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2014-07-21 OCZ fastens accelerator to Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Building on the features of the previous version, the accelerator delivers low latency flash that can be deployed as local flash volumes, a flash cache for HDD volumes, or as a combination of both.
2013-02-27 Microsoft SQL streamlines fab processes
Streamlined analytics in Microsoft's SQL cut processing time for wafer fab data at AMD by 90 per cent.
2011-03-28 ITTIA DB SQL for ThreadX suits special-purpose systems
The ITTIA DB SQL for ThreadX suits special-purpose systems that need self-contained data management software.
2002-07-11 QLogic provides SAN support for Intel Itanium 2 processors
QLogic Corp. will support the latest Intel Itanium 2 processor and architecture in Windows and Linux environments.
2006-01-03 Piezo motor targets portable products
New Scale Technologies has developed a tiny SQL series SQUIGGLE piezo motor to replace its larger SQ-306s motor for portable electronic products.
2006-02-03 Piezo motor has 2.4-by-2.4mm footprint
New Scale Technologies Inc. has developed a tiny SQL series Squiggle piezo motor to replace its larger SQ-306s motor for portable electronic products.
2003-02-18 NEC Solutions, iAnywhere collaborate on mobile solutions
NEC Solutions, iAnywhere Solutions of California, and iAnywhere Japan, have agreed to jointly market and sell iAnywhere products.
2006-05-29 Linear motor claims industry's smallest size
New Scale Technologies Inc. touts its latest Squiggle motor is the industry's smallest motor in a 1.5-by-1.5-by-6mm footprint.
2012-10-01 Embedded database geared for ARM architecture
ITTIA claims to offer embedded relational database software for developers of applications in the fields of consumer electronics, clean energy, medical devices and robotics.
2006-01-24 Controller drives piezoelectric motors
New Scale Technologies has introduced a MC-1000 controller for its SQL or SQ-100 series piezoelectric SQUIGGLE motors.
1999-12-10 Consistency in RF testing through automation
This note directs you in refining the manufacturing test process of RF communication systems by improving test repeatability, reducing test time, increasing the accuracy of the measurement, and lowering the cost of troubleshooting.
2007-12-11 Piezoelectric motor pushes 200 times its own weight
New Scale Technologies' tiny SQL-1.8 Squiggle motor travels as fast as 7mm per second and pushes axial loads of up to 30g, which is nearly 200 times its own weight of 0.16g.
2011-08-01 Embedded systems database supports synchronous replication
ITTIA's DB SQL 4.1 eases two-phase commit, synchronous replication on commit, table snapshots and distributed transactions.
2011-04-06 Embedded database boasts cross-platform support
ITTIA releases its ITTIA DB SQL, a cross-platform database supporting Linux, Windows, QNX and ThreadX.
2012-05-31 Tool tests MOST speeds and PHY
Ruetz System Solutions' TTsuite is based on the standardized test specification language TTCN-3 and uses the Graphical Presentation format of TTCN-3.
2011-10-12 TMC, Microsoft collab delivers modern telematics apps
TMC will use Window's cloud platform to facilitate the development and deployment of telematics applications.
2010-01-28 Tiny piezo motor runs over 7mm/s at low power
New Scale Technologies' SQUIGGLE RV reduced voltage linear drive system delivers performance comparable to much larger motion controls at 40 percent lower power and less than one-fourth the size.
2007-05-14 Test software enables enterprise-wide collaboration
VI Technology Inc.'s Arendar 2007 test platform expands on the highly-configurable and expandable Arendar platform to provide instant access to design, characterization, validation and verification, and manufacturing test information across the enterprise.
2013-10-23 System limits excessive aggressiveness of compilers
MIT researchers developed a system, dubbed Stack, that automatically combs through programmers' code, identifying just the lines that compilers might discard but which could, in fact, be functional.
2002-11-29 Startup develops design project tracking tool
Design groups can accurately track the progress of electronic design projects with the Pragmax product lifecycle management tool from startup Pragmax Software Corp., the company said.
2006-11-03 Solution eases integration of enterprise, real-time apps
RTI recently introduced RTI Real-Time Connect, a solution for integrating enterprise applications with real-time applications, data and devices.
2012-04-30 Software eases SMD pick-and-place machine operation
Essemtec's ePlace 4.0 uses Windows 7/64bit as its OS and claims to offers time and cost savings to engineers working with SMD placement operations.
2006-09-28 SAS solution achieves more than 3.2GBps throughput
LSI Logic's Serial Attached SCSI solution has achieved SQLIO benchmarks greater than 3.2GBps throughput.
2008-06-17 Quad-core Opteron chips 'scale up' data centers
AMD has released four new quad-core AMD Opteron SE processors designed to help IT managers take a new approach to "scaling up" their data center.
2010-08-02 Platform supports scalable, one-stop authentication management
Hitachi ID Systems Inc.unveils an authentication management platform that it claims can manage any and every authentication factor employed by a corporate user.
2002-05-06 OSE provides enhancements for database management system
The Polyhedra 4.1 in-memory relational database management system (DBMS) from OSE Systems Inc. offers improved performance with the enhancement of its client-server messaging, multithreaded design, and fault-tolerant features.
2014-06-30 OMRON outs communications type amplifier unit
The E9NC-T series contact-type smart sensors are high-precision contact sensors that consist of sensor heads and amplifier units, which can be used for a wide variety of applications
2008-01-15 NEC, EMC develop network storage system
NEC Corp. and EMC Corp. have launched a jointly developed networked storage system. The system marks the first result in data storage of the strategic alliance formed by the companies in April last year.
2014-07-09 Minimising embedded software development costs
There are various effective test strategies for cutting development costs. Deciding what tests to employ is a bit of an art-form best guided by experience, but here are some tips on what's important.
2006-05-08 Microsoft, UGS form strategic alliance
Microsoft and UGS announced a multiyear, global strategic alliance to "change the game" of how companies create innovative products.
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