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2008-01-09 Sony-Samsung rivalry to drive OLED market
Sony Corp. and Samsung SDI's brewing competition will cast OLED technology as a solid contender for both mobile applications and standalone TVs, whether as tethered or wireless units.
2007-10-10 Sony, Samsung push OLED to consumer segment
OLEDs will soon break into the consumer market as Sony and Samsung SDI are making moves to bring the displays to a larger commercial audience.
2003-08-08 SDI commences mass production of 42-inch FPDs
Samsung SDI Co. has announced that they have begun mass production of high-definition 42-inch FPDs.
2009-08-07 Samsung-Bosch JV to supply Li-ion batteries to BMW
BMW has tapped SB LiMotivethe Samsung SDI and Bosch joint ventureto supply Li-ion battery cells for its first electric car.
2006-04-18 Samsung, Matsushita escalate patent war
Samsung SDI has filed a lawsuit against Matsushita Electric Industrial in the United States, seeking to nullify the Japanese flat panel maker's patents, according to report in
2006-03-27 Samsung targets AM OLEDs at mobile TV phones
South Korea's Samsung SDI said it target its fledgling active-matrix (AM) OLED business at high-end mobile TV phones when it launches next January.
2005-04-11 Samsung takes lead in OLED market, says iSuppli
Samsung SDI leveraged its strong presence in the mobile-phone business to become the leading supplier in the global OLED panel market in 2004, according to market research firm iSuppli Corp.
2009-04-22 Samsung sees smart phone, OLED boost
Samsung Mobile Display expects a significant increase in the number of smart phones that will be shipped over the next few years, rising to 500 million units in 2012 from a projected 170 million in 2009
2006-01-23 Samsung sees first profits from battery unit
Samsung SDI reported its first annual profit by its secondary battery operation since it started mass production in 2001.
2014-01-27 Samsung SDI, China to enter EV battery joint venture
Samsung SDI, an affiliate of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, will invest $600 million in the factory in Shaanxi province, and in other electric car battery-related businesses over the next five years.
2004-12-02 Samsung SDI to lower PDP module prices
Panel maker Samsung SDI Co. Ltd is planning on lowering quotes for PDP modules next year to stimulate market demand for PDP TV receivers.
2006-04-07 Samsung SDI to invest $751M into PDP plant
South Korea's Samsung SDI Co. Ltd disclosed that it would invest $751 million to build a plasma display plant that would begin operation in May 2007.
2004-11-15 Samsung SDI to commence 80-inch PDP mass production
South Korea-based panel maker Samsung SDI Co. Ltd will commence volume production of its 80-inch plasma display panel (PDP) modules at its third line before the end of this month.
2003-07-08 Samsung SDI to build second PDP line
Samsung SDI Co. Ltd has disclosed plans to build a second PDP line this year in a bid to meet increased demand for larger panels.
2005-12-09 Samsung SDI sues Matsushita over PDP patents
Samsung SDI disclosed that it has filed a civil lawsuit against Matsushita Electric in U.S. federal court alleging that the Japanese consumer electronics giant and its U.S. subsidiary infringed Samsung's plasma display patents.
2004-08-11 Samsung SDI sets up plant in mainland China
South Korea-based Samsung SDI Co. Ltd has revealed plans on building a plant in Tianjin, mainland China, devoted to the manufacture of LCD screens for mobile phones.
2006-07-27 Samsung SDI sales drop as PDP prices tumble
Samsung SDI announced that its Q2 operating profits rose despite seasonal slowness, declining average selling prices for displays, and a stronger Korean won against other major currencies.
2006-05-04 Samsung SDI posts lower PDP shipment last quarter
Samsung SDI reported lower shipment of PDPs last quarter, falling behind rival LG Electronics.
2002-09-04 Samsung SDI opens display plant in Guangdong
Samsung SDI has opened a plant in Guangdong, China to produce displays and supply Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung Electronics.
2006-05-29 Samsung SDI may speed OLED ramp-up
Samsung SDI said it would launch active matrix OLED mass production at the beginning of October.
2005-04-22 Samsung SDI licenses OLED tech from Universal Display
Samsung SDI will integrate Universal Display Corp.'s proprietary organic LED technologies into its active-matrix OLED products under patent license agreement between the companies.
2002-02-14 Samsung SDI develops organic EL display on CMOS technology
Samsung SDI has developed an organic electroluminescent display that is based on CMOS technology.
2004-12-22 Samsung SDI develops 102-inch plasma display
Samsung SDI Co. Ltd, a display manufacturing company of the Samsung group, has developed a 102-inch plasma display panel, eclipsing an 80-inch panel the company announced in January.
2003-07-11 Samsung SDI commences HD 42-inch FPD production
Samsung SDI Co. Ltd has begun mass production of HD 42-inch FPDs with a monthly capacity of 1,000 units, paving the way for upgrading larger PDP screens.
2015-03-03 Samsung SDI buys Magna Steyr's battery pack biz
The acquisition by the Korean company will enable it to enhance its battery technology expertise and expand its customer base in mature alternate powertrain vehicle markets.
2007-10-17 Samsung SDI beefs up AMOLED production
A Samsung SDI executive disclosed that the company is planning to increase its capacity to produce AMOLEDs in a bid to meet demand for next-generation display screens for mobile devices.
2015-10-28 Samsung rolls out flexible batteries for smart devices
Samsung SDI unveiled the company's Stripe and Band batteries that are capable of adapting to various forms such as a necklace, hairband, t-shirt accessories and more.
2004-01-22 Samsung rolls out 80-inch PDP module
Samsung SDI Co. Ltd has developed what it claims is the world's largest PDP solution.
2005-11-09 Samsung readies long lasting fuel cells
Samsung SDI Co. has developed a prototype fuel cell for use in laptops that it claims lasts almost twice as long as other systems being readied
2010-05-21 Samsung readies large-screen OLED TVs
Samsung is increasingly confident in the future of OLEDsnot just for smart phone displays but also for large-size TVs, especially 3D TV
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