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2009-12-03 Samsung taps Silicon Hive video system IP
Samsung selected Silicon Hive's video system IP the technology for its full programmability, high processing throughput and the ease of integrating it in SoC design.
2008-09-29 Samsung taps RFMD chips for 3G handsets
RF Micro Devices Inc. has secured design wins on more than 10 upcoming Samsung Electronics 3G handsets.
2003-04-24 Samsung taps Millennium Cell to enhance its power capabilities
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology has selected Millennium Cell Inc. to work with them in advancing its fuel cell-powered PC and communications devices.
2005-05-23 Samsung takes OLED display panel to 40 inches
South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd claims to have developed the world's first 40-inch display panel made from a single sheet of organic light-emitting diode material.
2006-01-04 Samsung takes lead in T-DMB phone race
Samsung Electronics unveiled a T-DMB phone, in a move to take the lead in the fledgling T-DMB handset market.
2005-04-11 Samsung takes lead in OLED market, says iSuppli
Samsung SDI leveraged its strong presence in the mobile-phone business to become the leading supplier in the global OLED panel market in 2004, according to market research firm iSuppli Corp.
2005-01-28 Samsung takes lead in IMEC mobile terminal research
South Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has become the first long-term strategic partner within the multi-mode multimedia research program known as M4, being organized by IMEC.
2007-03-26 Samsung takes interesting route in media player race
Samsung's latest effort, the YP-K5, features an MP3 player, FM radio and JPEG image viewer designed with a slide-out, pop-up stereo speaker panel to serve up tunes sans headphones.
2006-06-28 Samsung takes convergence to enterprise market
Samsung has unveiled a new series of network products that address convergence in wired and wireless applications.
2011-07-01 Samsung takes Apple battle to the ITC
As a result of a series of patent infringement litigation between Samsung and Apple, a complaint has been filed by the former to ITC.
2004-07-23 Samsung summoned to Paris for alleged LCD infringement
The French Commission Energie Atomique (CEA) on Tuesday (July 20, 2004) said it has summoned South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd for allegedly violating its liquid-crystal display (LCD) patents in France.
2007-05-10 Samsung sues Renesas for patent infringement
Samsung Electronics filed a patent infringement suit in the United States against Renesas Technology and the latter's U.S. unit, according to an APreport.
2011-11-18 Samsung strengthens health market foray
The electronics company has bought a cardiac testing solutions provider for an undisclosed amount.
2007-02-05 Samsung steps up heat dissipation in LCD TVs
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed the industry's 'first' thermally-enhanced chip-on-film package for the display driver IC used in large-screen, high-resolution LCD TVs.
2015-05-04 Samsung steals smartphone lead from Apple
The South Korean company saw a surge in handset shipments during Q1 that catapulted it ahead of Apple, which Strategy Analytics pegged shipments at 83.2 million, beating 61 million for Apple's iPhones.
2009-09-10 Samsung stays on top of LCD TV market in Q2
iSuppli forecasts by 2013 global shipments of LCD TVs with LED backlights will reach 98.8 million.
2008-05-05 Samsung stays on top of DRAM rankings
Samsung Electronics maintained its DRAM market lead in Q1, cranking up production as competitors retreated in response to weak market conditions and a U.S. economic recession.
2007-07-31 Samsung stays on top of DRAM makers rankings
Despite Hynix's aggressive market share gain, Samsung remains on top of the DRAM makers rankings with 27.2 percent market share against Hynix's 20.9 percent.
2002-08-19 Samsung starts ramping 1Gb Flash memory
Samsung Semiconductor Inc. has announced that it is moving into mass production of 1Gb NAND-type Flash memory.
2011-04-05 Samsung starts production of transparent LCD panels
Samsung has begun mass production of transparent LCD panels that allow a person to look right through the panel like glass.
2012-09-14 Samsung starts construction on its China Fab
Samsung's new Chinese fab will follow on from their Line 16 memory fab in Hwaseong, Korea and is set to use of 10-nm class production processes.
2015-05-11 Samsung starts construction of world's most expensive fab
The new plant will be finished in 2017, according to Samsung, and is reported to be almost as big as Samsung's next two biggest fabs put together at Giheung and Hwaseong South Korea.
2006-09-05 Samsung starts 1Gbit DDR2 DRAM mass production
Samsung Electronics announced the mass production of 1Gbit DDR2 DRAM memory using 80nm process technology.
2006-07-28 Samsung SSD caching solution 'eliminates delays' in Windows Vista PCs
Samsung Electronics announced that a 4Gbyte solid state disk will also serve as a high speed NAND flash cache for notebooks and PCs in conjunction with Windows Vista operating system.
2005-08-15 Samsung speeds up DDR2, DDR1 memory production
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is quickly shifting from DDR1 (Double Data Rate 1) to DDR2 main memory.
2002-05-17 Samsung SoC targets digital TVs
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has announced the development of a CPU for use in digital TVs. The SoC operates at 200MHz and is capable of transmitting data at 100MHz.
2015-03-02 Samsung smartphones tout 14nm Exynos SoC
Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will use an Exynos 7 octacore processor with four cores running at 1.5GHz and four at 2.1GHz. These are 35 per cent more energy efficient than those in the Galaxy Note 4.
2013-10-11 Samsung smartphones drive AMOLED panel shipments up
Global AMOLED display shipments during the period from April through June amounted to 53.1 million units, up from 45.6 million in Q1, according to IHS.
2014-02-26 Samsung smart watches upstage other wearables at MWC
The Mobile World Congress had been lively throughout the weekend, with industry's giants including Samsung, LG and Huawei presenting their line-up of new products.
2003-05-14 Samsung smart cards undergo Teradyne testing
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has selected Teradyne Inc.'s Integra J750 with RFID for its contactless smart card test.
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