M telematics apps
Taoglas' SMT GPS antennas are guaranteed to pass final device product certification for reflow solder profile tests, device environmental tests and mechanical testing for M2M telematics devices
2010-04-15 Compact LEDs deliver 100 lumens at 350mA
Avago Technologies has launched a compact and energy-efficient 3W miniature high-power LEDs for use in a wide range of solid-state lighting applications.
2011-04-27 Card connectors offer PCI, PCI-ready features
C&K Components developed a range of smart card connectors that provide PCI and PCI-ready security features designed to ease the integration of security devices around and below the connector.
2009-07-03 3W LEDs light up solid-state apps
Miniature high-brightness LEDs can be driven to 700mA for high flux output performance.
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