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2002-08-14 WEDC ships Flash disk modules in SO-DIMM packages
The WED7GxxxATA33 DimmDrive single-chip Flash disk module has densities ranging from 16MB to 768MB in 144-pin SO-DIMM packages.
2006-07-04 Qimonda samples its DDR3 SO-DIMM to ATI
Qimonda has delivered sample quantities of its new DDR3 SO-DIMM to 3D graphics supplier ATI.
2008-04-23 Low-latency DDR2 SO-DIMM targets notebook market
Kingston Technology announced it is first to offer high-performance, low-latency 667MHz DDR2 SO-DIMM notebook memory to the global market.
2006-07-17 Horizontal sockets target SO-DIMM assemblies
FCI has designed 144-position, 0.8mm pitch horizontal sockets that accept 16bit and 32bit SO-DIMM assemblies.
2007-07-25 DDR2 SO-DIMM has thermal heat-spreader
To improve convection cooling, Virtium Technology Inc. announced a thermal heat-spreader for its DDR2 SO-DIMM, SO-RDIMM and SO-CDIMM.
2002-01-14 Molex DIMM connectors fit space-constrained apps
The company's SO-DIMM connectors allow for the full optimization of board space, making them suitable for applications where space is limited.
2004-07-30 Micro-DIMM memory portfolio empowers sub-notebooks
Infineon Technologies AG is releasing its new DDR-Micro-DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Module) module.
2006-11-03 Kingston offers full production of 2Gbyte SO-DIMMs
Kingston Technology recently announced it is offering a full production launch of 2Gbyte 533MHz and 667MHz ValueRAM SO-DIMMs concurrent with the release of new 800MHz ValueRAM SO-DIMMs.
2005-04-11 Infineon unveils high-density memory for mobile, graphics apps
Seeking to increase its presence in the notebook and graphics markets, Infineon Technologies AG unleashed a number of high-density memory products last week.
2004-08-02 Infineon DDR Micro-DIMMs have small footprint
Infineon released what it claims as the world's first DDR-Micro-DIMM module for sub-notebooks.
2004-02-19 Elpida SO-DIMMs offer small form-factor benefits
Elpida Memory has shipped its 1GB DDR2 SO-DIMM that brings low-power, high-density and high-performance benefits to notebook PC apps.
2003-04-23 Elpida ships 1GB SO DIMMs for notebook PCs
Elpida Memory Inc. has announced the availability of 1GB, 512MB, and 256MB PC2700 memory modules available as 200-pin SO DIMMs.
2002-10-02 Elpida 1GB SO-DIMMs target mobile apps
Elpida Memory Inc.'s 1GB SO-DIMMs are targeted for use in laptop PCs and other mobile apps.
2008-01-31 DDR3 SO-DIMMs save power in notebook PCs
Qimonda's new SO-DIMM modules consist of 1Gbit DDR3 components manufactured in 75nm technology and promise a significant reduction in terms of power consumption, as they take full advantage of DDR3's 1.5V supply.
2010-07-20 DDR2 SO-DIMMs up speed, cut power
DDR2 small-outline DIMMs (SO-DIMMs) claim faster speeds, lower power consumption for laptops and tablet PCs.
2006-03-15 DDR2 SDRAMs provide wider data path for digital consumer apps
Elpida Memory unveiled its second-generation 1Gbit DDR2 SDRAM family plus six memory modules based on the devices.
2010-06-03 COM Express module achieves up to 23,366 MIPS
congatec's latest low-power congatec-AG COM Express modules feature Intel processors in a compact form.
2014-07-11 8Gb DDR3 components double memory per chip
I'M has developed its own way to manufacture 8Gb DDR3 components with single chip-select utilising existing 30nm manufacturing technologies.
2007-10-30 2Gbyte DDR2 SO-DIMMs suit ATCA systems
White Electronic Designs's new DDR2 2Gbyte modules provide additional bits for error correction algorithms as well as address and command buffering, making them well suited for systems developed to meet the ATCA standard.
2006-07-18 1GByte DDR2 SDRAM targets high-speed, -density apps
White Electronic Designs' 1GByte DDR2 SDRAM Registered SO-DIMM with PLL claims improved performance in high-speed, high-density applications such as servers and workstations.
2013-04-30 Why flash storage is important to MEMS
Solid state drives operate at higher temperatures, and MEMS devices can withstand that environment because they regulate themselves.
2004-08-17 WEDC DDR SDRAMs offer wide variety of densities, heights
WEDC has developed a complete family of Double Data Rate SDRAM modules that target desktop PCs, notebooks, and compact and sub-compact computers.
2007-06-01 System board is ultrasmall at 16.7cm?
VIA Technologies Inc. has unveiled the VIA EPIA PX, the first commercial mainboard based on its recently introduced Pico-ITX form factor measuring 10-by-7.2cm.
2008-05-22 Storage solution designed for Virtex-5 FPGAs
Xilinx has announced a flash-based configuration and storage solution for the Virtex-5 family that delivers new levels of configuration performance for meeting today's high-speed connectivity requirements.
2006-03-23 Single-board computer runs AMD Geode processor
WIN Enterprises announced its RoHS-compatible IP-06060 single-board computer that uses an Advanced Micro Devices Geode LX 800@0.9W processor.
2007-02-19 Server-class COM features advanced Intel chips
Adlink's new computer-on-module products are based on the Intel 3100 that combines server-class memory and I/O controller functions into a single component.
2005-09-14 SDRAM offers space savings
White Electronic Designs introduced its 512MB DDR2 Registered SDRAM that is designed for AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI and VME applications.
2008-04-18 SBC loads the equivalent of five PC/104 I/O modules
Diamond Systems' Neptune SBC incorporates the equivalent of five PC/104 I/O modules on a single board, and occupies a 115mm x 165mm EPIC footprint.
2008-10-13 S2C exhibits logic accessory modules at SoCIP 2008
S2C will showcase 11 new accessory modules for its TAI logic module products, rapid SoC prototyping systems based on Xilinx FPGA, at the SoCIP 2008 Seminar & Exhibition in Beijing and Shanghai.
2005-04-22 Ruggedized industrial computers pack Tualatin processors, chipsets
Parvus' embedded processor boards are based around the new Intel ULV Celeron Tualatin microprocessor and Intel's mating 815E chipset.
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