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2006-11-24 VIA announces SPI support on processor platforms
VIA Technologies Inc. announced it will integrate advanced SPI bus into its new chipset product releases to support all leading processor platforms.
2008-12-16 Using C to interface Texas Instruments' MSP430XXXX MCUs with SPI serial EEPROMs
This application note offers designers a set of examples for the read and write functions for the Microchip SPI Serial EEPROM using GPIO pins to simulate the SPI bus.
2007-09-14 SPI-compatible automotive EEPROMs operate at 125C
Rohm has developed the first SPI-compatible BR25Hxx0 EEPROMs with guaranteed operation at 125C and which offers the industry's highest ESD resistance at 6kV
2009-09-21 SPI protocol and bus configuration of multiple DCPs
This application note describes SPI bus implementations that use Intersil's digitally controlled potentiometers (DCPs).
2008-05-23 SH7147: Synchronous serial communication unit master transmission/reception (Writing to/Reading from EEPROM via SPI bus)
This application note Renesas Technology from describes master transmission/reception during four-wire serial transmission using the synchronous serial communication unit module.
2007-05-29 Processor companion ICs with FRAM offer high-speed SPI
Ramtron International Corp. introduces its FM33x product family, a new line of FRAM-enhanced Processor Companion solution with a high-speed SPI
2005-10-27 Philips announces 'industry's first I�C/SPI to UART bridge chip
The new SC16IS7xx family of bridge ICs from Philips promises to provide designers with a compact, seamless bridge across the most widely used protocols.
2003-12-01 MSO resolves clocking issues in serial bus system debugging
MSO solves the difficult problem of triggering on the specific protocol conditions encountered when one uses a separate logic analyzer and oscilloscope.
2009-09-07 MPC5121e serial peripheral interface (SPI
This application note describes the serial peripheral interface (SPI) bus controller implemented on Freescale's MPC5121e microcontroller.
2001-10-12 Interfacing slow peripherals to D.Modules via SPI
This application note describes the use of an SPI interface implemented in D.Module's user-programmable CPLD to connect slow-speed peripherals
2002-12-11 Interfacing a DS1868 3-Wire Device to a SPI Bus
This application note describes how to interface a Dallas Semiconductor 3-Wire device to a microcontroller with a SPI interface
2014-08-12 How to isolate SPI in high bandwidth sensor apps
Here is look at the Serial Peripheral Interface Bus, its constraints, and how to deal with those constraints in isolated systems using ADuM3150 in high bandwidth sensor applications
2009-06-17 Hi-res digipots pack I?C, SPI connectivity
ON Semiconductor has further extended its family of digitally programmable potentiometer (DPP) ICs with new high-resolution devices incorporating I?C and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Bus connectivity.
2007-08-01 EEPROM with SPI bus packs 1Mbit in SO8N package
STMicroelectronics touts that its new 1Mbit serial EEPROM with SPI bus is the first in the market this memory density in a tiny SO8N package with 3.8mm body width.
2001-06-07 Design issues in high-speed SPI (HSSPI) serial EEPROM
This application note discusses the implementation of systems based on various microcontrollers that are capable of 5MHz sustained throughput on the SPI bus.
2003-05-12 Design Issues In High Speed SPI (HSPI) Serial EEPROM
This application note discusses the implementation of Serial EEPROMs on various microcontrollers which are capable of 5MHz sustained throughput on the SPI bus.
2011-01-18 4Mb MRAM SPI solution debuts
Everspin adds 4Mb solution to MRAM family offering faster write speeds and improved reliability
2007-04-12 128Mbit SPI flash memory suits high-density apps
Spansion has started sampling the S25FL128P, a 128Mbit SPI flash memory device produced using 90nm MirrorBit technology
2008-10-31 Using C and a hardware module to interface Texas Instruments' MSP430XXXX MCUs with SPI serial EEPROMs
The 25XXX series serial EEPROMs from Microchip Technology support a half-duplex SPI protocol
2008-06-25 Using a hardware module to interface 8051 MCUs with SPI serial EEPROMs
This application note is intended to serve as a reference for interfacing 8051-based MCUs using a hardware module with Microchip's 25XXX series serial EEPROM devices. The provided source code is written in assembly language.
2006-03-02 USB host has 26MHz SPI interface
Maxim Integrated Products introduced the MAX3421E, a USB host and peripheral controller with an SPI interface
2010-01-19 Tiny SPI/I?C UART cuts space, power, cost
The device is suited for industrial field busses that require high-speed Profibus DP communication protocols.
2012-10-22 Tektronix's oscilloscope offer full serial bus decode
The new oscilloscopes are also well suited for education environments where instructors need to keep the classroom and lab experience consistent with real-world industry trends.
2007-08-21 SPI/I?C bus lines control multiple peripherals
This application note compares two common serial, digital interfaces used by most analog ICs: SPI or 3-wire, and I?C or 2-wire
2009-05-27 SPI multi I/O flash achieves up to 40MBps
NOR flash provider Spansion Inc. has released a new family of SPI devices based on 90nm NOR technology
2008-08-22 Recommended usage of Microchip UNI/O bus-compatible serial EEPROMs
This application note provides assistance and guidance with the use of Microchip UNI/O bus-compatible serial EEPROMs
2006-07-17 Plain I?C bus to get speed makeover
Designers at Royal Philips Electronics have upped the speed of the venerable I?C serial bus by 250 percent, thus improving data transfer speeds as well as response to control commands
2005-12-12 NI's new product targets I?C, SPI comm devices
National Instruments released a new USB device for use with I?C and serial peripheral interface communication devices.
2009-05-25 Multi-I/O SPI flash enables faster data transmission
Spansion Inc. has rolled out a new family of SPI flash memory devices based on 90nm NOR technology
2014-03-19 Module boosts SPI for real-time Ethernet slave connectivity
Hilscher integrates its communication module with a netX51 hardware that is compatible with the high performance profile PROFINET V2.3.
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