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2003-08-06 Wipro licenses WLAN IPs to STMicroelectronics
Wipro Technologies, the global IT services division of Wipro Ltd, has licensed its multi-mode 802.11 MAC and BB IP to STMicroelectronics.
2005-03-14 Why does STMicroelectronics license in FPGA blocks?
It's not explicit in STMicroelectronics' press release but the company has incorporated a third-party's embedded FPGA block in its wireless infrastructure GreenField chip rather than use its own FPGA capability which has been under development for several years.
2002-12-11 Tegal, STMicroelectronics co-develop etch process
Tegal Corp. has completed the first phase of a joint development project with IC manufacturer STMicroelectronics.
2003-02-17 STMicroelectronics, SRS Labs partner for STB solutions
STMicroelectronics and SRS Labs Inc. have entered into a licensing and co-marketing agreement for SRS Labs' patented virtual surround sound technologies - TruSurround and TruSurround XT.
2010-09-30 STMicroelectronics, Spirit DSP giving out free audio software
STMicroelectronics has partnered with Spirit DSP to provide a no-charge access to professionally developed audio software.
1999-10-15 STMicroelectronics, Dot Wireless to collaborate on solutions for 3G mobile phones
STMicroelectronics and Dot Wireless Inc. have announced an alliance to co-develop integrated CDMA baseband chips and related technology for third-generation (3G) mobile phones.
2010-10-06 STMicroelectronics wins Nokia sustainability award
Nokia cites supplier's efforts to ensure sustainability in operations
2016-02-23 STMicroelectronics unveils STM32 Open Development Environment
The STM32 ODE from STMicroelectronics combines development and expansion boards with a homogeneous software development environment. The new tool also allows configuration of STM32 microcontroller.
2015-02-26 STMicroelectronics unveils digital UV sensor for mobile devices
STMicroelectronics touts its UVIS25 sensor for mobile devices designed with a UVI output range of 0-15, 1.7 to 3.6V supply voltage range, and the ability to provide updated UVI values every second.
2002-07-02 STMicroelectronics transceiver has 115kV ESD protection
The ST485E low-power RS-485/RS-422 transceiver IC from STMicroelectronics features 115kV ESD protection without latch-up.
2002-02-12 STMicroelectronics to exit PC graphics market
STMicroelectronics is withdrawing from the PC graphics accelerator IC market and is currently seeking a buyer for the related assets and activities of its PC graphics business.
2002-01-25 STMicroelectronics SoC integrates all front-end DVD functions
Using 0.185m CMOS production technology, the L6315 integrates into a single chip all DVD front-end functions including analog preprocessing, servo control, channel decoding and error correction.
2010-11-29 STMicroelectronics ships one billionth MEMS device
STMicroelectronics announced that it has shipped its one billionth MEMS sensor.
2011-07-12 STMicroelectronics reveals market, product strategy
At an analysts' conference and a meeting with EE Times-Asia, STMicroelectronics executives discussed trends of strategic importance to their company, ST's next-gen TV platform and regional markets.
2012-07-20 STMicroelectronics reveals enhanced automotive surge protection devices
Transil miniature surge-protection devices are certified to pulse specifications used by the automotive industry.
2010-10-27 STMicroelectronics pushes auto electronics at Busan
STMicroelectronics is preparing to unveil its latest innovative products in the fields of automotive safety, infotainment, and navigation at the 17th ITS World Congress n Busan, Korea, later this month.
2011-03-23 STMicroelectronics partnership to secure NFC apps
STMicroelectronics announces a partnership with Gemalto to jointly develop a range of secure solutions for NFC applications.
2011-03-16 STMicroelectronics package enables 40% thinner power chips
STMicroelectronics is using its new three-lead surface-mount SMBflat package to house an AC switch, a silicon-controlled rectifier, and three types of Triac to meet safety specifications such as IEC 60370 and IEC 60335.
2010-10-29 STMicroelectronics names Lamouche as new COO
STMicroelectronics appoints former Groupe Bull CEO as replacement for retiring COO
2012-07-20 STMicroelectronics moves to next-generation car infotainment systems
ST's technology facilitates future digital car radios at cost comparable to AM/FM solutions
2011-03-10 STMicroelectronics MCUs set for Continua Health Alliance certified apps
STMicroelectronics grows its family of 32-bit STM32L ultralow-power ARM Cortex-M3 MCU series for low-energy applications.
2005-07-21 STMicroelectronics licenses ARM's Sandcat core
European chip maker STMicroelectronics NV has become the second licensee for the Cortex-M3, a low-cost 32bit microcontroller otherwise known as "Sandcat" from ARM Holdings plc.
2002-01-30 STMicroelectronics introduces 1Mb EEPROM
The 1Mb M24M01 EEPROM features sequential and random read operation and allows byte and page write of up to 128 bytes.
2003-09-18 STMicroelectronics inks IC development agreement
STMicroelectronics has signed an agreement with Alien Technology Corp. to collaborate on the development and manufacturing of ICs for RFID tags.
2002-01-14 STMicroelectronics hardware-software suite facilitates adoption of DTV system
The CTV100 hardware-software platform combines the STV2310 and STV3500 two-piece chipset and associated software, providing a low-cost solution for progressive scan TV manufacturers.
2002-02-22 STMicroelectronics Flash memory eliminates external RAM
Designed for digital consumer products such as STBs, PDAs, camcorders, and printers, the M58LW032A 32Mb Flash memory chip stores data, but allows direct execution of stored codes and eliminates the need for a separate RAM.
2008-05-28 STMicroelectronics enhances VIPer family for smaller power supplies
STMicroelectronics has introduced the VIPer17 off-line switched-mode converter, which integrates an 800V avalanche-rugged MOSFET as well as numerous features to save external components and ensure efficient operation during standby mode.
2011-03-29 STMicroelectronics engine expands motion sensing in CE
STMicroelectronics' iNEMO filtering and predictive software engine integrates the output from a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis magnetometer to deliver accurate and reliable sensor performance as required by motion-based apps in smart consumer devices.
2011-06-07 STMicroelectronics completes 20nm chip tapeout
The tapeout of STMicroelectronics' first 20nm technology demonstrator test chip has been successfully completed with Synopsys.
2003-12-18 STMicroelectronics announces breakthrough chip technology
STMicroelectronics announced that they have developed a new semiconductor technology that eliminates a potential problem lingering among electronic equipment manufacturers in recent years: the growing vulnerability of silicon chips to so-called "soft errors."
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