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What is STB?
STB or set-top box. For analog service, set-top boxes descramble the premium channels and manage the higher channel numbers old TVs do not support. For digital service, they decode the MPEG-based digital signals, decrypt the premium channels and store and display the program guides with the channel numbers assigned by the cable provider. "HD set-top boxes" offer high-definition signals in addition to standard definition (SD).
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2007-08-22 CSS chips eye European, Asian DBS markets
RF Magic has launched two new low-power CSS RF chips for the European and Asian DBS markets.
2004-03-04 Cost-effective advantage makes Altera Cyclone a favorite
Altera Corp. is exhibiting its latest line of FPGAs - Stratix, Apex, Cyclone, and MAX - at the IIC-China Event.
2004-08-02 Content portability takes priority
Address all issues involved in moving digital entertainment content across different platforms.
2015-02-24 Contact smart card interface targets pay-TV apps
NXP said its TDA8037 delivers high levels of card protection, including short circuit detection and ESD protection, and supports operation in 3V supply domain.
2005-01-04 Consumers devices to continue invading the digital home
In the near future, all home consumer electronics will become digital and only the human interface will remain analog.
2004-01-01 Consumer electronics donning more video apps
TV-related video application has become the key attention among this year's consumer electronics.
2005-02-16 Conexant tips MPEG coder for STBs
Today's STB architectures require MPEG-2 encoding hardware to address local storage issues.
2003-02-05 Conexant solution supports Samsung STBs
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has selected Conexant Systems Inc.'s digital satellite STB semiconductor solution to support its STBs for deployment in Korea Digital Satellite Broadcasting's SkyLife satellite TV receiver network.
2002-04-03 Conexant set-top IC eyes interactive TV
To help the cable television industry compete more effectively against digital satellite TV, Conexant Systems Inc. has launched an STB chip that integrates a cable modem block with an interactive TV MPEG decoder.
2003-01-20 Conexant satellite demodulator operates from 0.5W
The single-stream CX24123 QPSK demodulator and FEC decoder supports symbol rates from 1 megasymbols per second (Msps) to 45Msps.
2005-11-09 Conexant , Espial, and Tematic team up to deliver complete telco tv client solution
Conexant Systems, Inc. announced that it has teamed with Espial and Tematic to deliver a complete platform for telecommunications operators to quickly deploy low-cost, high-performance set-top boxes (STBs) for IPTV networks
2004-01-06 China electronics await new developments
This year, we will see developments in multimedia processing in mobile phones, digital broadcasting and flat-panel displays.
2008-03-12 China Digital TV, Intel to bring advanced DTV to China
A collaboration has been forged between China Digital TV Holding and Intel for the mutual development of advanced DTV products for the China market.
2006-06-28 China comes up with own DTV standard
China's terrestrial DTV standard is finally coming out, and it will cover fixed and mobile terminals, eventually serving half of the country's TV viewers.
2000-09-27 CE & set-top box
This paper describes today's living rooms while presenting a graphic representation of what a typical consumer's living room will look like in the near future.
2008-03-25 Broadcom, Coship to debut HD STBs in China
Broadcom and Coship Electronics are collaborating to deliver the first commercial HD STBs for China in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
2002-05-13 Broadcom set-top chip supports PVR
2002-05-01 Bluetooth beginning to deliver on its promise
This article describes how Bluetooth technology is gaining wide acceptance as handheld communications devices become an integral part of everyday life.
2003-05-06 Audio chip market growth could hit $6.8B by 2007
A new study projects audio chip sales will grow 22 percent annually between 2002 and 2007, with growth mostly driven by consumer electronics products.
2013-01-10 ATO solution rolls out 1Gb SLC NAND flash
The device is an 8bit bus width and 3.3V operational single level cell (SLC) product with 1bit error correction control environment.
2013-01-11 Atmel, Celeno team up on Wi-Fi remote controls
Geared for the next-generation set-top box and video gateway platforms, the reference platform claims to enable wireless designers to bring their products to market faster.
2002-07-01 ASICs with IP promise 'right first time' electronic systems
Present-day ASICs are capable of providing SoC solutions through new simulation techniques set to leverage the bar of chip design a pitch higher.
2011-07-15 Asia-Pacific leads set-top box growth
ABI Research sees the Asia-Pacific region leading the growth for set-top boxes. Set-top box suppliers delivering to China, particularly Jiuzhou and Choship, stand to gain in the market.
2004-01-01 Asia makes great headways in electronics
Digital consumer appliances are said to be the hallmark of Japanese manufacturers, but manufacturers in Korea, Taiwan and China are also making great headways.
2003-05-20 ALPS tuner units suitable for digital broadcasting apps
ALPS Electric Co Ltd. has developed a series of tuner units for digital terrestrial broadcasting that are suitable for use in digital TVs, STBs, videotape recorders, and PCs.
2003-05-07 Alps offers smaller digital terrestrial tuners
Alps Electric Co. Ltd has developed the TDH series of tuner units that measure 73.7-by-41-by-13mm.
2010-07-28 Alcatel-Lucent pushes IPTV into new markets
Alcatel blends Web services with broadcasting content for IPTV networks serving 1,000 to 100,000 STBs via a Microsoft Mediaroom-powered solution.
2005-02-02 ADI targets IP-enabled set tops with Blackfin DSP
ADI is launching a new line of BlackFin DSP-based processors that also encompass automotive and medical and remote monitoring apps.
2002-11-07 ADI ships industry's first 5V CMOS line driver
The AD8328 line driver IC from Analog Devices Inc. is touted to be the industry's first 5V CMOS line driver IC for DOCSIS 2.0-compatible cable modems.
2000-10-01 Adapting PC technology for Internet appliances
A standards-based RTOS specifically designed for processor- and memory-constrained runtime systems is the ideal solution for low-cost internal appliances.
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